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Overview Presentation

Workzone is a web-based project management and collaboration software. It has just the right features to help team members work on their personal to-do lists. Project managers are able to see updates as tasks are completed and identify what items and issues need to be worked on next. Senior managers can view high-level information through dashboards and reports that show where all the projects stand. It is easy to use even for non-technical business users so there is minimum to no training required. Also, it can be used across a range of industries and functions.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project ManagementWorkzone web-based project management software is simple to use but has features that can provide excellent project information at various levels of detail. The Projects Dashboard shows a summary view of where all projects stand across departments, clients or campaigns. The software also has a To-do list for each user for a focused view of daily tasks. As items are completed, the project plan gets automatically updated. Status alerts identify tasks that are late and projects that are falling behind with colorful symbols and automatic email alerts. It supports task dependencies and custom forms for project requests. It also has project templates, Gantt chart, workload reports, time tracking and group calendar view.
  • Document Sharing and Collaboration – This collaboration software is ideal for distributed teams. They can share files securely with just the right access for appropriate information. Each user can have access only to the allowed workspace, project, folder or document. However, with the right access, they can collaborate on shared files and images by directly adding markup comments on the documents. Users can send email alerts with links that directly takes the recipient to the project item. Every document and task has a comment area where users can discuss changes, record notes and detail conversations. The software can also automate approval workflows and keep track of multiple versions of files.
  • Custom Branding, Security, Support and more – Workzone can be customized with the customers’ own logo and colors. They can create a private portal for their clients and business partners. Access to the software through the web is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption with hourly backups on its secure servers. It also offers unlimited client support for any problem, big or small.

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Workzone offers a demo for potential customers by asking them to provide their information which will be held private. Pricing is based on the number of users, so this information is important for them to provide specific pricing. It usually starts at $200 per month, with the price per user going down as the number of users go up.

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Target Market

Workzone project management software is valuable for small to large companies with a requirement for project tracking, management, and collaboration. It can be used in most industries. It is ideal for marketing, ad agencies and service firms supporting multiple clients and multiple projects, with projects that follow a similar process.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Mitsubishi, Panera Bread, Adidas, Holiday Inn, TiVo, Wells Fargo, and The University of Wisconsin.

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Donna Fox of Brown Shoe Company stated that Workzone helped them expedite the review process of more than 200 projects across 15 major brands, getting more work done and bringing everyone on the same page.

Bill Gast of Mangos Advertising Agency stated that the software helped them reduce cost of service and improved client satisfaction. It also improved their reporting process resulting in a positive impact on the agency’s income.

Why Workzone

Projects can be complicated, but project management tools do not have to be. Workzone is simple enough to use but has powerful features to help users manage their projects effectively. It also has a dedicated support team to provide customers not only problem resolutions but also best practices advice.

Company Info

Workzone is owned by Workzone LLC, a privately held Internet software and services company based in East Norriton, PA, USA. It was founded in 2002 by a group of communications and technology experts. Rick Mosenkis is the President and CEO. Workzone was developed to solve business problems. The company believed that be able to solve real-world problems, the software must be used. Thus, it should not be too complex for the typical business user but also should have the capabilities for project management and collaboration.

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