Redmine Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

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Overview Presentation is a free and open source project written using the Ruby on Rails framework. Redmine is a web-based project management tool that also helps track bugs and system issues. Using different calendars and Gantt charts, it displays project information, deadlines, and task assignments. It is part of the Bitnami app library and features comprehensive control and monitoring options.

Features, Benefits and Product Strengths

  • Multiple Project Support: All project workload is presented in one place to facilitate analysis and monitoring. All workers can have different roles in public and private projects, both of which can be presented in a customized way. Subprojects can also be added.
  • Flexible Access Controls: Redmine lets administrators define roles and limit access to users depending on their position in the hierarchy.
  • Issue Tracking and Presentation: Managers can create custom statuses and define types of issues, writing protocols for each type. Through graphic presentation employees can better envision their workflow and have an accurate view of the big picture.
  • Time Tracking: Managers can track how much time an employee or a team takes to handle a ticket or complete a entire project. Redmine presents the information in succinct yet concise reports.
  • Better Formatting: Moderators can submit different issue information – date, related section, text, Boolean, etc, with other custom fields available. They can further post messages, share files or even make wikis for the project to further clarify items.
  • Repository Browser and Diff Viewer: Redmine can browse through repository content and search changesets. It supports SCM (Subversion, CVS, Mercurial, Darcs, Bazaars, and Git) and can view Diff and annotate.


Redmine is open source and free, it has no usage plans or restrictions on usage. It can be downloaded from the website.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Redmine is targeted at large public projects which do not want to spend money on expensive proprietary software. It also targets tech-savvy organizations where employees are willing to give back to the development community in terms of bug reports and problem suggestions, and are willing to do without a dedicated support department.

Supported Languages

Redmine has been translated into most major languages such as Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Norwegian, and many more.

Some of Their Clients

Companies using Redmine include Lighttpd, Contao Forge, Subversion Repository Search Engine, Virtuemart, Merkaartor, Ruby, TYPO3, JoomLeague, TaskWarrior, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Michigan State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez.


“Redmine does support multiple projects. The integration throughout the entire system is excellent. You can create nested subprojects and move issues/tickets from one project to another. For each project you are able to assign different users and turn certain functionality (milestones, time tracking, source control) on and off.”

“The user management in Redmine is great! Besides normal user management it supports (custom) roles. You are able to set different user roles for different projects.”

“What I am looking for in project management software are new features/idea’s to improve the way our team is working together. I keep an eye on the Redmine timeline/activity to see how other people are using the Redmine platform. Some of their comments/ideas inspire us to change the way we are working or start using a specific feature we haven’t paid attention to.”

Why Redmine?

Redmine is supported in more than 35 languages so multi-lingual teams or non-native English speakers won’t have any trouble getting used to the software. It further supports multi-project management and is a fantastic out-of-the-box software solution. Finally, Redmine is a free and continuously updated program and does not place a financial burden on small companies.

Company Info

A community project, Redmine was developed by a number of teams tasked with programming, issue dealing and PR relations. Important figures in the team are Jean-Philippe Lang (Head of Development), Azamat Hackimov (Head of Translations), and Toshi Maruyama (SCM Support). Other members include Felix Schäfer, Head of Issue Tracking, and Shane Perlman who is responsible for UI.

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