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Overview Presentation

Basecamp is a cloud application that helps users manage projects and keep teams on the same page. Basecamp 3 is a system that enables users and companies to get organized, communicate with everyone easily, and collaborate on projects. It has introduced several feature updates that includes UI redesign, streamlined processes for creating teams and projects, mobile updates for both Android and iOS, project templates, and more. This project management and collaboration software continues to help its customers run their business better. If you need a great add-on to manipulate your to-dos, we recommend Bridge24 for Basecamp.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Powerful Collaboration Platform, Clean InterfaceBasecamp 3 project management software provides teams and companies communication and collaboration tools that bring projects to completion. Campfire is a built-in chat room for sending messages, quick suggestions or clarifications. Message Boards contain announcements and focused discussions. The Automatic Check-in helps team leaders and project managers create a scheduled check for any updates or issues. A new Home screen replaces the Basecamp menu, and the company HQ is a free intranet right inside the application. It still has the Hey! catch-all inbox, the private Ping instant message, @mentions support, and a separate Clientside communication channel. Other tools include the Toolbox and Bookmarks.
  • Task Management and Project Organization – It is now easier to create projects or teams with just a few clicks. Also, users can create a team or project and invite other members at a later time. A most requested feature is also now available in the latest version: project templates. Users can easily create a reusable template for similar projects on a recurring basis. Other features include To-dos where users can assign work items to multiple people, set deadlines, include notes, attach files and more. Schedules that integrate with calendar apps show important dates. Other features are Docs and Files, Timeline, and a Work Can Wait setting.
  • Reports, Chatbots, Templates, Mobile Apps and more – Basecamp 3 has several Reports for overdue tasks, upcoming deadlines, to-dos, workloads and more. It has automation for checking the status of assigned work, powerful Search, and advanced text editor. Recently, they have published the API for chatbots, where users can build interactive or reporting bots that can receive info from or send info to Campfire. Mobile apps for iOS and Android also have been updated to show the new Home screen. Mobile users can easily see and access the company HQ, teams and projects. Moreover, Android users can take advantage of the new app shortcuts.  With a long-press on the PM app icon, it will show shortcuts for quickly adding to-dos, events, messages, or file attachments.

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Basecamp offers a simple pricing plan. Users can opt to purchase the monthly plan at $99. Another option is the annual plan that is priced at $1000 per year. There are no ‘per-user charges’ meaning that a plan can have 5 or 500 users, and the cost is still the same. The plan includes for unlimited teams and projects, and 500 GB of storage space. A 30-day free trial is available.

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Target Market

Basecamp is for companies of all sizes and different industries. It is valuable for freelancers, consultants, work groups, project teams and office departments, whether co-located, distributed or virtual.

Supported Language

Interface is in English.

Some of their Clients

Clients include PNMR, The Joinery, EfficiencyOne, Ramp Logistics, Novasyte, Animals Medical Center of MidAmerica, Category One, Inc. and Lebanon Valley College.

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Sue Canfield stated that it has become much easier for her to track progress and items done, as well as what needs to be done.

Zach Boulanger at WOW Marketing stated that they are sending less emails since using Basecamp. Also, they have been able to keep their team on the same page.

Why Basecamp

Basecamp is still a favorite project management and collaboration tool for many businesses. It reports that about 8000 new companies are signing up every week. The latest version, which is the most popular version, provides users a simple intuitive interface, with features that support organization, communication and project tracking. Updates are also more frequent and responsive to customer feedback, together with great customer support.

Company Info

Basecamp is a privately held computer software company based in Chicago, IL, USA. It used to be 37signals when they started in 1999 but changed their name in February 2014 to match their most popular product. That day, they become a one-product company, solely dedicated to the PM application. Jason Fried is co-founder and CEO of the company. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is an investor, a board member and advisor. The Ruby on Rails framework was created in Basecamp, developed by David Heinemeier Hannson, co-founder and CTO. The company is committed to continue helping teams and organizations do their best work.

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  1. Basecamp is one of the most widely used PM apps out there and has all the basic functionality you can expect. We use it in combination with since this app allows us to take our data in Basecamp to a new level.

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