Redmine Software Review for 2021

Overview Presentation

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Easy Redmine is an application based on Redmine, an open source, browser-based project management software written in Ruby on Rails platform. Redmine works with both Unix and Windows platforms, and across different databases. On the other hand, Easy Redmine is an improvement over the PM software by providing powerful features and extended functionality. The application enhances the capabilities and benefits of the basic PM platform through improved user interface, smart tools and more.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Improved Redmine User Experience – Easy Redmine provides an improved interface over the basic PM platform. It has all the basic Redmine features but with the addition of enhancements and other tools. For example, it has a simple and quick navigation. Also, it has a personal page modules that shows graphs and charts. It has tags that can be applied as filters on searches. Any existing project can be saved as a project template. Users can also create tasks quickly with the quick project planner. An impressive tool is the smart Gantt chart, an interactive drag-and-drop tool that syncs with tasks and their dates. Relationships or dependencies can also be applied. The UI also has a customizable project overview page, a document version feature for history, a built-in chat, a to-do list, and stop watch for tracking time.
  • Advanced Features as Installable Plugins/Packages – Users can further customize their PM software by choosing advanced features or configuration they want. For instance, the Resource Management package with its plugins helps users further improve planning, resource allocation and worker utilization. The Finance Management plugin is for increasing project profitability, financial monitoring and reporting. The Customer Management plugin streamlines customer processes, thereby improving customer service and sales. The Advanced Project Management plugin includes tools for agile, knowledge management, and time management.
  • Flexible, Scalable, Mobile Apps, Professional Support, and more – Easy Redmine users can choose access from the cloud or on their own server. Each type of access/deployment is scalable depending on the size of the user’s team. The software also comes with professional implementation and support. Moreover, mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms are available. API, tutorials, and knowledge base are also available.


Easy Redmine is available as a cloud solution or installed in the users’ servers. For the cloud version hosted by the software company, the price depends on the number of users. For example, access by small team of up to 25 users will cost $33/month paid on an annual basis, or $43 on a monthly basis. Software updates and basic support are included. Professional implementation is also available. Users can then choose the type of plugin or package they want. They pay only what they use. For example, the Resource Plugins bundle costs $66 per month paid annually.

Easy Redmine Cloud Pricing

For customer server-hosted, a one-time payment is made depending on the number of users. A small team of up to 25 users will cost $559. Three free updates for 3 months and basic support is also included, with professional implementation as available. There is a 14-day free trial period for both implementations.

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Target Market

Easy Redmine is a comprehensive project management software designed for teams between 10 and 100 users. It can be used by project teams in any industry, but will greatly benefit teams in software development and IT, product development, help desks, professional services, and sales and marketing. Redmine users can upgrade easily. However, it is not a requirement for online users.

Supported Languages

Supports language localization such as English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and Turkish.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Lenovo, Ogilvy, Selecta, GSK, and Toyota Financial Services.


Konrad Mattheis of Akquinet stated that Easy Redmine has plugins and support that let his team focus on their job better. Petr Foltyn of FG Forrest described their project planning and related processes as smoother with the help of the PM application. The API and integrations also provided great advantages for them.

Why Easy Redmine

Redmine is a dependable open source PM platform. Easy Redmine software takes it to another level with additional features, smarter tools and better UX. These additional tools and features bring higher efficiency and increased productivity. Also, 91 percent of customers who implemented the improved solution are satisfied and believes they have made the right decision.

Company Info

Easy Redmine is a product of Easy Software Ltd, a privately held software development and IT services company with headquarters in London, UK; and development center in Prague, the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 2007 by Filip Moravek, CEO. The Management team includes co-owner Andrew Stovicek, COO, and also Petr Pospisil, CTO. Their goal is to make Redmine the best open source PM platform. In 2015, Easy Software was recognized by CIO Review magazine as among the top 20 Most Promising Open Source Solution Provider.

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