APIs of the Most Popular Project Management Applications

api_imageWhat is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a powerful tool that is provided by most online PM web applications. It allows you to connect to your account database and features through published functions and interact with it in unique and different ways. In the most basic of uses, it “gets ” and “posts ” data through function calls. Developers are able to use this mechanism to connect business systems together and to automate and/or streamline operations. It also makes them able to create features and connect external 3rd party applications drawing from the data within the app directly.

Examples of Add-Ons

Create a light mobile application interface, add an invoicing system onto an application that only tracks tasks/time, provide a client web portal to submit project requests, extract data automatically each week to generate a specialized report, etc.

The Top 20 APIs

For each product, you’ll find a link to a Software Review we completed, a link to the API documentation, and a link to an integration page.

  1. Trello – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationIntegrationsBridge24 for Trello
  2. Asana – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationIntegrationsBridge24 for Asana
  3. Basecamp – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationExtrasBridge24 for Basecamp
  4. Wunderlist – Software ReviewAPI Documentation
  5. Todoist – Software ReviewAPI Documentation
  6. Jira – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationMarketplace
  7. Podio – Software ReviewAPI DocumentionExtensions
  8. Smartsheet – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationExtensions
  9. Wrike – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationIntegrations
  10. Teamwork – Software ReviewAPI Documentation3rd Party Apps
  11. Britrix24 – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationApplications
  12. Producteev – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationIntegrations
  13. Rally – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationIntegrations
  14. Assembla – Software Review – API Documentation – Extensions
  15. Redbooth – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationIntegrations
  16. Insightly – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationIntegrations
  17. Redmine – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationThird Party Tools
  18. Mavenlink – Software ReviewAPI Documentation
  19. LiquidPlanner – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationIntegrations
  20. AceProject – Software ReviewAPI DocumentationBridge24 for AceProject

Recommended Project Management Software

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