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Overview Presentation

Function Point is an integrated web-based project management software for agencies and creative teams. It helps users gain visibility into projects and budgets so they can quickly gauge the health of their projects, and enable them to become more efficient and productive, making the company profitable. It includes features such as resource management, accounting, invoicing, business intelligence, and collaboration, all connected to stages of project management, thereby providing an all-in-one solution.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project Management and Resource ManagementFunction Point project management software is easy to customize. It lets users keep track of what matters most to the company. It has workflow tracking with dynamic Gantt charts. They can assign jobs with task management tools. Project briefs help keep the team on strategy and the project in scope. They can also analyze client interactions and data with CRM features. The connected features improve the workflow and give users the control, consensus, and visibility to get all projects done successfully. They can make an order of priorities with To-do Lists. It has bulk editing for project revisions, jobs and schedules for repeating profitable practices, and a calendar for keeping the schedule on track. For resource management, it has a work planning view, drag and drop Gantt charts, integrated timesheets and time tracking, and resource allocation view, among others.
  • Accounting and Invoicing – The integrated web solution includes accounting tools to help users be quick, profitable, and efficient. It has Gold-level QuickBooks integration. Timesheets and time tracking can be configured to have customizable rates. The integrated invoicing keeps internal and external expenses straight and sorted out. They can report on staff and overhead costs while managing expenses. The finance-first software provides all the numbers that matter. Users can perform project by project profit reporting. Financial reporting and estimations are integrated into tasks and projects. Users can also filter by billable or non-billable hours when using timesheet summaries.
  • Business Intelligence, Collaboration, and more – Function Point has a business intelligence dashboard that provides users immediate data on team efficiency and utilization rates. They can track project status and pending jobs with real-time alerts. It also has customizable permissions and advanced filtering and sorting. Other reports include invoiced vs actuals, billable hours recovered by staff, gross profit on all projects, staff utilization, and forecast reports on net revenue, outsources costs, and staff resources. For collaboration, the Client Portal allows for multiple user logins and custom profiles. In the portal, clients can see project updates. Users can post projects and receive feedback in dedicated forums. It also has a notes tool and customized alerts. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android are available.


Function Point offers several paid plans. The Starter plan is priced at $44 per user per month billed annually ($49 per user month-by-month) for 5-9 users. The Standard plan is $39 per user per month billed annually for 10-29 users, and the Pro plan is at $37 per user per month billed annually, for 30-49 users. An Enterprise plan for 50 and above users is also available. All plans include CRM, Briefs/Proposal Templates, Tasks, Mobile Time Tracking App, Gantt Charts, Resource Planning/Forecasting, Collaboration, Expenses and Invoicing, Business Intelligence, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, unlimited customer support, and options for product add-ons and professional service add-ons. Those interested can book a demo by filling up an online form.

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Target Market

Function Point is designed for advertising agencies and creative firms. It is valuable to business owners and managers in charge of projects, new business, traffic, accounting, client services, and creative staff. It is for any group or organization that needs to manage clients and projects, track time and expenses, delegate tasks, and communicate with team members on a project basis.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Inglefield Ogilvy, Three Deep, Sobeys, and Colorado State University.


Shezad Manjee stated that by having easy access to the analytics available in Function Point, they were able to re-engineer their workflow. They are now more efficient with their resources and more responsive to their clients, which results in more profit. Priscilla Salmasi stated that the project management software has given them the capability to have everyone in the company on the same page. They are able to access the same information easily and quickly.

Why Function Point

Function Point provides an integrated business solution that efficiently eliminates the need to use additional apps for other important business process such as time tracking, invoicing, and analytics. Task details and project data are all connected and associated to other important function, which again eliminates the need for double entry of data. Furthermore, it allows for real-time collaboration among the team and with clients for quick feedback and efficient workflows.

Company Info

Function Point Productivity Software, Inc., is a privately held software development company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was founded by Chris Wilson in 1997. It started as a platform that automates pricing calculations, but developed into an award-winning, all-in-one web project management solution. To date, it is helping over 9000 customers worldwide improve their efficiency and increase their profitability. The company continues with its mission of developing their online project management solution to empower customers to quickly gauge the health of their projects, and consistently deliver client work on time and on budget.

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