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Overview Presentation

Scoro is a cloud-based business software with a user-friendly interface. It has superb features and tools for small and medium-sized teams. Scoro offers wide variety of features such as collaboration, productivity, project management and sales force automation as well as CRM. With Scoro, users don’t have to shuffle between different applications and email clients. Apart from that, Scoro also offers localized solutions for various European markets with country specific integrations.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Time and Projects – Scoro allows users to do things faster by adding tasks themselves. They can easily link different projects with their clients. It allows the users to archive their email tasks into smart inbox and after some time these emails will also appear on personal task list. Daily, weekly and monthly schedule assignment features are designed in such a way that these features are automatically displayed on personal task lists. Users can get any project’s time spent and billed, planned tasks and meetings, invoices and expenses in one page.
  • CRM and Sales – All the details of clients and suppliers are available in one page such as contact details, linked files, orders, invoices, and communication history. Apart from that, users can search, sort and filter their contacts based on configurable tags, location, categories etc. For quick access, save any of these filtered views as bookmarks. With just a few clicks, complete a quote and send it in a PDF file. Create, order, issue an invoice based on the same details. CRM and sales features enables the users to issue similar quotes on pre-saved templates with all the right fields filled automatically.
  • Billing and Finance – Users can send PDF files in order to issue sales, pre-payment and credit invoices in any currency. They can track their expenses, actual and billable time spent on a project. In this way they can transfer these hours into an invoice. With this software, users can view their clickable financial reports on actual results with budget deficit and surplus, use accounting dimensions, real-time sales margin estimation, and compare two periods to see trends over time. In near future, users will have the facility to connect different tools with Scoro such as iCal, Outlook, Google, Ms Exchange, DropBox, MailChimp via API. Additionally, users can synchronize their financial information with their accounting software.

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Scoro offers four pricing plans all of which requires a minimum of 5 users, with the next higher plan containing all features of the previous lower, more basic plans, plus additional features. Support, backups, and version updates are included, and all plans require an onboarding package. The Express plan starts at $11 per user per month and includes personal and shared calendar, resource planning, tasks and delegation, contacts and customers, invoices and receipts, file management, custom tags, integrations with Outlook, Apple calendar and Google calendar, 1 GB of space, and more. The Plus plan is priced at $22 per user monthly, includes all Express plan features plus additional work management, sales and CRM, finances, reporting, extras, customization features, more integrations, and 2 GB of space. The Premium plan is priced at $33 per user per month, while the Ultimate plan is at $55 per user monthly. There are also 3 onboarding packages with a one-time fee per team. Onboarding can be customized. A free 14-day trial is available.


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Supported Languages

Only English language is available in this application.

Target Market

Scoro is an ideal app for all small and medium sized teams. Management, communication and finance related companies are using this software. Target audience of Scoro is very huge because it allows the users to connect different web tools within the application.

Some of their Clients

Scoro is used by thousands of users across the world. Some of their major clients are DPD, AVIS, DTZ, Clear Channel, TeliaSonera, and Sotheby’s.

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Motive Digital Studio said that they have tried many other tools including Harvest, XERO, and Base Camp but no one has come close to being as flexible and user friendly as Scoro. They highly recommend it.

Why Scoro

Scoro enables the users to access, manage and automate data across their CRM, billing and productivity tools. Know everything from the first “hello” to the final invoice. There are wide varieties of features available in this software such as align everyone’s calendar and link events to anything, bring structure to users work, all tasks and events are compiled into detailed reports, use any currency and send invoices, quotes and orders as PDF files.

Company Info

Scoro was established in 2009. Its mission is to significantly increase the efficiency and transparency of the organizations. Their software developments are driven by the feedback received from their customers as well as the current trends in the market. Company is focused on providing high quality services to their customers.

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