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Overview Presentation

Insightly is a customer relationship management (CRM) software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It is a cloud-based business application with project management features that enable users to link related items together. SMBs do not have the same resources as large enterprises, but with the help of technology, they are able to manage their business without worrying about software updates, server maintenance or security fixes. Moreover, this easy-to-use CRM software enables them to manage their contacts, tasks and projects efficiently using simple tools such as a web browser, email and 3rd party applications.

Features, Benefits, and Strengths

  • Powerful CRM, Integrated PMInsightly CRM software has the tools to enable users to manage their leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. It organizes important information, so that users can see customer background, email history, important dates, and many more. Also, it has a unique project management integration that allows users to link projects and opportunities together. A sale can be quickly linked to a project or task. From a project overview screen, users can see the most recent activity, and track project performance to important milestones.
  • Sales Opportunities and Reports – The CRM software allows users to create opportunities for a business, manage potential business, pipelines and associated activities. They can also manage the different funnel stages, categories, probabilities of wining and forecast close dates. It has built-in configurable reports that allows them to create custom tabular reports. Advanced filters, report scheduling and alerts are also available on premium plans.
  • Social CRM, Mobility, Integrations, and more – Insightly enables users to take advantage of social media integration to provide information from a contact’s Twitter content, LinkedIn profile and Facebook posts available publicly. They can continue to use the software with their mobile devices as native iOS and Android applications are available. The software also integrates with G Suite, Google Drive, Gmail, Office 365 and many other popular applications. Specialists can also offer services to offer users help with setting up their account and using other features. The servers are located in the USA, equipped with redundancies, safety measures and military-grade encryption.


Insightly offers a freemium pricing model. Up to 2 users can use the software for free, which includes about 10 features such as task, lead and project management, relationship tracking, and custom reports. The higher plans include more advanced features, such as calendar and contact sync, custom branding, MailChimp integration and workflow automation. Discounts are available to plans paid annually. A 14-day free trial is also available.

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Target Market

Insightly is ideal for SMBs, startups, and freelancers. It is applicable across industries that have a requirement for customer relationship management and project management. Business owners, sales and marketing teams, project managers, team leaders and members can receive the most benefit from its use.

Supported Languages

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese (beta). However, users can enter data in any language into the data fields.

Some of Their Clients

Clients include Redeye Distribution, Science Exchange, Optimize Social Media, ShuttleCloud, Iron Horse Brewery, Centercode, and Warwick Mills.


Eric Greenspan of 74 Systems stated that deploying Insightly for his company was a revolution. He is able to get a clear view of what his staff is doing, and helps him identify potential problems, so issues can be addressed in real-time.

Walter Hunchak of stated that the CRM software makes it easy for their small staff to track hundreds of students and make sure no one falls through the cracks. Since the software’s deployment, the organization has improved its efficiency and reduced its reliance on paper.

Why Insightly

Insightly as a cloud-based software provides great features to SMBs without the usual IT overhead cost that comes with deploying a CRM application. A subscription based pricing is affordable, scalable and can be rapidly deployed. An integrated CRM and PM application also provides a unique tool that comprehensively covers a wider business process area, from opportunities up to project delivery.

Company Info

Insightly, Inc. is a privately held computer software company based in San Francisco, CA, USA. It was founded in 2012 by Anthony Smith, its CEO. The software was initially built for Google Apps. It has full Google Apps integration. With a simple to use but powerful CRM system, it became the CRM of choice especially of small businesses who do not have the resources to hire their own IT engineers, maintain server upgrades or roll out security fixes. Today, over 1.2 million users in over 200 countries rely on Insightly as their customer relationship management software.

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