Workfront Software Review for 2021

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Workfront is a modern work management platform that connects people to work and helps organizations achieve success. It is an online tool that helps connect teams, tasks and projects. It supports intelligent planning, streamlined processes, and real-time reporting to optimize the work environment. It provides seamless integration, a flexible approach, and customized solutions, so organizations can adapt to today’s business challenges. It is a smart solution for teams in various industries, providing the knowledge worker with tools that promotes visibility, productivity, and motivation.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project ManagementWorkfront project management goes beyond core PM functionality. Project automation through customizable templates makes it easy to account every step in the process and turn new work requests into projects in seconds. Gantt charts help users create “what if” scenarios before committing to changes. They can adjust timelines, predecessors, or task durations to see the effect on the project deadline. A consolidated task list gives teams a single view for managing all work, providing visibility on what tasks are most important, and what is on deck, while receiving real-time updates. They can also toggle seamlessly between Waterfall and Agile views.
  • Intelligent Work Automation, In-context Collaboration – The enterprise work management solution has demand management features. It can accurately scope a project and prioritize tasks through automated request queues and custom forms. AI-enabled resource management can intelligently distribute work to teams, groups, or individuals based on priority, availability, and skill requirements. Manual assignment of tasks through drag and drop is also an option. It also supports remote work through cloud technology and mobile applications. Automated approval flows capture important information and route approvals to the right stakeholder. The built-in collaboration feature tracks threaded conversations, status updates, and feedback in one place. Proofing tools track comments, changes, and version updates, so teams can turn feedback into action items instantly.
  • Reporting, Fusion, DAM, Integrations, and more – Workfront provides users standard reports and custom dashboards to track important metrics like time, budget, and ROI. They can break down financial data such as planned vs actual resource hours, budget spend, and other data to keep profit margins healthy. They can also automatically send scheduled reports or share calendar views to stakeholders and provide them insight as they decide about company strategy. Fusion connects Workfront to hundreds of business applications in a codeless, easy-to-use interface. Digital Asset Management (DAM) streamlines the process of managing and delivering content, all from one location. It also has native integrations that include Adobe Creative Cloud, Android and iOS apps, Box, Google Drive, JIRA, Outlook, Sharepoint, Slack, and Salesforce. The company provides training, support, and resources as well for a successful implementation.

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Workfront work management solution offers 4 plans for different workgroup configurations. The Team plan recommended for a single team includes basic work and project management features. The Pro plan is good for 1 department and includes complete work management features and premium digital content review and approval. Higher plans offered are the Business plan and the Enterprise plan. Those interested should contact the company for pricing details.

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Target Market

Workfront is ideal for teams in marketing, information technology, agencies, professional services, and product development. Companies with requirement for project management, agile project management, resource management, work breakdown structure, digital collaboration, and review and approval systems can best benefit with this solution.

Supported Languages

English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified and traditional)

Some of their Clients

Clients include Comcast, Dole, BBVA,, Dolby, Citrix, and Nordstrom.

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Cynthia Boon stated that Workfront allows her team to measure their work, and report back on their successes. Reporting enables them to translate their hard work into quantifiable results for their leadership team.

Emily Higinbotham enumerated the benefits of the work management software, and they include standardized processes, created efficiencies, and expanded collaboration. This enabled her team to push boundaries and take the business to a new level.

Why Workfront

Workfront is a single scalable solution that helps teams make the most of their time and talent. It eliminates communication barriers and speed up workflows, empowering knowledge workers and modern executives. Thus, all stakeholders are able to better understand their role, see its importance, and feel the accomplishment in their work.

Company Info

Workfront, Inc., is a privately held work management software development company based in Lehi, UT, USA. Formerly AtTask, it was founded in 2001 by Scott Johnson and a group of entrepreneurs who decided to create a better project management software. As the company expanded and its mission evolved, it became Workfront in early 2015. Today, it is a leader in modern work management, with a mission of bringing work to life for people by helping them better understand and organize their work..

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