Best Project Management Software & Tools for Mac

The Mac operating system runs on a tightly controlled variety of computers and devices. This allows Apple to perform intense quality testing, optimizing the software to a few hardware configurations. An intuitive OS designed to be easy to operate allows users to focus more on managing projects than making their software work. Here, we’ve gathered the best project management software for Mac devices.

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What Is Project Management Software for Mac?

Project management software for Mac allows a user or team to manage projects more efficiently when using Apple devices. Mac users such as web designers, creatives, and developers with preference for the Mac OS and iOS choose these applications to gain the benefits of creating detailed project plans and schedules. These tools enable users to track, prioritize, and assign tasks more effectively.

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Top Mac Project Management Software

Project professionals should check out our list of the top Mac project management software. These solutions provide core project management features such as project planning and task management, as well as team collaboration functionality.


Wrike is versatile, cloud-based project management software for teams. It works with web browsers and is also available as a desktop app for Mac and Windows. Users can try the free plan that includes web, desktop, and mobile apps. Several paid plans with advanced features like interactive Gantt charts, time tracking, and enterprise security are also offered.

Wrike’s desktop app for Mac provides users an alternative to using multiple browser tabs when managing projects. It has the same features as the web app, and users can automatically open the app at startup. Users can also fine-tune the PM software notifications through OS settings.

Wrike Screenshot on Desktop of a Gantt Chart


  • Desktop app provides increased focus and less distraction
  • Flexible task management
  • Offline mode


  • Requires time for familiarization
  • Users would like more simple navigation is a flexible work management platform for a variety of teams and use cases. It helps organizations centralize planning, tracking, and delivering work with eight highly visual work views to choose from. A free plan for up to two users is available, which includes unlimited boards, unlimited docs, and native Android and iOS apps. Users can also download a desktop app for Macs running macOS version 10.11 or later. is online software that supports major web browsers such as Safari. It has templates for a variety of use cases to help teams get started quickly. Users can customize their tables with different types of columns using drag and drop. Other features include dynamic documents, automation, and integrations. screenshot on desktop of construction schedule templates


  • Task scheduling and prioritization
  • Timeline view with dependencies
  • Ease of setup and use


  • Users wish for additional how-to articles and videos
  • Customizing automated functions can be challenging


Smartsheet is web-based work collaboration software accessible from browsers, as well as iOS and Android mobile apps. iPhone and iPad users running iOS 13 or higher can download the software from the App Store. At the moment, there is no desktop app available, but the platform is easy to use, with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface.

Smartsheet enables teams to manage projects, automate workflows, and build new solutions with a dynamic workspace, no-code tools, and secure environment. It has a rich set of capabilities. Users can build automated workflows, manage users, and project settings, and edit dashboards when using the web app. But users who need to access forms, barcode or QR code scanning, photos, or GPS can take advantage of the iOS app..

Smartsheet screenshots of Desktop and Mobile device applications



  • Multiple work views like Gantt chart, calendar, and card views
  • Automated alerts and email reminders
  • Project planning, scheduling, and work breakdown


  • Resource management is a separate product
  • Users wish for easier navigation, due to the rich set of features


Teamwork is project and team management software ideal for agencies, professional services, and other teams managing client work. It is an all-in-one solution with features for project planning, budgeting, and time tracking that enable businesses to grow. Up to five users can download and use the mobile and desktop apps on the free version of the software.

The Teamwork Desktop App for Mac enables users to collaborate with clients and teammates via messages, team chat, and integration with other tools. Whether using the web app or the desktop app, users can interact with their projects and stakeholders. Features include task management, multiple work views, capacity planning, scheduling, reports, automation, templates, and forms, among others.

teamwork logo



  • Task management and prioritization with recurring tasks
  • Project planning with baselining feature
  • Ease of setup and use


  • Users wish for more colors in the UI
  • Occasional interruption of service during software updates

Projector PSA

Projector is professional services automation (PSA) software that provides service teams enhanced real-time visibility. It offers several paid plans, and its Professional plan includes project management tools such as detailed WBS, advanced budgeting, task progress feedback loops, project collaboration workspaces, issue tracking, and document management. Projector is compatible with Apple’s Mac line of computers running macOS versions 10.14, 10.15, 11, and 12.

The Projector website supports time entry, expense entry, project workspace, and other functions, and is compatible with Mac computers running a modern browser. The Project Management Portal is a desktop app that runs on macOS with some limitations.


  • Integrated system with project accounting and resource management
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Responsive support


  • Project planning and tracking features need enhancements
  • Users wish for more customization features


Daylite is a Mac CRM for small businesses with integrated project management tools. It requires macOS v10.15.4, or iOS 14 or newer versions to run. Users are able to execute more projects in a more organized way, as it provides visibility on the status of each project. Teams collaborate better by sharing project details, next steps, and meeting notes. Available templates make it easy to automate next steps for new projects and various scenarios.

Daylite is Mac project management software that includes CRM and sales tracking. It is also scalable and customizable for a variety of industries, such as real estate, legal services, financial services, entertainment, consulting, marketing and advertising, manufacturing, photography, and software development. Made for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, it works seamlessly with many popular Apple apps and features like Apple Mail, Apple Calendar, Siri, and Facetime.

Daylite Screenshot of Mac Desktop Application


  • Offline mode
  • Multitasking capability
  • Responsive support


  • Users wish all desktop features were also available on the iPad version
  • Limited integration

Merlin Project

Merlin Project from ProjectWizards is professional project management software for Mac and iPad. This flexible app is used to plan, manage, and control complex projects. Plans for the Mac and iPad are paid on a per-user, per-year basis, while the plan for the iPhone is paid on a per-user, per-month basis. Merlin Project includes features like a WBS and Gantt chart for planning and organizing projects. It also has a mindmapping tool for brainstorming activities. The software can automatically transfer mindmap inputs to a WBS.

Teams can collaborate using comments and annotations. Other features of the cloud PM software are Kanban boards, utilization view, file attachments, device sync, and data exchange with third-party apps.

Merlin Project Screenshot of Desktop application on Mac


  • Support for MS Project file format through import/export
  • Integrated multi-project resource utilization
  • Reliable mobile app


  • Users wish for a UI update
  • Sharing information with other platform users is a challenge


RationalPlan is multi-project planning and management software available through the cloud or on premises. The cloud product is a flexible solution that is accessible through web browsers with no installation required. On-premises products are compatible with Mac OS 10.5 and higher, Windows, and Linux. RationalPlan’s single-project version handles independent projects through dynamic Gantt charts and critical path management.

The multi-project version allows sharing of common resources and dependencies of tasks between projects. It can work independently, or connect to the RationalPlan Server for a concurrent, multi-user environment. Other products are RationalPlan Server for centralized project management systems, and a free Project Viewer.

RationalPlan screenshots


  • Available on different platforms with a web or desktop interface
  • Integrated portfolio management
  • Responsive support


  • Limited timeline view
  • Customization of reports is difficult


OmniPlan for Mac is project management software with innovative features. It has built-in project templates, a project assistant that sets up projects and schedules start and end dates for tasks, and a multi-project dashboard to manage your project portfolio. The software requires Mac OS 11 or newer, and iOS 14.1 or newer for the iPad and iPhone. OmniPlan lets project managers pull team calendars to create a conflict-free schedule. They can track progress with multiple baselines to compare actual progress with the original plan. Other features include critical path, Monte Carlo simulation, schedule conflict detection, and earned value analysis (EVA) formula.

OmniPlan screenshot of Mac Desktop app


  • Critical path identification and analysis
  • Baselining tools for progress tracking
  • Integrated resource management


  • Users wish for additional project templates
  • Pricing is at the higher end

FastTrack Schedule

FastTrack Schedule is an easy-to-use project management tool from AEC Software. It’s useful for keeping the team in sync, costs under control, and multiple projects on schedule. Versions for Mac and Windows are available. FastTrack Schedule project management software for Mac enables users to organize, track, and report project goals. The latest version provides a new UI that new and experienced project managers can easily use. Users can download free project templates, watch short video tutorials, exchange data with other Apple apps, and open MS Project files.


  • Integrated resource view
  • Simplified project planning
  • Quickstart project templates


  • High learning curve for new users
  • Limited integration with apps on different platforms

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What Are The Best Project Management Software Features for Mac?

The best project management software features for Mac are generally the solutions that fit the needs of the business, project requirements, team, and stakeholders. Consider these following top features when deciding what Mac project management software you are interested in.

Intuitive User Interface

Users depend on Mac computers and systems for being intuitive and reliable. In the same way, project management software that is easy to work with and functions as expected will be easily adopted by Mac users.

High Performance

Mac computers are well-optimized machines. Users will expect nothing less from PM software running on their Mac workstations, providing fast response time and a pleasing UI with seamless switching between work views.

Project Planning

Project teams need core PM functionality, such as work breakdown, task management, project scheduling, resource allocation, automated tracking of progress, and calculation of critical project dates. Users also need customizable dashboards and reports.

Easy Integration

Most teams are using other apps and services to automate their workflow or to simplify collaboration. The project management app for Mac that they choose needs to have easy integration with other tools, so teams can build business solutions without having to start from scratch.

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Types of Project Management Software for Mac

Mac users have several deployment options to take advantage of project management apps available today.

On-Premises Software

Individuals and teams can use desktop project management solutions that are installed on their Mac desktops. Vendors of these software solutions have optimized their software to run on workstations and servers running macOS. Users can easily integrate the software to other Apple apps installed on the OS by default.

Browser-Based Software

Another type of project management software Mac users can explore is solutions that run on any platform, and are accessible by web browsers like Safari. Note that Safari support is crucial, because Safari is the default web browser in Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones.

Cloud-Based Project Management Platform

A cloud-based project management platform is a software solution offered by a SaaS vendor to users regardless of their computer OS. These solutions are accessible via the web like a browser-based software, but may also be available via a native desktop app that runs on a specific OS like Mac. Whether opened via a web browser, on a mobile app, or a desktop app, users will have a seamless experience of the software as it syncs information and data in real time across devices.

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Recommended Project Management Software

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