Best Project Management Templates for 2021

A business that is growing or actively developing would usually have a high level of project management activity. Sometimes, the job of a project manager is compared to someone spinning multiple plates at the end of a pole, ready to catch any plate before it falls. Among their responsibilities are making sure that process is followed, progress is tracked, and status is communicated. Project management templates are precious time-savers. Master of Project Academy, an online e-learning company, offers a package of ready-to-download project management templates that are essential tools to a project manager’s success.

50 Downloadable PM Templates

In this package/curriculum, 50 project management templates designed by industry experts can be used to initiate, execute, monitor, control and report projects. It also includes a lecture and recommendation on how best to use these templates. The following 50 templates can be easily downloaded in a zip file:

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Block #1

  • Project Charter Template
  • Assumption Log Template
  • Change Management Plan Template
  • Configuration Management Plan Template
  • Decision Log Template
  • Issue Log Template
  • Change Request Template
  • Lessons Learned Register Template
  • Variance Analysis Template
  • Work Performance Report Template
  • Change Log Template

Block #2

  • Project Management Plan Template
  • Final Report Template
  • Scope Management Plan Template
  • Requirements Management Plan Template
  • Requirements Documentation Template
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix Template
  • Project Scope Statement Template
  • Scope Baseline Template
  • WBS Dictionary Template

Block #3

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template
  • Schedule Management Plan Template
  • Activity List Template
  • Milestones List Template
  • Network Diagram Template
  • Duration Estimates Template
  • Project Schedule Template
  • Cost Management Plan Template
  • Cost Estimates Template
  • Cost Baseline Template

Block #4

  • Quality Management Plan Template
  • Quality Metrics Template
  • Quality Audit Template
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI) Template
  • Resources Management Plan Template
  • Team Charter Template
  • Team Directory Template
  • Resource Requirements Template
  • Resource Breakdown Structure Template
  • Individual Assessment Template

Block #5

  • Team Performance Assessments Template
  • Communications Management Plan Template
  • Risk Management Plan Template
  • Risk Register Template
  • Risk Report Template
  • Risk Probability and Impact Matrix Template
  • Procurement Management Plan Template
  • Stakeholder Analysis Matrix Template
  • Stakeholder Register Template
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template
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Aside from getting these ready-to-use templates and lecture in utilizing them, users who purchase them will get future updates to any and all templates at no additional cost. They are accessible online, ready to be filled in, grouped by knowledge area, and comes with 24/7 support.

The templates come with a structure and sections. Users can see sample project data, so they can easily follow the process and fill them in with their own data. These high-quality Excel (xlsx) and Word (doc) file format templates are ideal for project management professionals fulfilling the roles of Project Managers, Associate/Assistant Managers of Projects, Team Leads/Managers, Project Executives, Project Engineers, Software Developers, and any professional aspiring to be a project manager.


Master of Project Academy offers these 50 downloadable project management templates and their updates in several plans. The Monthly plan is priced at $57 per month, the Annual plan is at $117 per year, and the Lifetime Access plan is at $227.


Project professionals in various roles, business, and industries have found several great benefits from this template package. Jacqueline Bowman is a freelance project management consultant. She stated that her clients expected her to report about the project’s progress. In order to provide professional and accurate reporting, she used Master of Project Academy’s templates, and it saved her a great amount of time.

Louis Matthews recalled that when he started his PM career, he did not have a lot of experience creating project files. The project management templates helped him build a foundation of how he should keep and use project files, and use them to create reports.

Other details

The 50 Project Management Templates are generic PM files that can be used in managing projects in any industry. They have been prepared by experts and experienced professionals who have themselves led large projects in various industries, including some Fortune 500 companies. Depending on the plan purchased, they can access these templates and their updates for as long as they need them, until the time they cancel. To learn more about other offers and courses available, follow Master of Project Academy on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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