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Workfront, formerly AtTask, is a cloud-based project management software that has undergone changes both as an application and as a company. More than just a software to organize and manage tasks, it has become an enterprise work management solution that covers the entire lifecycle of work. The change in name signifies their mission, that they are all about work. Front indicates leadership, and the two words combined express their intention to be at the forefront of how work gets done.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project ManagementWorkfront project management software goes beyond core PM functionality. It provides all the information needed in a project such as tasks, task lists, details, updates, assigned resources, status, dates and percent progress. Updating and editing are easy with its social media-inspired interface. It tracks issues, stores and organizes documents, has several templates, allows program and portfolio views and management with the needed metrics, milestones, optimizing tools and case builders. It also has full resource management, capacity planning and workload balancing tools. It also has an interactive real-time Gantt chart and work methodology tools such as for Waterfall, Agile or a combination of both.
  • Work Management and Workflow Automation – The enterprise work management solution enables users to automate their entire project lifecycle by automatically routing work requests and issues to the right resource. It centralizes request management that allows users to assess, prioritize and assign properly. It also provides control of the flow with approval processes, whether for single or global use, with the option to have multiple approvers to one project. It has native apps for Apple and Android devices, and integrates with Outlook.
  • Collaboration, Reporting, and more – Workfront enables teams of any size to use a single tool for collaboration. It has streaming updates just like popular social media tools with the option to communicate directly with any user. This direct type of interaction removes any impediment to real-time communication and feedback that empower employees. Features such as endorsements and “likes” also help build camaraderie and team success. The PM software also allows users to create views and dashboards easily with the information that is most useful to a given audience. Other views can be customized to specifically follow a project, task, or issue. It also has time tracking and notification features, enterprise-grade security and integrations through API.

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Workfront enterprise work management solution has role-based licenses that allow for further customization to make sure that a company gets only what it needs. For example, Work licenses cost $30 per user per month, and Plan licenses cost $60 per user per month. Prices of Collaboration licenses (unlimited users) and Enterprise Plus upgrades are directly requested from Workfront. An example implementation of the licenses is that a company may have an unlimited Collaboration licenses, 15 Plan licenses and 30 Work licenses.

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Target Market

Workfront cloud-based project management software is ideal for mid- to large-sized teams and enterprises of any industry. It is a flexible solution for a wide range of team sizes because of its role-based pricing. It also has a ready-made deployment for IT teams, Marketing teams and Services teams, but can be used by any company or organization that requires PM and advanced work management solution.

Supported Languages

English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified and traditional)

Some of their Clients

Clients include Sony, Tommy Hilfiger, MetLife, NBC Universal, House of Blues, and Cisco.

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Dan Taylor of Cisco described Workfront as a tremendous solution with robust reporting that gives the user the ability to be really efficient. For him, it is really one work management solution that does it all.

Craig Lathrop of Peregrine Semiconductor stated that the PM software gave them the ability to drive the responsibility for the timeline down to the level of the people actually doing the work. As a result, project managers now spend more time observing, correcting issues, and assessing risk and impact.

Why Workfront

Workfront provides teams and enterprises greater visibility and the right tools to meet the challenges of work. It covers end-to-end business requirements, from requests to reports, and is flexible and customizable enough to fit a business’s unique needs and settings.

Company Info

AtTask was founded in 2001 by Scott Johnson and a small group of entrepreneurs who decided to create a better cloud-based project management software. The privately held Lehi, UT, USA company became a popular enterprise work solution in the following decade and received funding from investors. It also started to receive awards and recognition from companies such as Gartner, Forbes, Deloitte and Info-Tech. In 2011, Eric Morgan became the CEO and Johnson became the chairman. As the company expanded and its mission evolved, it became Workfront in early 2015. With a focus on more than just managing tasks, the new name better describes the scope and value of an enterprise solution. Morgan believes that the company is really just starting, ready to tackle challenges to make customers more competitive than ever. They are committed to fully engage knowledge workers and provide them all the means to become more efficient and effective.

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  1. Hi Jose

    Pretty good summary of Workfront. I am currently in a PM role at an organisation who are currently in the process of deploying Workfront as an Enterprise Work Managament tool. Currently going through the training modules and I have to say the platform is very intuitive and easy to use. Makes collaboration very simple, and removes email chains from workflow management

    Seems to be a pretty powerful tool – only concern I would have so far is that it may be a little too transparent, but apart from that impressed so far.

    The training provided by Workfront too is also excellent at bringing you up to speed fairly quickly with the platform


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