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Smartsheet is an online project management and collaboration software for businesses of all sizes. It has an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface that helps increase team productivity of not only project management teams but also that of sales, marketing, IT and others. It has powerful features for managing and tracking projects, tasks, customer information, sales pipeline, marketing campaigns, event schedules, product development, human resources and many other business processes, all with a simple and familiar spreadsheet.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Collaborative Project ManagementSmartsheet online project management software provides users a flexible solution that offers visibility across people, projects, and deliverables. It is the central location where project managers can view their team’s availability, check and plan for deliverable timelines and upload and share related documents. Users can easily see who is busy and who is not to help them make decisions. They can quickly switch to an interactive Gantt chart view to visualize the project, update plans and act on schedules and deadlines. A calendar view is also available. Users also can easily attach files from local computers or online drives such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Evernote. They can add discussions and notes on any row to keep information in context.
  • Familiar Spreadsheet Layout – This project management and collaboration software uses an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface that is instantly familiar and allows everyone to get started in minutes. No steep learning curve, thick manuals or countless tutorials to get through before users can enter data on rows, add columns or change the layout of their sheet. Getting started is easy, whether from a blank sheet, importing data from existing MS Excel, Project or Google spreadsheet files, or use one of many templates to jumpstart work. In case users need more information how to use the software, they can go to the Help Center, choose to show tips, play Help videos or talk to a customer support.
  • Complete, Flexible Solution – Smartsheet goes beyond task and project management. Other features include automated alerts and email reminders, integration with calendar software such as iCal or Google calendar and Google apps, and compatibility with mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Aside from spreadsheets, it also has web forms, cell linking between tasks and projects with a single cell or a range of cells, and customizable reports that can be exported to PDF or Excel. It works with many other apps through API, has Admin tools for better security, control and custom configuration as well as an enterprise platform for special requirements.
  • Card View – visual learners benefit from Smartsheet’s Card View feature as it provides a different way of looking at the workflow on a project, in comparison to the standard grid view.

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Smartsheet offers three pricing plans, Basic, Team and Enterprise. The Basic plan, at $10 per month per user when paid annually, includes unlimited Gantt Charts, mobile access, 10 sheets and 50 GB of file storage. The Team plan, at $15 per month per user and for 3 creators or more when paid annually, includes multiple creators, user management and reporting, 150+ sheets and 300 GB. The Enterprise plan has added features such as single-sign-on, live data connector, dedicated account manager, unlimited sheets and file storage.


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Target Market

Smartsheet online project management software is for businesses of all sizes across industries. It is ideal for organizations that need and value collaboration by virtue of location, business process or productivity strategy.

Supported Languages

It supports English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Airbnb, Bayer, Colliers International, Extreme Networks, Groupon, Netflix, Sony Music, ESPN, and Veritiv.

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Ben Doyle of Extreme Networks stated that their team needed a tool that has the functionality and components of a spreadsheet, project, task, file share, database and calendar, and they found it and more in Smartsheet.

Amy Tucker of Magnolia Bakery described the collaboration software as an ideal tool for their daily operations as well as their franchise model to open locations anywhere in the world. She added that it was easy for their team to jump right in.

Why Smartsheet

Smartsheet has the spreadsheet familiarity and simplicity where users can track just about anything. But more than that, it is also highly accessible as an online tool, and has features to allow collaboration that boosts productivity. Also, Smartsheet synchronizes with JIRA. That way you stay current and manage software bugs, issues, and workflow functions. As well, work done in JIRA synchronizes back to Smartsheet. No need to reenter data.

Company Info Inc., is a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Bellevue, WA, USA. It was founded in 2005 by Brent Frei, Chief Marketing Officer, John Creason, Chief Technology Officer, and Eric Browne, VP of Product Management. Before founding the company, they were with Onyx Software Corporation with Mark Mader, who is now the CEO of Smartsheet. The company has received several rounds of funding since 2007, with the latest in 2014. It has received a total of over $68 million from several investors such as Madrona Venture Group, Insight Venture Partners and Sutter Hill Ventures. The company has experienced tremendous growth in the last 5 years, now with 6 million registered users, over 60,000 paying customers across the globe, and getting nearly 200 new paying customers every day.

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