Mavenlink Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

Mavenlink is an online project management and collaboration software for services business. Teams are able to work together in a centralized workspace that promotes transparency. They are able to collaborate easily with integrated tools for tasks, time and expense, communication, automated workflows, dashboards, and reports. It has an interactive interface that allows users to create plans, make quick adjustments when needed, build forecasts, and gain insights from real time and accurate data.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project Management and AccountingMavenlink online project management software enables you to manage multiple projects simultaneously and provides a complete view of the project portfolio. You can quickly assess the health and status of a project or portfolio of projects, down to the task level. It also provides real-time visibility of every task and deliverable through detailed Gantt chart, task lists, and threaded communications. Other PM features include reusable project templates, Project Pulse, task tracker, Insight reports, and others. It has integrated time and expense tracking so you can link your team’s time, expenses, and invoices to their tasks and projects. Project accounting features are integrated in every project, so you can view budgets, burn rates, and forecasted costs and margins immediately. Some other features include estimates and invoicing.
  • Resource Management and Team Collaboration – This project management solution has Master Planning features that enable you to staff, plan, and allocate resources efficiently while understanding your team’s utilization rates. It has insightful dashboards, reports, and profiles that help you deploy your workforce successfully. Other features include capacity planning, resource-centric forecasting, resource management process streamlining, easy adjustments, and more. The software also has integrated communication and collaboration tools that brings together all team members, including distributed teams and subcontractors. Communication is put into context together with tasks, activities, and project performance in a single location. Other features include an activity feed, project permission settings, working with contractors, client view, and others.
  • Business Intelligence, Integrations, Services, and more – Mavenlink has enterprise-grade business intelligence and powerful reporting that allows you to make sound, timely decisions. It has over 60 ready-to-use reports and dashboards that will help you forecast revenue, margins, and resource capability with views that include demands. Insights provide faster and more accurate reporting, analysis, and planning. It integrates with many applications, such as Salesforce, Jira, Hubspot, Slack, Microsoft Dynamics 365, QuickBooks, Sage, G Suite, Xero, and many more. The company also offers services especially designed to help service delivery organizations, such as MavenOps, 24/7 support, product training, and customer success. The software is available on mobile devices through its HTML5 mobile-friendly site.


Mavenlink offers several premium plans, each with different set of features included. The Teams plan is priced at $19 per month paid annually for up to 5 users. Additional users will cost $4 per user per month. It includes almost all team collaboration features and many project management tools. The Professional plan is at $39 per user per month on an annual contract. It includes most of the team collaboration and project management features, and many project accounting tools. The next higher plans are the Premier plan and the Enterprise plan. All premium plans can be tried for free for 10 days. They also offer a free plan.

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Target Market

Mavenlink is for business of all sizes. It is ideal for agencies, business consulting, professional services, IT, and other project-based organizations. It is valuable to project managers, finance managers, senior executives and owners.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Salesforce, Vizient, Anywise, Cornerstone, Genpact, and Acquia.


Jennifer Niccolai recalled that their company needed a project management solution that could support their agility and flexibility as a business. Mavenlink provided them with out-of-the-box flexibility, ease of use, and cross-platform access they needed to effectively manage all stages of the project lifecycle and more fully utilize their resources.

Scott Gellatly stated that their company lacked a platform to underpin the business, which was causing operational challenges and leading to avoidable, margin-cutting mistakes. With Mavenlink, he has access to project control features that allows him to forecast resources, view budgets versus actuals, rate cards, and make use of robust reporting capabilities.

Why Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a tightly integrated and unified solution that connects the entire business. Its collection and combination of tools help teams and other stakeholders get an accurate view of the status of projects, people and performance. Moreover, it provides the controls and flexibility to help surface important information, allowing you to analyze and act when needed.

Company Info

Mavenlink is a privately held information technology and services company with corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA and offices in San Francisco, Boston, Salt Lake City, London, Cebu, and Melbourne. It was founded in 2008 by Ray Grainger, CEO, Roger Neel, CTO, and Sean Crafts, Chief Customer Officer. The software was born when Ray, then a global managing partner at Accenture, saw a big challenge coming to services firms brought about by shifts in technology and the business environment. The first full version was launched in January 2010. In February 2015, it unveiled a new identity, appearance and design to reflect the company’s growth.
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  1. Avatar Stephie Daniel says:

    Mavenlink is the best ever project management software I have used in my life. In a normal life style I have come across a lots of softwares for the official project management. More over as per my concern, the originality prevails in the best management when there comes a hurdle for task management as well.

    More over I am looking out for an online web based tool that can manage the overall process in an office. Getting involved in a number of softwares makes somebody much distracted and scattered. I was looking out for some such kind of tool and coincidentally I came across a post that gives quite impressive thoughts about an office management.

    Here is the link – . In fact I would suggest every office management people to go through this post once. Its really impressive and throws clear picture of the same.

  2. Avatar Jason Noel says:

    Thanks for the review Jose. One update though… Maven Link has updated their pricing info to $5 / user /month or $48 / year. I just wanted to give you a quick update. Nice review.

  3. Avatar RJ says:

    MavenLink at best, is okay. The integration process has been painful for our company. MavenLink is a new company and it shows. Features that should be standard are “being developed by our engineers”. There seems to always be some sort of a bug that needs repair. Most recently, their print feature stopped working. Unfortunately for us, it was during our billing cycle which ultimately delayed our billing for the month. Anyone who works for a small company can related, at this point in the year, any delay can affect your year-end. Their recommendation was to export the data to an Excel worksheet, which did work but the hours put into formatting the spreadsheets to make it presentable to the Client was a waste of valuable time. While we like the feature of tracking budgets by specific tasks, it’s disappointing that while in the time sheet view, there is nothing that tells you where you stand with your budgets. You either have to run a report, or dig a little deep into the project. Another burden we feel is not having the ability to exclude certain tasks from the burn rate. We have some tasks for clients that are billed on an hourly basis, that are not included in our main budget. To work around this, we have to create separate projects for the same client to track finances accurately. Other issues that we’ve experienced; No way to turn off invoice notifications (our staff can received up to 30+emails per day depending on where we are with our billing cycles), we’ve lost the ability to edit time entries on occasion (one time for days) because of issues on their end, you can’t mark invoices as “paid” from the invoice itself, or from the invoice section of MavenLink, waiting MONTHS for return calls, to name a few.

    My management staff wishes we would have researched more companies before making the commitment to MavenLink. We are able to accomplish what we need to in the program, but it’s painful on occasion.

  4. They started out good for the price. Now their customer service is subpar, their product has not evolved well, and they are charging more. Non-responsive, non-customizable dashboard. They lock you into a contract and quote user agreement when you question their changes and usability. Would never recommend to anyone.

  5. We are a multi-site heavy user of project and task management tools, and we are looking for a single alternative solution. I contacted Mavenlink, and after trying for several days to get the trial subscription to start, I was ultimately unsuccessful. Business development support is great, customer support is bad enough that I’ll keep looking for a solution.

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