Best Alternatives & Competitors for 2021 is a team management platform that is flexible enough to help different kinds of teams manage a wide variety of work. In fact, 83,000 teams from 146 countries are getting their work done thanks to this platform. Project teams are able to see progress at glance and stay on top of their schedules and deadlines while collaborating easily with each other. In general, teams are performing better, whether they are managing projects, creative work, marketing campaigns or offering professional services to clients.

It’s not for everyone

The simple truth is that is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, you may discover that it does not have Gantt charts, and it never will. The software does offer a Timeline view, and other great features. But it also comes at a price, $49 billed every month for 5 users just for the Basic plan, to be exact. Also, you can choose from different views for a project, but once you’ve selected one, you can’t switch views.’s missing features

  • No Gantt charts, ever
  • No free plan
  • No switching between different project views
  • No time tracking
  • No recurring tasks
  • No MS Project import feature
  • Yes, a bit expensive

Top 3 Software Alternatives to

If you think that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of using, there are simpler and more affordable alternatives. The best way to start is to really identify what you need for your project and business. Then, start looking for our alternatives below. and its features

Teams in companies such as Discovery Channel, Wix, and WeWork are using to help organize their work visually, to promote visibility and collaboration, and be more efficient and productive overall. Features include work templates that any user can easily start with; customizable dashboards and columns to show who is working on what by when; and built-in collaboration tools where any team member can easily find and share files, briefs, checklists, documents, and conversations. It also has several views, such as timeline, calendar, Kanban board, and files view. is an application that enables teams to see the big picture as well as details. You can easily track the progress of your work. And it works across the web, desktop, and mobile devices with native apps. However, like most businesses, yours is unique with its set of specific requirements and work processes, with your own unique team of people and style of working, and special group of clients. You may be using, doing everything you’re recommended to do, and still, come up short.

Conclusion is a modern tool for teams to manage tasks and projects in a highly visual and customizable way. Project management, however, is a business practice that is meant to help improve your chances of achieving your desired results and goals. So, whatever PM tool you use should give you the perspective you need for your project, and help you align it to your overall business strategy. These 3 alternatives are just some of the options to choose from if you need additional views, integrated features on top of task management, or special software for a more specific type of industry.

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