Best PSA Software & Tools for 2022

Professional services automation (PSA) software helps many organizations deliver billable work to their customers in an efficient and profitable way. The professional services sector includes IT consultants, client-facing agencies, marketing teams, architecture, engineering, and construction companies, and other business consulting professionals such as lawyers, auditors, etc. PSA tools enable these teams to manage and measure the delivery of their services, so that they are able to streamline their operations and automate certain processes. Some PSA tools integrate with customer relationship management, analytics, and human resources software, allowing professional services organizations to manage their financial data and billing cycles in multiple sectors. PSA tools help avoid silos in financial services.

The software is an integrated solution and eliminates the need to use separate tools. Since PSA software assists users throughout the project lifecycle, the best solutions have strong core project management functionality and seamless integration with other essential business processes.

The Top 5 PSA Software Solutions for Your Projects

We looked at several professional services automation solutions and checked reviews, feedback, and updates of their project management features. We also looked at the capabilities of and integration with resource management, document management, time tracking, billing, and reporting features. In addition, we checked whether they can integrate with popular third-party accounting, CRM, and payroll solutions, among others. We arrived with the following recommendations:


Professional services automation software is being used in more industries in today’s project-centric business landscape. It helps organizations measure and quantify their processes, allowing them to improve on indicators such as vendor efficiency, customer satisfaction, and even employee turnover. A strong project management core with integrated business and collaboration tools in a PSA software provide professional services teams the information how they are managing projects, which ones are profitable, how to use resources wisely, boost productivity and profits, gain visibility and control, and eventually, see more opportunities to develop and grow the business.

Jose Maria Delos Santos

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