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Workzone software is a cloud-based project management application that provides teams and organizations a versatile platform for tracking multiple projects and tasks with powerful views. Users can easily shift from a bird’s-eye view of projects down to linked interdependent tasks with complete information on assignees, due dates, attachments, comments, and approvals.

Aside from enhanced visibility, Workzone also promotes collaboration with automated reminders and alerts, so projects stay on track and users stay on the same page.

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Workzone Review: Features and Strengths

Project Management

Workzone project management provides a comprehensive set of features for a wide range of teams and organizations. It has a project dashboard that gives executives, program and portfolio managers, and senior project managers an instant big-picture view of the status of projects across the organization, clientele, or initiatives. This summary view complements tools for managing details like to-do lists, which are automatically created for each user.

Further, Gantt charts provide a graphical view of project schedules, task dependencies with automatically adjusted dates, group calendars for tracking events and project tasks, and reusable project templates.

Document Sharing and Collaboration

Workzone software simplifies collaboration with the team, clients, and partners using secure file sharing with varying levels of access. It has image markup capabilities, so teams can collaborate directly with comments on PDF or image files. The software also automates the approval workflow, allowing users to email approval requests, track and record responses, and send alerts when tasks are overdue.

An approvals dashboard provides the status of every approval sent — streamlining communications, follow-ups, and meetings otherwise needed. Communication is further simplified with every document and project task having its own comment area. Teams can discuss changes, record meeting notes, or detail phone conversations. Other features include automatic email alerts and file versioning.

Time Tracking, Workload Reports, Customizations, and More

Workzone goes beyond core project management and collaboration with built-in time tracking available in every plan. Users can keep track of time worked on every task. This is useful for client billing or project costing. Users can generate time reports by project, task, or user and export to Excel. The PM software also generates workload reports for each person within a specific time period across their projects.

Project managers can easily identify team members that are under-utilized or in danger of burnout. The workload report is one of over 20 ready-to-use and customizable reports in the software. Users can further customize the software with logos and colors to represent a brand or client, and create a private portal for each client or partner. Further, the PM software integrates instantly to many popular apps and through Zapier.


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Workzone Pricing

Workzone pricing is available in Team, Professional, and Enterprise plans with per-user pricing paid annually. The publicly available pricing is for a team of 15 users, so pricing may vary for a smaller or larger team; a custom quote from the sales team can provide this information. All plans include unlimited project and task management, as well as training and support. A request for demo is also available.

Team plan: $24 per user per month paid annually

The Team plan includes 100GB of storage and many advanced features — including Gantt charts, task dependencies, project templates, file share and approval, image markup, time tracking, resource management, and advanced reporting.

Professional plan: $34 per user per month paid annually

The Professional plan includes a bigger storage of 150GB, project intake forms, and API access, as well as all the Team plan features.

Enterprise plan: $43 per user per month paid annually

The Enterprise plan includes 200GB of storage, all features in the Professional plan, and also custom fields, custom reporting, public access forms, cross-project dependencies, critical path, workspace groups, and SSO.

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Who Uses Workzone?

Workzone project management software is applicable to teams and businesses of all sizes in need of a platform that provides more than the basic project management features, yet simple to use for all types of users. Teams in marketing agencies, IT, and product development will benefit from using the software, and more so if it’s used across the organization.

The software is in use in many industries like healthcare, real estate, accounting, manufacturing, educational institutions, insurance and asset management, clothing and apparel, banking, and NGOs. Customers include Boston University, Allianz, DKNY, Homestreet Bank, WWF, and Vizient.

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Workzone Supported Languages

While Workzone supports content entry in a variety of languages, though all system menus and settings are only available in English.

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Case Studies

Donna Fox is the project manager for a footwear company based in St. Louis, MO. They needed a tool to track and share the creative work their team develops for different sales channels. The chosen tool should allow them to manage a large volume of projects, but also provide an interface that is easy for their designers and reviewers to adopt. With Workzone, they now have visibility of the entire marketing team’s work. In the last four years, they have successfully tracked 8,000 projects and 10,000 files.

Bill Gast is the chairman of a branding and advertising agency in Conshohocken, PA. They needed to speed up their responses with clients, especially those based in Europe who are several hours ahead. By adopting Workzone, they were able to reduce cost of service and improve client satisfaction, which resulted in increased income. Also, automated posting alerts, recorded comments, and time- and date-stamped approvals improved the reporting process.

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Why Choose Workzone?

Workzone project management software can provide the right set of features to an organization in need of high project visibility. Its platform includes all the essential features to manage tasks and schedules, as well as organizing teams and communication, with customization and integration for additional flexibility. Automated reminders and status alerts help teams stay focused, while intelligent reports and tools provide the insight to help stakeholders make the right decisions.

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Company Info

WorkZone LLC is a privately held software company based in Philadelphia, PA. It was founded in 2002 by Rick Mosenkis, CEO, and Allan Kamish, Chairman, to provide marketers a better way to manage projects and collaborate with other teams. Over the years, the company has grown from a small team to a slightly larger one, valuing curiosity, kindness, and one shared purpose of making customers successful.

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