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Overview Presentation

Asana is a task management, project tracking and collaboration software built for teams. The software addresses a fundamental problem by allowing team members know exactly what is going on. By easily providing information about who is doing what, by when, and how, users are able to focus on their mission and excel at their work. A simple and clear interface allows users to start immediately. Features for tasks, projects, conversations and other tools enable them to move work forward and work together effortlessly.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Task and Project ManagementAsana enables teams to manage and control their projects from conception to implementation. Task creation and assignment is simple, and users can even assign them to more than one member. Users can organize tasks into lists or boards to represent projects, initiatives or agendas. Pre-made project templates allow users to add new workflows quickly, while sections and columns add structure to match custom workflows. Users can set due dates and times, create subtasks, convert task to a project, add attachments and more.
  • Real-time Communication – The collaboration tool allows team members to post comments or questions directly to tasks for immediate clarification. Real-time communication minimizes the need for time-consuming meetings, but instead allows for quick response. Conversations enable teams to discuss a project’s progress, and even create a task directly from conversations. It also has features for team management such as team pages for having conversations to the whole team and seeing all their projects. Users can also Follow to get updated on certain tasks and projects, and also collaborate with vendors, contractors and external partners.
  • Multiple Views, Customizations, Integrations, and more – Asana helps users see the information they need with different available views. It allows users to have a prioritized task list, get updates about tasks through the inbox, or find tasks and their due dates on the calendar view. Users can also check the progress of their projects using a customizable dashboard. They can search for any information or find project attachments using a files view. Premium features provide teams with advanced tools such as task dependencies, custom fields, private projects, unlimited dashboards, and more. Mobile apps are available as well as integrations to many popular 3rd party applications.


Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people. The free plan includes for unlimited tasks, projects and conversations, with basic search and dashboards. The Premium plan at $8.33 per person/month paid annually includes all the free plan features with the addition of advanced search and reporting, custom fields, task dependencies, SSO, admin controls, priority support and more. An Enterprise plan is also available with even more features.

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Target Market

Asana is for individuals, teams, startups, SMBs, large enterprises, and non-profit organizations. Companies that have a requirement for managing tasks and projects as well as project collaboration will greatly benefit in using the software. Many users come from the IT, software and marketing sectors of all company sizes.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Uber, Airbnb, CBS Interactive, Pinterest, Dropbox, Simplehuman, United Way, MailChimp, Samsung, and Tesla.


Amy Scheim at Baggu stated that Asana helped her reduce the amount of email she needs to send. Now, she can just add people as task followers, which further streamlined their communication requirements.

Matt Turzo at Lyft stated that their Asana Customer Success Manager helped them get organized around projects, and helped them deploy the software successfully.

Why Asana

Asana is a highly ranked SaaS application that has been well received by users in a matter of few years. Small and big companies alike are using it to help their teams complete projects from start to finish. It is simple to use, yet has advanced features that users can gradually discover as their need becomes more complex. It is also affordable, customizable and can integrate with other applications.

Company Info

Asana, Inc. is a privately held Internet software company with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in New York City and Dublin, Ireland. It was founded in 2009 by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. Dustin co-founded Facebook, and Justin designed the in-house project management system. While at Facebook, they built together a PM and collaboration tool that the social network company uses to this day. Then, they decided to use the technology and build software that can help organizations coordinate better. Asana has quickly become a popular software for teams, and has attracted several investors including Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, Sam Altman and Mark Zuckerberg.

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