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Rally Software, formerly CA Agile Central, is an enterprise-class platform for scaling agile development practices. It enables teams and organizations to plan, manage, track, and continuously improve work. Teams deliver value in products and services with speed, quality, and efficiency. The platform provides visibility into progress, roadblocks, and dependencies across multiple teams, projects, and programs. Perform real-time status tracking, iteration and release planning, capacity planning, and risk management, and create custom dashboards for reporting and metrics using a stable and scalable platform.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

Business Steering

Rally Software enables executives and business leaders to establish initiatives with portfolio-level tools to create purpose-driven plans. The Portfolio Kanban Board helps users track the status and flow of the organization’s portfolio items. Using cards and columns, they can visualize and manage work during each stage of development. Custom Pages allow them to create unique dashboard views to display the most important information. The Milestones feature lets users plan and track feature work against critical delivery dates.

Planning and execution

The enterprise-class platform enables teams to further refine and prioritize their backlog and assess potential risks and dependencies. The Portfolio Items Page shows expandable work items at the strategy, theme, initiative, or feature level. The Release Tracking page lets users track the status of teams and features. It helps identify dependencies and indicates problems or issues that will prevent the completion of work. The Risk Dashboard ensures that risks are visible and accounted for while Quality Management allows users to manage recurring regression tests and create custom test plan lists. Other features include capacity planning, team planning, team board, iteration status monitoring, and a native GitHub connector. Other included integrations are Jira, Agile Requirements Designer, Excel, HPE ALM, Jenkins, BMC, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.

Continuous improvement

Rally Software lets agile teams measure their productivity, predictability, quality, and responsiveness with several tools. The Cumulative Flow Diagram helps teams analyze work in progress for their delivery trend. Users can choose from the chart the field they want to measure, including schedule state and custom fields. The milestone burn up chart tracks the progress of work that leads to a particular date. It provides a visualization that indicates if the team is on track to complete work on time or if the team is in danger from scope creep and may potentially miss a deadline. The Plan Progression page shows how the plan changes over the duration of a program increment. The software also provides powerful analytics dashboards called Insights to help teams understand and improve development performance.

What is the Price of Rally Software?

Rally Software offers several plans and products customized to each client. To request a quote, please contact the company’s representative. Broadcom also offers a Digital BizOps Starter Edition that includes free access to Rally Software without any time constraints. The Starter Edition covers most digital product initiatives and supports a team size of up to 50 users. Other products included in this edition are agile portfolio management roadmap planning and tracking, capacity planning, program tracking, flow-based boards, and quality management.

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Rally Software Target Market

Rally Software is ideal for teams and organizations of all sizes who need an agile delivery platform for software and other product development.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Swisscom, Elekta, Cisco, TeamQuest, Digital Globe, and Vantiv.

Rally Software Testimonials

Simon Berg works for a telecommunications company in Switzerland that offers mobile communications, fixed networks, internet, and digital TV to residential customers and businesses. In launching an IPTV service, the IT group needed to adopt an agile framework and be ready for rapid innovation. By choosing Rally Software, they were able to link strategy to execution across 12 teams, with rolled-up visibility of multiple programs. As a result, they reduced delivery time by one year, improved software quality, and minimized rework.

Micah Schwanitz is a senior program manager for a clinical solutions company that offers sophisticated technology treatments for cancer and brain disorders to help improve, prolong, and save patient lives. They needed to integrate systems across multiple software and hardware teams to deliver best-in-class solutions. Rally Software allowed her to explain to decision makers how much work her team can deliver. It also resulted in software with enhanced quality and increased delivery predictability.

Why Rally Software?

Rally Software lets businesses respond to change while providing their customers the value they want in products or services. The platform helps teams deliver customer value faster with tools that enable them to plan frequently, ship quickly, and respond to market changes confidently. It is a tool that aligns work to business goals and empowers teams to work efficiently.

Company Info

Rally Software Development Corp is a public company based in Boulder, CO that offered the RallyDev software. In 2001, Ryan Martens founded the company and served as CTO. In 2013, the company went public, and in 2015, CA Technologies, a public American company acquired Rally to complement and expand CA’s offerings with CA Rally in the areas of DevOps and Management Cloud. In 2018, Broadcom, a multinational technology company that designs, develops, and supplies semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions acquired CA Technologies as a strategy to buy established mission-critical technology businesses.

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