Best BPM Software in 2022

Businesses rely on processes to keep their operations running. The smoother the processes, the higher the efficiency, which is a goal of every company. Business process management (BPM) is a discipline or methodology of discovering, designing, modeling, executing, monitoring, measuring, analyzing, optimizing, and automating business processes. Today, these methods and practices are performed with the help of BPM software.

In the past, organizations depend on business process experts and other highly trained consultants to advise them on how to improve their operations. As companies undergo digital transformation, companies now have added technology to human expertise. The right business process management software enables them to achieve operational efficiency, workflow optimization, increased customer satisfaction, and stronger corporate strategy.

What is BPM software?

BPM software is an application that helps users achieve process improvement, efficiency gains, and any other desired outcome so that business can be conducted in the most efficient way possible. A business process management system allows an organization to map and monitor existing processes automatically from start to finish to discover where bottlenecks, deficiencies, repetitions, waste, weaknesses, and other inefficiencies occur. It can also provide suggestions for optimizing the process and be the point of integration with other business systems.

Typical BPM software features

The BPM software market includes a wide range of products and tools. Some are all-in-one systems that can monitor processes, map and automate workflows, provide integration, and offer low-code application builders. Others are best-of-breed applications that easily integrate with existing systems. Typical features of the best BPM systems are document management that enables organized dissemination of best practice information and a visual workflow map tool/editor that helps display and construct flowcharts for modeling and modification. Other important features are email integration for communication especially to external partners and billing/invoicing applications.

Top BPM software

We compiled a list of the best BPM software that are highly rated. We also considered features, integration, customer feedback, and market ranking. The shortlist is arranged in no particular order and is aimed to help make your search quicker for the right BPM software specific for your processes, requirements, customers, and corporate goals. is a work platform that can be used as a BPM software. It has all the features to help you manage and automate business processes with ease. The software lets you see the bigger picture with a clear overview of your business. The Automations feature can handle repetitive tasks in the workflow. Also, it can integrate with many popular apps and systems to help you centralize data in one place.

Quick Base

Quick Base is a low-code platform that helps users of all levels to create applications to optimize business processes. Its applications are collaboration-ready with user permissions features and optimized for mobile. Automated notifications, subscriptions, and triggered alerts allows for easier optimization of key business processes. Other features include reporting capabilities to monitor important business metrics and levers.

Process Street

Process Street is a simple process and workflow management software that can help manage recurring checklists and procedures. Manage recurring workflows for your team or department in three easy steps: create a process template, run multiple instances of the template as checklists, and track progress with your team. You can run processes as collaborative workflows, use conditional logic, use forms to capture data, streamline processes with approvals, and integrate with other apps.


UiPath is a robotic process automation (RPA) software that can be configured by users to execute business processes. RPA software or robots can capture data and manipulate applications to perform a variety of repetitive tasks. By mimicking human user interactions such as logging into applications, moving files and folders, copy-pasting data, and filling in forms, it frees up people to do more creative and analytical work.


Kissflow is a digital platform that optimizes, manages, and tracks work. It has forms, visual workflows, access control, and reports and analytics that enables you to boost productivity in your business processes. The interface is easy to use, integrations through APIs and Zapier let you link your workflows, and you can manage your process life cycle without having to code.


Lucidchart is an online diagramming and visual solution software that includes business process model and notation (BPMN) tools. Users can create process maps easily and collaborate online. Using BPMN, they can create flowcharts that depict the detailed sequence of business and information flows in processes. It is a useful feature to model ways to improve efficiency, discover new circumstances, and gain competitive insight.


Smartsheet is a work and collaboration software that provides a powerful document management tool essential in BPM software. As an enterprise work execution platform, the software allows you to build automated business processes without having to write code. Create automated requests that use triggers based on rules. Streamline processes such as time card tracking, sales discounts, or procurement, and connect with many other apps through its integration tools.

Oracle BPM Suite

Oracle offers a complete set of downloadable tools for managing your business processes. It enables collaboration between business and IT with automation tools that can optimize the business process. Features include process reports, views, asset manager, rule authoring, activity monitoring, analytics, and mobile access.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that allows you to create process-based applications and automate routine tasks. Design workflows with drag-and-drop tools that you can host in the cloud. Make your apps accessible and optimized for mobile or use built-in integrations to connect to other apps. The software is an affordable solution and highly scalable.


Adobe Livecycle, now called Experience Manager Forms, is an enterprise document form platform for capturing and processing information. It is an end-to-end solution that connects forms and communications to give customers a better experience. Responsive forms are accessible on mobile and automated to make customer enrollment seamless. Other features include data integrations, authoring, and full automation for creating, publishing, and managing documents.

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