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Overview Presentation

LiquidPlanner is a smart online project management software that provides predictive capabilities for today’s modern business challenges. It is a priority-based solution that automatically updates project schedules whenever users change task dates or priorities. It is a centralized platform where teams can track time, manage resources, projects, and portfolios, as well as collaborate. Simple drag-and-drop interface, social communication tools, and integration makes it a powerful application for projects of all sizes and complexity.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Smart Schedules and Resource Management ‚Äì LiquidPlanner is a project management software that automatically adapts to schedule changes. When changes in priorities and/or resources are made, the completion dates for each task and for the whole project are instantly updated across the entire portfolio. This results in more accurate project schedules, allowing the team to be more proactive rather than reactive. It also has a resource workload report that shows how much work is assigned to every team member, the hours and dates they worked, as well as indicators when a member is at risk of missing a deadline.
  • Cross-Project Visibility and Contextual Collaboration ‚Äì The predictive project management software has customizable and shareable Dashboards that provide real-time visibility into project schedules, financials and trends. It has a Kanban-style Card View that allows users to move projects and tasks into their customizable workflow through custom fields. Project and task collaboration is possible through communication tools such at mention comments and hashtags for tag-specific related work.
  • Time and Budget Tracking, Advanced Analytics, and more ‚Äì LiquidPlanner has integrated time tracking tools that enables users to track time with integrated timers and timesheets with review and approval features. Budget tracking is possible with configurable billing and pay rates, cost assignment, and line item expenses. Advanced Analytic reports can be generated for project performance, resource utilization, baseline trends, costs and profits, client portfolios, and more, for a single project or for the entire portfolio. Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box also allows for direct file upload and live document linking.


LiquidPlanner offers a Professional plan priced at $45 per month per user on an annual pricing. This plan includes analytics and trend charts, dashboard and project portals, baseline and card views, 20 custom fields, 25 virtual members, API access, and an onboarding package for 10 or more seats. A minimum of 5 users is required for the Professional plan. A 14-day free trial is available. An Enterprise plan ideal for large organizations that manage multiple projects is also offered. All features in the Professional plan is included as well as advanced features such as resource workload report, SSO, expenses, unlimited external dashboards, and more.

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Target Market

LiquidPlanner is software for teams and organizations of all sizes applicable in a wide array of industries. It is valuable for project managers, team members and decision makers.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include G5 Real Estate Marketing, iForce Group, JBT Corporation, Sterc Online Agency, and T-Mobile.



Ed Reich stated that they have tried different systems over the years to manage the company’s workload: from chalkboard, to whiteboard, to different Excel sheets. However, using these only ended them doing crisis management. With LiquidPlanner, they are able to allocate time, and estimate time to different tasks. They are able to manage multiple projects, placing active projects with higher priority than projects that are on hold.

Rob Sapko shared that their project-based organization works concurrently with 80 to 100 clients on projects that range from short term to very long term. They needed to address growth-related challenges as well as resource availability forecasting and management problems. LiquidPlanner, as an enterprise-level cloud-based solution was powerful and elegant enough to provide them with a superb enterprise resource planning solution.

Why LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is a powerful tool especially for companies who have to deal with multiple concurrent projects, changing priorities, and resource allocation issues. The smart scheduling capability takes the work out from users and instead provide them instantly with an accurate view of the project’s status, so they can address any issue even before it becomes a problem. Additional tools provide comprehensive information and better support for workflows. More than 1300 companies rely on the software to successfully deliver their projects on time.

Company Info

LiquidPlanner, Inc. is a privately held computer software and service company based in Seattle, WA, USA. It was founded in 2006 by Charles Seybold, Chief Officer; and Jason Carlson. In 2008, they launched the software as an innovative and reliable PM solution based on how people work. It aims to support teams perform their best by helping them organize tasks by priority, make best-case and worst-case estimates, and collaborate in a central location. Ted Hawksford joined the LP team as CEO in February 2019, and Jason continues to be in the company’s Advisory team.

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