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project-management.com is dedicated to providing modern tools, latest news, and best practice references for every project professional and business organization. The discipline of project management has continued to receive growing interest and attention over the past decades. Especially today, the importance and relevance of the project manager for any kind of undertaking is unquestionable. However, the challenges of modern society, business relationships and latest technology are also testing their competency and ability to deliver successful projects. Since its launch in 2001, PMcom has been featuring pertinent articles, management software and productivity tool reviews, books, interviews, training sites and other e-learning resources to help people be more productive and successful in their chosen path.

Web Apps, Reviews and Latest News

PMcom features a web app marketplace that showcases the most popular cloud-based software available today from around the world. It has a collection of software reviews and news updates about project management tools and related applications such as CRM, time trackers, bug tracking tools, and document management applications, among others. It has hundreds of listings of SaaS-based applications that range from project tracking suites, collaboration software, or task management tools. It also updates the readers about the most recent release and new features of these applications.

Book Reviews

Another distinguishing feature of PMcom is its collection of book reviews about its subject of focus. The site tries to be the ultimate reference for project managers with its library of PM books that range from the handy and practical to the comprehensive and strategic. It has a collection that discusses introductory principles to real-world case studies. The book lists will appeal to beginners as well as the experts. The site has featured a Top 10 PM and several Top 5 books. The reviews also include books related to PM practice such as PMP prep books, agile, Scrum, Kanban, management principles, business analysis, and WordPress.

Professional Training

PMcom recognizes the growing challenges that professionals face today as well as their ambition to achieve lofty goals and respectable credentials. The site has featured many training and e-learning sites and organizations that offer PMP, Agile, PRINCE2 and other related certification courses. Sites such as PMstudy, Skillsoft, Simplilearn, Project Management Academy and PMCAMPUS have been reviewed as are their courses and prices. Available testimonials were presented to help readers not only select the appropriate training but also to pursue the goal of becoming accredited professionals. Aside from boot camps and virtual classrooms, the site has also featured other learning resources such as project management podcasts and YouTube channels.


The discipline and profession of project management is a set of practices that deals with many knowledge areas, hard and soft skills, and a continuously evolving landscape. What may have worked then may not be as effective now. PMcom has featured articles that confirms or challenges some of the best practices in light of the actual experience of the authors. Topics range from the importance of prioritization and planning, practical tips about leadership, the benefits of collaboration, or the proper way of stakeholder engagement, and many more. Famous personalities, coaches, mentors and authors have also been featured, promoting their services or simply sharing their thoughts and experiences. All these articles, in one way or the other, help the readers by presenting a solution or by encouraging them to come up with one.


Project professionals, wherever they are and whatever stage they are in their careers, will certainly find something helpful and useful in Project-Management.com. It is dedicated to be the reference site where project professionals will find relevant articles, detailed software and book reviews, training and learning resources to be at their best as an individual and as a part of their organization.