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Kantata, the new name for Mavenlink and Kimble, is a cloud-based software solution that enables businesses and professional service firms to maximize the utilization of resources and centralize data and insights with context. It unifies data across systems and sources, provides both high-level and detailed views, and generates recommendations through built-in business intelligence capabilities. Companies are able to deliver quality work faster and more profitably with the right resources, better budgets, and confident forecasts.

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Kantata Review: Features and Strengths

Resource Management and Financials

Kantata Cloud for Professional Services include resource management tools to help companies make most of their resources. The Capacity Forecast gives users access to data from different systems in one place to easily balance supply and demand, respond in real time, reduce staffing times, and increase forecast accuracy. The Resource Center, Team Builder, and Resource Dashboard let users plan successfully, use analytics for advantage, match skills effectively, and forecast confidently.

Financial Management includes features to streamline project accounting. Users gain financial insights and achieve better control with real-time visibility, reports and dashboards, and connection support to financial systems. They can prevent issues and errors, optimize billing and payments, and get a clear picture of month-end revenue.


Project Management and Team Collaboration

Kantata provides project management capabilities so users can better plan and manage timelines, scope, and budgets. With easy access to critical project data, teams can get projects up and running fast, and manage change proactively. The platform has project portfolio and Gantt chart views to see the big picture, but also drill down to details. The software also has reusable templates and workflow automation to streamline setup.

The PSA software is collaboration-ready to connect teams and clients for increased efficiency. Communication is in one place for easy access to information and extended visibility among clients and subcontractors. Users can enable both private and public communication, with granular, role-based permissions providing the controls needed to bring people together securely for easier assignment and management of tasks.

Business Intelligence, Integration, Workflows, and More

Kantata has built-in business intelligence that users can take advantage of through ready-to-use services-centric reporting, customizable dashboards, and intelligent orchestration of resources. Users can create forecasts for revenue, margins, and resource capacity. The software also provides data-driven recommendations to help in decision-making.

The software integrates with CRM, financials, HCM, and other existing systems. It has APIs for simple integration, drag-and-drop tools to customize reusable components, and rules-based process automation.


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Kantata Pricing

Kantata pricing is available upon request from its sales team who will require some information to provide a quotation. Required details to receive pricing plans include the specific industry the company is in, company size, location of headquarters, and contact information. Interested parties can also request a demo.

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Who Uses Kantata?

Kantata is applicable to businesses of all sizes with a need for resource management and professional service automation software. Many small to midsize companies and professional services organizations use the integrated software for resource management, financial management, business intelligence, project management, team collaboration, and workflow management. Customers include accounting firm RSM, Huge digital agency, Genpact, Salesforce, Sage, Wieden+Kennedy, Qualtrics XM, Hero Digital, and Esri.

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Kantata Supported Language

Kantata supports English only at the moment.


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Case Studies

Mandee Miles is the Director of Client Finance of a customer experience and marketing company based in San Francisco. The company’s continuous growth created a need to forecast revenue more accurately and efficiently. However, Mandee’s team was spending excessive time to forecast and recognize revenue using manual spreadsheets. Kantata’s forecasting and reporting tools allow the company to quickly access crucial information, understand project needs, and make faster decisions. As a result, the company achieves 90-day financial forecasting accuracy and shorter accounting close cycles.

Kevin Ochs is the Professional Services Business Management Director of a software company specializing in geographic information system with headquarters in Redlands, California. The company was looking for a tool that would offer a single, accurate, and up-to-date source of truth for resourcing data. Kantata provides live, real-time dashboards and reports that accurately reflect the state of the business in upcoming weeks, months, and quarters. It shows Kevin’s team the future demand of the company, whether short-staffed or over-staffed so they can make decisions.

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Why Choose Kantata?

Kantata is a flexible platform that can help businesses at any level of growth. It gives users instant visibility of their existing resources and other critical information while giving data-driven recommendations to improve outcomes and achieve business targets. It is also customizable and collaborative to facilitate team and client communications so they can work effectively and exceed expectations.

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Company Info

Kantata is the new company formed after the successful merger of Mavenlink and Kimble Applications. In December 2021, Mavenlink based in Irvine, California, and Kimble Applications based in London, successfully closed the merger of the 2 companies to create a new company that aims to accelerate the development and delivery of software solutions purposefully built to help professional services organizations. Kantata provides a software that will help companies optimize resources and and increase operational performance so businesses thrive.



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