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Overview Presentation is internet-based project management software built by ex-Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskoviz and Justin Rosenstein. It allows managers to monitor and manage several projects on several workspaces all at once, allocating people and resources where and when needed in seconds and breaking projects into smaller and simpler tasks. This software also has an emphasis on team communication, an idea which clearly came with years of experience working for Facebook, the world’s largest social network. If you need a great extension to Asana, we recommend

Features, Benefits and Product Strengths

  • Multiple Workspaces: In contrast to other online project management tools, Asana offers use of multiple workspaces, managing serveral projects at once. This makes it easier to have all current and future projects within sight, knowing who is responsible and approximate timeframe for certain jobs.
  • People Views: Asana has a pretty simple user management interface, making every worker’s information and duties available in just one mouse click. Project managers can see who is currently working and on what, how much time he or she has left and also can allocate people and other resources where needed.
  • Project Follow: The software has quite unique notification system, which sends memos to project managers to their emails or mobile phones, notifying them about every change in a  project and making fast reaction and decision making processes very easy. It also enables internal communication between project team members themselves and their superiors.
  • Real-Time Changes: This is very important feature, probably the best feature which separates Asana from other similar programs. It allows project managers to act in seconds to a certain change within the project.


Asana is free of charge for teams having up to 30 members. For those who require more, several paying options are available, starting from $100/month for 30 members, $300/month for 50 members, $550/month for 75 members to $800/month for 100 members. Finally, for 100+ members, the company offers direct negotiotions so the best solution could be found.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

As it was made by people who were working with Facebook and Google, Asana is oriented towards companies which are offering their products and services through the Internet, some of them being product development companies, software companies, social networks, online retailers, web shops, etc.

Supported Languages

Currently, Asana is available only in English language although there were some rumors that software will soon support some other languages, such as German and French.

Some of Their Clients

Some of the Asana users include Twitter, Uber, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Rdio, NationBuilder, Airbnb, Twilio, AdParlor and Entelo. It is quite interesting that social network, such as Twitter, uses Asana to manage their daily routines, showing that Asana is able to manage large and complex collectives.


“PSA: Asana, you are just amazing” – Tristan Walker, Foursquare

“Asana. This is our task management tool and it’s fantastic.” – Nat Friedman Xamarin

“With Asana, I finally found the tool to orchestrate my life.” – Zack Rosen, Mission Bycicles

“Speed was the killer feature that got everyone on board.” – Noah Weiss, Foursquare

“Asana feels like I’m working with low-friction, smart piece of paper.” – Harrison Shoff, Airbnb

Why Asana?

Simply said, Asana is designed for accuracy and speed, offering many keyboard shortcuts and with just few page loads within the program. Also, to accomplish certain task, a minimum number of mouse clicks is necessary. Asana is optimized to manage a large number of workers with ease as well as teams with just a few members, putting the worker in the center of every project.

Company Info

After leaving Facebook in 2008, Dustin Moskoviz and Justin Rosenstein decided to start their own business named Asana after they raised about 10 million dollars from Benchmark Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, investors who were ready to support them. At that time, they were just making productivity and collaboration tools for Facebook and some other companies as well as for nonprofit organizations, while now they own probably one of the best project-management software in the world. Currently, Asana has 19 employees and it is locaced in San Francisco’s Mission District.

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