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ClickUp is a project management and collaboration software that has an intuitive design and customizable workspace. It is an application that aims to boost the productivity of its users, whatever team they belong to. Thus, users from marketing and engineering can use the same software, and collaborate easily. It has multiple views that can help teams get high-level information, as well as the nitty-gritty details. They can manage projects and tasks in various ways, using waterfall, Scrum, and any other type of custom method users want to work with.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Process, Task, and Time ManagementClickUp has process management features that enable users to streamline their projects and create the needed steps to be followed. It has Checklist templates and Task Dependencies. Recurring checklists can be created on any schedule, and comments containing an action item can be marked complete and resolved in one click. It also has Goals, Sprints, and an Agile Board view. Task management features such as Multi-task Toolbar and Favorite Views enable users to organize tasks and make quick changes everytime the team adjusts to new requirements. It also has Filter and Search, Sorting, Hierarchy, and 4 different views. Other features include Priorities, Portfolios, and Epics. Time management tools allow users to schedule time, manage team capacity, organize calendars, track milestones, and sync with Google Calendar. It also has native time tracking, Gantt charts, and Critical Path.
  • Collaboration and Reporting – This project management software includes tools that improve team collaboration. It has collaboration detection, real-time editing, mentions, and even emojis. Users can edit comments, capture, markup, and edit screenshots. The PM platform also has team reporting features to help see what the team is doing, Progress percentage to determine how much work remains in a project or list, and many other tools. Users can assign comments, use markdown to format notes and tasks, paste images, embed links, and give guests access while ensuring security and control with permissions, and privacy and sharing settings.
  • Integrations, Customization, Proprietary Features, and more – ClickUp integrates with other productivity tools such as Slack, GitHub, Toggl, Harvest, Google Drive, Dropbox, Outlook, Chrome, and Zapier, among others. Complete customization of the workspace is possible. Custom fields, custom statuses, custom notifications, and custom color themes are available. Users can assign a single or multiple assignees, save filters, use tags, and even change to dark mode. Proprietary features include slash (/) commands, QuickSwitch, a personal Notepad, automatic import from other PM apps, save websites, preview files in-app, offline mode, goal alignment, API, and others. It also works across platforms and devices, such as the web, mobile, desktop, Chrome extension, Gmail, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.



ClickUp offers 4 editions. The Free plan already includes unlimited users, projects, and spaces, and 100MB of storage. The Unlimited plan is priced at $5 per user per month billed annually (or $9 per user month-to-month). It includes unlimited storage, integrations, and features, advanced reporting, and permissions. The Business plan is at $9 per user per month billed annually, with additional security features, while the Enterprise plan starts at $17 per user per month billed annually.

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Target Market

ClickUp is for individuals, freelancers, consultants, SMBs, and large organizations who need a work collaboration platform that is highly customizable. Businesses who deal with a variety of projects, clients, departments or methodologies can take advantage of the flexibility of the software.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Google, Airbnb, Nike, Netflix, and Uber.



Chris Small stated that his team needed a solution that can also grow with it. They needed a project management product that allows the whole team to work the way each individual wants to work while also allowing them to see big picture scope of what is going on. ClickUp provided them the solution, and also organized their task management and workflow.

Jess Mason described herself as a planner. She stated that she loves to map things out, write out all her tasks, get her notes in order, and schedule everything the way she wants it. ClickUp allows her to do that without making her feel overwhelmed.

Why ClickUp

ClickUp is providing users more flexibility by allowing them more customizations. This means that users can choose to be as simple or as complex as they want to, depending on their requirement at hand. Also, it includes most of the PM features they need in an application, but also provides ways to integrate with other tools. About 25,000 teams have signed up since, and the service boasts of 99.99 percent uptime in the last 12 months.

Company Info

ClickUp is a product of Mango Technologies, a privately held software development company based in San Francisco, CA, USA. It was founded in 2014 by Zeb Evans, CEO; and Alex Yurkowski, CTO. In trying to build great software, the Mango team tried different PM tools. However, most of the tools are either too simple or too complex, and requires additional apps to help them get things done. So, they developed ClickUp, and used it to build a beautifully designed PM tool that has the right features and ease of use. The PM tool launched in 2016.


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