Hive Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

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hive-logoHive is a new application that is used to increase productivity among team members. Within Hive, almost every action required to push teamwork ahead has been made available. It brings communication, file storage and external tools together in one space, helping everybody stay on the same page. Hive integrates external systems into the Dashboard, helping people concentrate on their work instead of remembering passwords, granting access, sending invitations and switching between tabs. Almost one hundred external tools can be integrated into Hive.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • File Storage and Ease of Sharing – Hive offers options for storing all files and folders together, and provides integration with cloud storage devices already in use. Using Hive allows users to see all of their communication with team members directly on the Dashboard. This includes all messages, files and actions. Files can also be shared via the Dashboard with a drag and drop action.
  • Communication Access – Each team or project can have a different group created for the purpose of communication. This can be done via the mobile or computer app. It also allows for notifications from other tools that have been integrated with Hive.
  • Workflows and Actions – Users can create a workflow, allowing the entire team to function in one simple process and assign tasks to specific people as well. There are options to make actions for the team using the Hive app, which also creates labels, comments and attachments for the same. The app also has a Cockpit View, which allows for a complete overview of the calendar.



Hive currently offers three pricing plans for users. The Free Trial costs nothing – and it allows for unlimited messages, actions, use of the desktop and mobile app and two integrations. The Professional plan costs $8 a month – allowing the above features, along with unlimited integrations, export of data, one sign-on and priority support. The Enterprise plan is customized as per requirements – and is used to provide top of the line service, which includes custom reporting, billing and 24 hours customer support.


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Target Market

Hive has been built for an audience that thrives off productivity and that is facilitated by technology. Freelancers that are in the process of setting up their own start-ups, entrepreneurs and teams that are situated in different offices or cities will find it be to really useful. Companies that are looking for software to ease workflow construction will benefit as well.

Supported Languages

Hive is available in English as of now. There is support being added for multiple languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Nike, HBO, Deloitte, PwC and Uber.



Emma Tessier says that having Hive helps her feel the work done by unite4good Foundation touches far more lives and provides a feeling of satisfaction. She finds that the overall performance of her team has improved. There is constant feedback from on-site activation and other activities taking place.

Why Hive?

Hive provides great support for all clients and is easily available on varied platforms. It is available on all computer systems and is supported by Android and iOS as well. It addresses the main issue that plagues companies attempting to streamline their workflow: communication.

Company Info

Hive is owned by Hive Technologies which is based in New York City. It was founded by John Furneaux (CEO) and Eric Typaldos (CTO). It is being supported by Tribeca Venture Partners, along with Google and Grey Group. The board of directors includes Chip Meakem.

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