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Wunderlist is a free cross-platform application that helps people manage their daily personal and professional to-dos. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows, web and other platforms. It can be used to write to-do lists, to remind of tasks and dates, to share lists and collaborate on projects. People write lists all the time, but physical lists can pile up, be misplaced, be forgotten or be outdated. This application is simply a better place to keep lists. And when people always have their lists, they get things done.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Free and Accessible Across Devices ‚Äì Wunderlist task list manager is free to use across several types of devices and platforms. People can use it with their Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktops, Mac OSX, Chromebook, and with any web browser. They can bring it while on the go in their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android phone, Android Tablet, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire. Upgraded plans are also available in Pro and for Business.
  • Great for Planning and Organizing ‚Äì This task list manager has features to help users plan and organize lists whether for work or for personal projects. It has folders where lists can be easily dragged and dropped. For any to-do item, a due date and a reminder can be set. Depending on the setting, an email or a notification will be sent on the due date. Users can add notes to any to-do by writing on an input field. On several browsers and platforms, users can add from a web page the links and other information to the application. For filtering, hashtags can be added to to-dos, and also print them.
  • Easy to Share and Collaborate ‚Äì Sharing lists in Wunderlist is possible with just a click of an icon. It is a great way to collaborate on projects where some items can be assigned to other users. User can add comments for feedback and better insight. Forwarding an email that is more of a to-do to the application instantly transforms it to a new task in the application’s Inbox, together with attached files.
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Wunderlist cross-platform application is free. It comes with a filesize limit of 5MB per file, 25 assigns per shared list, 25 subtasks per to-do, and 20 backgrounds to personalize the application. Upgrading to Pro at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year will give the user unlimited file size per attachment, unlimited assigns, unlimited subtasks and 30 backgrounds. For teams, Wunderlist for Business at the same price of $4.99 per user per month or $49.99 per user per year includes team features such as centralized billing, simple team management and flexible team sizes. wunderlist pricing a wunderlist pricing b

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Target Market

Wunderlist task list manager is for individuals and teams. It can be used by students, homemakers, freelancers, startups, NGOs and SMBs.

Supported Languages

It is available in many languages and would automatically choose the system language setting on the device. Some of these are Catalan, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, Polish, Taiwanese, French, Portuguese (Brazil), and Dutch.

Some of their Clients

Teams at these companies use Wunderlist: Coca-cola, Google, IBM, The Salvation Army, PayPal and Allianz. Take me to their Website


Hurchel Young tweeted as fantastic his shopping trip with must-have Wunderlist on his Apple Watch. Matteo Mosconi illustrated how easy it is to use by tweeting that his grandmother is 86 years old and uses the application.

Why Wunderlist

Modern life is complex but tools and devices abound to make it more navigable and manageable. Wunderlist is a simple yet very useful application to manage lists that should not be committed to memory. And it is available in most platforms and devices, aside from being free.

Company Info

Wunderlist is a product of 6Wunderkinder GmbH, a privately held productivity software company with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2010 by six friends led by Christian Reber, who is currently the CEO of the company. Five years ago, the team set out on a mission to reinvent productivity software to make something delightful, simple, elegant and, most of all, will help people manage their to-dos. Over the years, it has attracted investors and has received more than $20 million in several rounds of funding. Today, it is being used by over 13 million users across platforms and devices. On June 2, the company announced that it is joining Microsoft. The company now has access to Microsoft’s expertise, technology and people. They promised to introduce new features and announce more partner integrations in the next few months.
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