Best Project Management Huts & Articles for 2021

A project management hut is a collection of articles covering a specific subject related to Project Management. Below is the list of available project management huts.

HUT #1: 15 Most Popular Software Articles

  1. Top 5 Construction Project Management Software
  2. Top 10 Project Management Software
  3. Top 10 Task Management Software
  4. Top 5 WordPress Project Management Plugins
  5. Top 3 Software Alternatives to Basecamp
  6. Top 3 Software Alternatives to Asana
  7. Top 5 Agile and Scrum Project Management Software
  8. Top 10 Mac Project Management Tools
  9. Top 7 Web Open Source Project Management Tools
  10. Top 15 Project Management Software
  11. Top 10 Database App Builders to Create your PM Tool
  12. Top 5 Desktop Open Source Project Management Tools
  13. Top 3 Software Alternatives to Smartsheet
  14. Top 5 Dynamic Gantt Chart Components for Software Developers
  15. Top 5 PM Software with Dynamic Gantt Charts
  16. Top 3 Software Alternatives to Confluence
  17. Top 5 CRM Software – Customer Relationship Management

HUT #2: 15 Most Popular General PM Articles

  1. Understanding Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI Matrix)
  2. Top 10 Main Causes of Project Failure
  3. Five Factors That Lead to Successful Projects
  4. Top 10 Best Project Management Books to Keep Within Reach
  5. Understanding The Different Levels of Help Desk Support
  6. Top 5 Project Management Phases
  7. Top 5 Project Management Training Sites
  8. Duties and Responsibilities of a Senior Project Manager
  9. Understanding the 4 Types of Risks Involved in Project Management
  10. XP, FDD, DSDM, and Crystal Methods of Agile Development
  11. Top 5 PMP Exam Books
  12. Top 10 Reasons Why Projects Fail
  13. Top 10 Best Microsoft Project Tutorials – Training & Courses
  14. ProjectLibre Tutorial Part 1: Creating Your First Project
  15. Understanding the Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS)

HUT #3: Best Articles to Start Managing your Projects

  1. 5 Aspects of Project Management in 2021
  2. 5 Stages of Team Development: Tuckman’s Group Development
  3. A Guide to Escalation in Project Management
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Gantt Charts
  5. Affinity Diagram – Kawakita Jiro or KJ Method
  6. Agile Software Development Methodology & Principles
  7. Crashing in Project Management: A Comprehensive Guide
  8. Definition of Crashing (In Project Management Terms)
  9. Developing the Project Management Plan
  10. From Scrum to Kanban
  11. Goals of an Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO)
  12. House of Quality Matrix
  13. How to Control Change Requests
  14. How to Delegate for Project Management
  15. How to Start a Project: On Your Marks, Get Set, Go
  16. IPECC Model in the PMBOK
  17. PMO and Project Management Dictionary
  18. Project Charter Example with a Sample Template
  19. Project Identification
  20. Project Management Statement of Work (SOW)
  21. Project Office vs PMO: Definition & Purpose
  22. Project Operational Readiness
  23. Risk Characteristics
  24. Risk or Constraint – Project Management Processes
  25. Six Sigma vs. Total Quality Management
  26. The 5 Phases of the Vendor Selection Process
  27. The Halo Effect and Project Success
  28. The Project Baseline – A Project Management Definition
  29. The Project Executive – Role and Responsibilities
  30. The Project Handover Checklist
  31. The Role and Significance of an Interior Design Project Manager in Commercial Construction
  32. Types of Risk in Project Management
  33. WBS Types (Work Breakdown Structure)
  34. What are the Components of Risk?
  35. What Is a Business Project?
  36. What Is A Project Charter?
  37. What Is Construction Project Management?
  38. What is Project Management?
  39. What Is Stakeholder Analysis?
  40. What is the RACI/ARCI Matrix in Project Management?
  41. What Would an Ideal Project Management Tool Look Like?
  42. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Top-down or Bottom-up?

HUT #4: Looking for a great reporting and exporting tool for Asana, Trello, Basecamp or AceProject?


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