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LiquidPlanner is an online project management software that aims to empower teams to deliver in dynamic environments and turn their plans and ideas into reality. It is a modern alternative to static Gantt charts, with features that automatically predict delivery dates upon input of tasks, resources and progress. Traditional project management usually makes plans based on hard-coded dates. This application, with its intuitive interface, scheduling engine and integrated analytics instead provide the framework to plan around priorities, enabling individuals, teams and decision makers to do great work.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project Management, Tracking and ReportingLiquidPlanner online project management software makes it easy for users to plan their projects with interactive Gantt charts and predictive scheduling features. By prioritizing work, it will automatically calculate the most likely completion dates. It also provides best case/worst case estimates by taking into account priorities, availability and vacations. It incorporates the team’s workload to make accurate estimates. It tracks time across tasks, projects and portfolios. It has a built-in timer, timesheets and approval workflow. Advanced analytics and business intelligence powering dashboards and report generation enable users to gain visibility and insight. It has Packages for project portfolio management and monitoring.
  • Document Management, Collaboration, and Budgeting – This predictive project management software enables users to share any type of file and attach it to plan items. From a central place, users can view details and context of their plans and tasks with file attachments such as PDFs, documents or photos, providing also an easy way to search for them instead of going through the email inbox. Users can easily communicate about work as all conversations are connected to tasks. Know the latest about what is particularly important for a user by following and filtering the comment stream. The application also has templates for quick project initiation, and allows for setting up a budget with Billing and Pay rules for defining labor cost.
  • Intuitive Interface, Integrations, and Mobile-ready – LiquidPlanner has a streamlined interface so users get what is important in their Home tab as well as tasks and information for a particular user in their My Work tab. It has several views including an interactive Card View and Daily Limit (WIP) function. It integrates with many third-party applications such as Salesforce, DropBox, Zapier and others. It also has an enhanced API for custom integration. Users on the go can remain in the loop with support for iOS and Android phone and tablet platforms.

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LiquidPlanner offers three premium plans that are based on the number of features included. The Standard plan includes features that provide the team project visibility, collaboration and intuitive task management. There are more than 15 features such as multi-project, multi-user workspace, priority-based scheduling, dynamic timeline view, workload report, card view, time tracking, reporting and others. For an annual plan based on a minimum of 10 users, the price per user is at $29 per month. The Professional plan includes more features, bigger file storage, dashboards, advanced analytics and API. The Enterprise plan has all the features and unlimited virtual members, clients and dashboards, plus an Expense module. A free 14-day trial period is offered.

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Target Market

LiquidPlanner is for all company sizes that follow a priority-based project planning and scheduling. It is ideal for project managers, team members and decision makers in technology firms, but applicable in many sectors and industries such as advertising, aviation, education, healthcare, legal and others.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Nintendo, LinkedIn, Sumo Logic, Redapt, and Cummins.

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Matt Nisonger of SharedVue stated that they were able to hire faster because they have better long term visibility to where resources are needed.

Tim Hughes of Airways New Zealand stated that they were able to move an over-budgeted and over-scheduled project to on-time within 24 hours with the help of LiquidPlanner.

Why LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner presents a different and effective approach in managing projects based on priority that takes into consideration not only one but all projects of the company. It also has the technology and intelligence to make this approach work, such as predictive schedules, best/worst case estimates, portfolio-level planning and workload intelligence. This is not an approach practiced or ready to be adopted by everyone, but those who have will testify to its benefits. It takes some time and training to use the software, but support in terms of help guides, videos, webinars and forums are more than adequate.

Company Info

LiquidPlanner Inc is a privately held computer software and service company based in Seattle, WA, USA. It was founded in 2006 by Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson, currently, its Chief Technology Officer. The LP team, since the start, has been rethinking what online project management software is relevant in today’s modern work environment where teams want to be empowered. As an efficient and effective alternative to outdated business tools, they created an advanced scheduling engine and combined it with a social collaboration platform that enabled teams to build plans around priorities. CEO Liz Pierce, who has been with the company since 2007, has been instrumental in growing the company, which remains committed to providing exceptional service, quality, transparency and reliability.

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