Top 6 Best Native iOS Apps for Project Management

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ios-logoCloud-based project management applications address important accessibility issues and requirements, especially in implementing systems that involve globally distributed, remote teams. Taking accessibility one step further, many of these SaaS applications offer a mobile version, either cross-platform web apps or native applications. Improved team communication is the greatest benefit of using mobile PM apps. HTML5-based web apps are becoming more common, but native applications still offer the best user experience and performance.

The Best PM and Planning Apps for iPhone and iPad

GetApp, a business software review and applications directory site, published a list of the best native iOS apps for project management and planning. These apps enable users to access, collaborate, organize and update projects with the same or near-equivalent user experience of their desktop counterparts. Thus, project managers and team members are able to work seamlessly regardless of the computer or device they are using. Below is the list of the best PM apps available in the iOS platform. A similar list have been published for Android devices, as posted here.


wunderlist logoWunderlist is a task list application that helps people manage daily personal and professional to-dos. it is a cross-platform application that not only allows users to create task lists but also to share them, attach files to the lists, and set notifications for completing the task items. It is currently free across many devices including the iPhone and iPad. The interface is clean, simple, intuitive and has been found to be very usable. It also syncs well across different devices.

wunderlist iphone app


basecamp-logoBasecamp is a popular online project management application with a native iPhone and iPad app that complements the desktop version. It has a focus on keeping things simple, and is actually optimized for mobile use. The Basecamp iOS version 2.0.3 provides users a newsfeed-style display that shows updates on projects they are involved in for a quick overview of changes and updates. This is a very useful feature especially for team members on the move. They are also able to access all project files, documents, and feedback from within the app.


wrike logoWrike is an online project management and collaboration tool that has advanced features to help distributed remote teams get things done. Its built-from-scratch and redesigned Wrike iOS app is now faster and more reliable. Users can create and assign tasks, participate in discussions, and attach files stored in the mobile device. They can also take photos from within tasks and send the images instantly. It has strong work management features that is optimized for the iPad with an interface that is comfortable to use.

wrike iphone app


trello-logoTrello is a collaboration tool known for its system of boards and cards. Users are able to easily plan, organize, track, adjust and complete projects using this simple and intuitive system. Its ability to provide real-time updates extend to mobile devices with its native iPhone app. Users just as easily can move cards from one list or board to another. The layout provides the visibility and information that users need to get things done. It is also flexible when users need to set and organize boards as needed.


Podio LogoPodio is a flexible project management software that allows users to organize their projects in a great number of ways. Its workspaces are very customizable, enabling users to communicate through project streams. Users can just pick and use the features they need. It integrates well, fully adaptable with its open API, and has a support team that is more than ready to help its customers improve the way they work. With their iPhone and iPad apps, they can easily see the details of a meeting, attach files, or get updates.

podio iphone app



asana logoAsana is a collaboration and productivity tool created by former Facebook founding members. It enables users to monitor and manage multiple projects on workspaces all at once, where conversations and tasks are in the same place. Team communication has been re-imagined, and this includes a total redesign and rebuild of their native iOS app a year ago. The result is a brand new experience through its beautiful UI with a minimalist look. Users can easily add notes, view tasks, set due dates and have conversations. Tap and swipe actions have been included to put focus on how teams work on mobile devices.

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  1. jayvyas18 says:

    Good List! Though many good ones are missing. I wish MS Project was available on iOS (cause that is what i use :p) You missed out Project Planning Pro (link below) which i have tried on iPad which is pretty good too. It is similar to MS Project in so many ways. Also the features which i most used in MS Project are available on it. I can also Import files from MS Project which is perfect! 🙂

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