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TodoistTodoist is a task management, project organizer, and team collaboration software that works across platforms and devices. It is a productivity tool that enables users to list, organize, prioritize, and delegate tasks. Teams are able to find and display tasks with a choice of preset and custom views, get alerts and reminders, work with different apps through integration, and receive visual reports using a centralized platform for different functions and use cases.

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Todoist Review: Features and Strengths

Task Management and Tracking

Todoist provides an overview of all tasks for easy tracking. Users can quickly add tasks to capture ideas and organize activities in one click. They can set deadlines or recurring due dates to build good habits and best practices. Users can organize tasks further with sections and subtasks and work on the right tasks with priority levels. An intuitive interface lets users keep key projects, labels, and filters that they can quickly access through Favorites. For time-sensitive tasks, users can set reminders to alert them ahead of time. A library of Todoist templates is available to help users quickly set up task lists for an action-oriented meeting agenda, an organized project tracker, or new employee onboarding.

Collaboration and Personalization

Users can share their lists and projects for effective collaboration. They can delegate tasks to other members of the team, and receive notifications when others post comments and complete tasks. They can also add comments to tasks and attach files, including voice notes for better context. Aside from lists, Todoist boards allow users to see the big picture with Kanban-style cards that fit to their unique workflows. They can use labels to help find groups of tasks faster, or use Todoist filters to create customized task views based on due dates, assignees, or projects. Users can also personalize their view with more than 10 themes to choose from.

Integration, Visual Reports, Apps, and More

Users can add tasks via email by forwarding emails into Todoist as tasks or comments. Todoist integrates with calendar apps by displaying scheduled tasks inside a user’s calendar of choice. They can set daily or weekly goals and monitor productivity through weekly or monthly visual reports. The activity history provides a snapshot of account activity filtered either by project or person. To keep things orderly, users can archive completed tasks. A personal Karma meter provides a fun way to award the user with points based on completed tasks and advanced features used. The software is available from the web with a browser and with an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Users can also download a Todoist app on their Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops, and on their iOS and Android devices.

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Todoist Pricing

Todoist offers several plans for individuals and teams.


The Free plan is ideal for individuals and includes up to five active projects, five collaborators per project, three filters, and up to 5MB file uploads.

Pro Plan: $3 per month annually, or $4 monthly

The Pro plan is for power users who need higher limits, such as 300 active projects, 25 collaborators per project, 150 filters, 100MB file upload limit, unlimited reminders, and activity history.

Business Plan: $5 per user per month annually, or $6 per user monthly

The Business plan ideal for teams includes everything in Pro with the addition of a higher 500 active projects per team member, 50 people per project, team inbox, team billing, admin and member roles, and priority support.

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Who Uses Todoist?

Todoist is ideal for freelancers, students, small businesses, and enterprises. It works for all types of teams, from creatives and developers to project teams and HR personnel in need of a centralized task management and collaboration tool. Thousands of teams use Todoist for AWS, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, NASA, Buffer, Disney, Adobe, Topline Builders, and

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Todoist Supported Languages

Supports English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

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Todoist Case Studies

Jennifer Mattern is a freelance writer who enjoys working from anywhere. Maintaining this job requires discipline, as well as finding ways to get more done and earn income in less time. As a productivity advocate, she uses many to-do lists and organizational tools, but she always goes back to Todoist. For Jennifer, Todoist is like having a virtual backup of her brain. The software helps her organize and plan her writing, her business, and her life.

Trevor Stephens is the general manager of a midsize construction company that manages residential projects. Trevor’s day starts with a long list of tasks, notifications, and emails from his team waiting for instructions. He also lines up new projects, schedules service items, and answers customers’ questions. His company needed a shareable and accessible software that syncs in real time across multiple platforms, but is also simple to use for the less tech-savvy members of his crew. Todoist software is exactly that tool, and it revolutionized the way they do business. It provides a central place for all communication and information, resulting in fewer emails and phone calls, better coordination of details, and simplified projects.

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Why Choose Todoist?

Today’s knowledge workers have a tendency to prioritize tasks perceived as time-sensitive and urgent over tasks that are not time-sensitive, but important. Todoist allows individuals and teams to free up mental space by organizing tasks into a digital list they can access from any device. From there, they can stay on top of the details, collaborate easily, and focus on the right things at the right time. All their lists and data reside on a reliable and secure platform, so they can focus on managing projects, tasks, and teams with calm and confidence.

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Company Info

Todoist is a product of Doist, a privately held software company with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. It was founded in 2007 by Amir Salihefendic, who started working on Todoist so he could track everything while studying computer science and managing multiple jobs. As his audience grew, so did the team, the vision, the bug reports, and the feature requests. In 2011, the company hired its first remote employee. Today, Doist is a remote-first team of 93 people representing 41 nationalities from 39 countries and 75 cities. It continues its mission to help shape the future of work.

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