Workzone Pros and Cons – With 3 Workzone Alternatives

Project management, in simplistic terms, is a set of practices that enable a manager to guide a project from a starting point to the desired endpoint. During this process, project management offers techniques that allow teams to accomplish their tasks according to scope, within the schedule, and with quality. Successful project teams are able to complete their projects with efficiency, cost savings, and resourcefulness.

Although project management can be viewed in simple terms, real-world projects are rarely simple. That is why project management software like Workzone are common in businesses and organizations. These digital tools are able to provide a central place where clients, project managers, and project resources are able to collaborate towards the efficient delivery of projects with real value. Moreover, the actual work becomes manageable because they have a roadmap to follow and a platform to resolve issues.

Workzone Software

Workzone is an online project management software with robust tools and features to handle any type of project. It is also easy to use, so that project teams can spend more time on completing their tasks rather than figuring out how to use their software. Since its launch in 2002, Workzone has helped thousands of teams and businesses complete over 2.6M projects. They are completing their goals efficiently because they are able to view in real-time where their project stands. It has just the right features to do things easier and to track them through, with tools like templates, Gantt charts, automation, forms, reports, and more.

Top 3 Workzone Alternative Software

Workzone Software Uses

Workzone is used by a variety of teams to accomplish their goals.

  1. To keep marketing campaigns on track. Marketing teams are able to save time on their processes and approvals. They are able to know the status of how their new website or new blog post is coming along. They can quickly review status updates with project dashboards.
  2. To manage clients, projects, and creatives. Agencies are able to react quickly when their clients’ priorities change. With project plans and timelines, they are able to make changes quickly, update their work, and also measure the results of their efforts.
  3. To manage projects with smart and flexible tools. Workzone is used by project management teams for its features that allow them to split up tasks and stay updated. It is a powerful collaboration tool that easily handles multiple users and teams.
  4. To develop products according to plan. Product development teams use the PM software to help them complete tasks according to priority and without distraction. Personalized to-do lists let them know what to do next. Also, as they update their lists, the project plan gets updated automatically.
  5. To provide project information and insight. Workzone has powerful reporting capabilities not usually available from basic PM software. Its reporting tools let stakeholders get real-time status of project progress across workspaces. This also allows decision-makers to act quickly and make changes where and when needed.

The Cons or Disadvantages of Workzone

Most Workzone users do not have complaints at all. For some, they wish the problems they are encountering can be solved with updates and fixes.

  1. Schedule tracking issues. Some users comment that projects delayed by one task are disproportionately affected, affecting even independent tasks already completed. This may be linked to the automatic updating feature of timelines.
  2. Workload tracking issues. When projects are delayed, workload tracking does not show the cumulative hours for a project resource when hours are still tracked in previous weeks. Updating the timeline when items are stalled in reviews or approvals takes some effort.
  3. Archiving issues. It seems that the document management module is not linked with the project tracker. Hence, completed projects cannot be automatically archived. Also, some users find it difficult to retrieve or check out old projects.
  4. Search issues. Several users have complained of locating things quickly. A UI update is needed to be more intuitive.
  5. Features need more frequent improvements. Workzone is careful in putting in new features to make sure it remains easy to use. Users, however, would like to see improvements in their dashboard, forms builder, expenses and calendar tools.

The Pros or Advantages of Workzone

Workzone is one of the pioneers in the PM software market that has experience on their side in building their software. It is able to do well what it says it can, and users love it for that.

  1. Solid project management. The software enables teams to organize their list of projects, show who is responsible for what, and show which projects are due while making overdue projects highly noticeable.
  2. Just the right set of tools. Users like the combination of features, such as to request forms, dashboards, project lists, markup tools, and reports. No bloat included.
  3. Secure platform. Teams handling payroll and other sensitive data are satisfied that information never lands in the wrong hands. It is robust enough to be used by one company who has offices in 30 countries with no incident related to security.
  4. Great customer support. Workzone users have high praises for its customer support team. They are very responsive to training, issues, and open to suggestions, according to many reviewers.
  5. Easy to use. Feedback is consistent that the PM software is easy to set up and use. The interface is not intimidating, so people actually use every part of it.


Workzone carefully studies every feature it includes to make sure it has real-world use. The tools are just what the user needs to complete their projects successfully. At the same time, it is flexible to handle all types of work, whether you are in healthcare, real estate, accounting, manufacturing, or other industries. As such, it is used by organizations such as the University of Pennsylvania, multinational finance firm Allianz, and fashion house DKNY for its project management needs.

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