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Airtable is an online productivity and project management platform that enables individuals and teams to centralize information and access it with applications they build. It provides a workspace with the robust features of a database and a user-friendly app building tool. However, Airtable is not the only tool of its kind, as there are Airtable alternatives to choose from. Read also: Airtable Software 2021

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Airtable Alternatives: What to Look for

Airtable provides users a cloud-based project management platform with the capabilities of a relational database system. Many small and midsize companies in the marketing and development industries use the software to create solutions for a variety of business processes and workflows. For teams looking at Airtable competitors with similar project management capabilities, take into consideration the following features:
  • Intuitive graphical user interface, navigation, and app builder tools
  • Unlimited workspaces and high attachment storage limit of at least 2GB
  • Support for a wide variety of data types, fields, and columns
  • Multiple work views, including list, grid, calendar, timeline, Gantt chart, and Kanban board views
  • Integrated, shareable web forms that directly populate records in tables
  • Compatibility with different desktop and mobile platforms and devices
  • Pre-built templates, customization, and extensions through an app marketplace
  • Real-time collaboration and communication
  • Built-in automation and available integrations
  • User access, database permissions, and other security features such as SSO
  • Self-serve knowledge base, responsive support, and optional professional services
  • Free plan or free trial period, and scalable plans on a pay-as-you-go basis
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Best Airtable Alternatives

Teams of any size can use Airtable. It offers a free plan and paid plans with higher storage limits, advanced features, and priority support. We looked at project management software vendors like Airtable, and here present a list of the best Airtable alternatives. is a flexible and highly visual work platform for a variety of use cases. It is preferred by more marketing and IT teams than Airtable, with both project management solutions preferred by many small businesses. Similarly, monday Work OS provides users a central workspace where they can manage different types of projects, task lists, and workflows. is easy to set up and use by teams of all skill levels. It offers many direct integrations to other apps, and has built-in automation to streamline processes. lets users choose from eight different work views like Kanban, calendar, timeline, Gantt, map, form, table, and workload. An available free plan and several paid plans payable monthly or yearly give users more cost-efficient and scalable options.


Smartsheet is a work management solution that enables teams to collaborate and make better decisions. It also provides a familiar spreadsheet-like interface but offers dynamic features and capabilities. Teams in many midsize IT and construction companies use it for project and task management, allowing them to streamline their operations and multiple projects. Smartsheet brings together teams, processes, and applications on a centralized cloud platform. It offers multiple work visualizations for project management, such as through grid, Gantt, calendar, and card views. It also handles forms and formulas, provides integration and mobile access, and has a no-code Workapps builder — as well as premium add-ons to extend capabilities. Users can try the paid plans for free for a limited time. Smartsheet


ClickUp is an all-in-one solution to help users manage tasks, track projects, and collaborate in a single platform. Its collection of features like to-do lists, Gantt charts, shared documents, comments, and chat functionality allows a company to use the same solution across the organization. The increased efficiency and created savings make it among the top Airtable competitors. Many small businesses use either ClickUp or Airtable for project and task management. Customer feedback shows Airtable is easier to use, but ClickUp provides higher quality support. It also offers multiple work views, customization, collaboration, reporting, and native time tracking in all of its affordable paid plans, as well as the free plan. ClickUp


Trello is online collaboration software with a visual system of boards, lists, and cards. It has a drag-and-drop interface and customizable project management workflows for a wide range of use cases. Trello offers a free plan with unlimited users,cards, and limited PowerUps or native integrations. It also has built-in automation of recurring tasks, free mobile apps, and security features. Trello offers several paid plans that include customization and multiple work views like dashboard, timeline, workspace table, calendar, and map views. Many small businesses and their IT and software development teams use the software for project management. The software’s flexibility and intuitive interface makes it easier to use and set up, as compared to Airtable. Trello


Notion is an all-in-one software solution that provides a central cloud workspace. Teams are able to collaborate on projects and documents seamlessly, with all the information available within tasks. The software works across platforms and devices. Notion is highly customizable, with a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create dashboards, web pages, documents, or apps. It offers a free plan for individuals and several paid plans with collaborative features, sharing permissions, and admin tools. This Airtable alternative also includes thousands of free templates to help teams quickly set up their home pages, roadmap plans, design docs, team wikis, meeting notes, and website content. Notion


AppSheet enables teams to build apps for free using a no-code tool. Any team member can create applications and automate processes. Teams can deploy these apps across platforms in real time. They can also collect data from a variety of sources, from spreadsheets to the cloud. AppSheet supports different types of data like GPS locations, pictures, drawings, barcode scans, and character recognition. It can automatically gather data and sync it to data sources. Users can build mobile and web apps using no-code tools to collaborate more efficiently and gain instant, actionable insights. Several paid plans are also available. AppSheet


Ninox is an online database platform with built-in collaboration tools and customization. Users can quickly build custom apps with drag-and-drop to arrange forms, charts, and reports. The software stores information in a central workspace, allowing users to access their apps from anywhere in any device, online or offline. Ninox can run on public or private cloud with support for major browsers. It can also run on a private cloud on premises. Users can also download it on their Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Ready-to-use project management templates are available, such as for contacts management, meetings, events planning, custom CRM software, invoicing, inventory, accounting, timesheets, project management tools, and to-do lists. Ninox


Podio is an online collaboration solution that lets users build apps and set up workspaces. Its built-in low-code tools enable teams to build custom business solutions for all types of work and communication needs. Podio transforms and manages project data that helps align teams, content, conversations, and processes. Podio is among the Airtable alternatives with tools for easy administration and quick collaboration. It lets users customize the software’s apps and structure to fit processes, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. It also integrates natively with many web services, allows file sharing, and includes task management and mobile access. Podio


NocoDB is an open-source Airtable alternative that turns any database into a smart spreadsheet. It is a no-code platform that lets users connect to a new or existing database and access it as a spreadsheet. NocoDB is free to use and can be self-hosted. NocoDB lets users create multiple work views that include grid, gallery, Kanban, and calendar views. It also has functionality to search, sort, and filter columns and rows easily. Users can collaborate by inviting others and ensure security with granular access control. Other offerings include automation and integration with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord, Whatsapp, Twilio, email, and SMS. NocoDB


Grist lets users organize data and create applications with the ease of a spreadsheet and the structure of a database. It offers a free plan for individuals and paid plans for teams and enterprises. Grist helps streamline data with tools like a simple database builder, built-in collaboration, and flexible layouts. Grist users can filter and link views as needed. They can also create dashboard charts and summaries that update dynamically. Records are customizable data cards that can accept image and file attachments. The Grist code is available under a free and standard open-source license. Grist


Asana is a work and project management tool that offers multiple work views. Data visualizations include list, board, timeline, calendar, files, progress, portfolios, and workload, as well as personalized inbox and My Tasks views. It also has advanced search tools and reports that are ready to use without building apps or using code. Asana is flexible for a variety of use cases and workflows. It offers a free version for up to 15 team members, and several paid plans for business and enterprise users. Advanced project management tools and customization are available at higher-tier plans. Many small businesses use Asana for their marketing teams and development. Asana


Wrike is highly customizable online project management software for teams. Users can customize many of its tools and views such as dashboards, workflows, and automation to provide an exact solution. It provides a centralized workspace, so companies can implement Wrike across the organization. Wrike can adapt to the needs of different teams in marketing, creative agencies, project management, professional services, or business operations. It promotes collaboration, provides visibility, and supports scalability. Features include multiple work views, templates, forms, visual proofing, automated approvals, project portfolio management, and time tracking. Wrike Back to top

Ready to Try Airtable Alternatives?

Airtable gives users the tools to build applications that can promote creativity and drive innovation for different types of project management. For users looking for a more specific solution to their unique business needs, this list can help you explore options available today.

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