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Organizations need a versatile timesheet app that is not a chore to fill out, can keep track of both billable and non-billable hours, and is scalable to deploy across multiple locations for remote teams. Here are five top choices.

Best Timesheet Software

A timesheet is a record of attendance and time spent on projects, tasks, or clients. Businesses use timesheets to process payroll and stay compliant to state and federal labor regulations. For companies that bill clients regularly, timesheets enable them to track billable hours for each client.

Timesheets also help businesses lower costs due to inaccurate invoicing or improve workforce performance by adjusting roles. But today’s work environment poses many challenges to traditional attendance and time tracking processes.

Modern electronic timesheets perform more than capture time and attendance data to help companies prepare paychecks for employees. With today’s knowledge-based workers and project-centric companies, a work timesheet software can track and process large amounts of data including time spent by employees on tasks. Here is a list of the best online timesheet software for your business needs.



Replicon is an online time tracking software suite with solutions for time and attendance as well as project time tracking. It has a flexible timesheet capture so you can record hours spent on any activity, project, or task quickly and easily.

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The software’s interface works optimally across devices, so you can work on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can track billable and non-billable hours, enable realtime progress tracking against set targets, and ensure accurate time data for accounting, payroll, and other backend systems. It simplifies compliance and gross pay for a global workforce while providing real-time insights and metrics.



TimeCamp is an automated timesheet tracker that offers free and premium editions. Aside from automated time tracking, it also has a timesheet approval feature that lets you approve your team’s work timesheet in one click.

Choose from daily or weekly timesheet approvals. Discuss timesheets with comments and feedback. To keep you focused on work, use automatic approvals and reminders. After granting an approval, lock the timesheet to make sure of unauthorized changes. Other features include ready-to use and customizable reports, productivity tracking for web and app usage, and idle or private time tracking.



Paymo is a time tracking and timesheet app for teams. It enables you and your team to register, monitor, and analyze time with its features and tools. Capture your work in detail with tools such as a web timer or a desktop widget.

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You can automatically track time of multiple tasks in the background. A click-and-drag interface in the timesheet lets you enter all hours at the end of the day or week, with the option to add in bulk for several tasks and projects all at once. It has native mobile apps, clear and insightful time entry cards, and a customizable timesheet that lets you change the timeline scale, modify intervals, and show/hide project or task names on time entry cards. Other features are toggle views and various types of reports.



Everhour is a time-tracking software and timesheet app that integrates easily with many project management and productivity applications.

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Use it for billing and budgeting, time tracking, task management, visual planning, expense tracking, and invoicing. Use dashboards and reports to get details and insight in how your team spends time, money, and resources. It provides an efficient timesheet software that HR and accounting can use for time and attendance as well as payroll. The software is useful for managing remote working, developing employee schedules, and reviewing the project status.



Harvest is a time tracking and invoicing application. It is intuitive and easy to learn and use. You can track time as you work or enter your hours in the timesheet all at once.

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You can start and stop timers within the timesheet or fill it in at the end of the day or week. It works across platforms and devices so you can track time however you work. Desktop, mobile apps, and direct app integrations let you track time easily and automatically. It also has automatic reminders to help you track time consistently. Other features include visual reports on project progress, team capacity, and team member time details. Quickly turn timesheets into invoices, receive payment online, or integrate with accounting apps.


Homebase employee scheduling, time clock, and timesheet software offers both free and paid plans. Automated timesheets let you calculate hours, breaks, overtime, and wages easily for payroll prep and labor cost reporting.

It adds tips and computes wages, including employees with multiple wage rates. You can track salary and calculate non-exempt salary overtime. The software also has automatic alerts, timesheet review, approval, and lock, and export tools. Other features include scheduling, team communication, hiring and onboarding, HR and compliance, and health and safety.

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Hubstaff is time tracking and productivity monitoring software that uses online timesheets. A timer app keeps track of work hours while automated timesheets help minimize admin work.

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The software also has detailed reports for improving your profitability. It works across devices, meaning your team can track time wherever they work. Get their detailed timesheets with time and activity recaps in your inbox daily or view them from the online dashboard. Other features include bill and pay rates, client invoice, time approvals, scheduling, and automatic reminders.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an online project management software with timesheet features. It has project timesheets that allows each member of the team to log the time spent on their tasks.

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It has timers for automatic time logging that make it easy for project managers to review team timesheets to determine billable hours and other activities. A global timer displays all timers clocking time on various tasks across projects. The software also has comprehensive timesheet reports and other reports from a bird’s eye view down to the details. Ypu can also export Zoho’s timesheets in XLS, CSV, or PDF formats.

What Features Are Most Important in Choosing Timesheet Software?

The right timesheet software can eliminate many admin tasks. Look for solutions with the following features to help you be more proactive and tackle time management issues.

Intuitive and easy to use

Electronic timesheets should be easy and quick to use, meaning you can allocate more time for more important tasks. Configurable and adaptable timesheets allow you to automatically pre-populate the time entries accurately with timers, rules, and structures. Many solutions offer mobile access and native apps with additional flexibility and simplified process.

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Insight and real-time visibility

Managers need to distinguish if time entries and total amounts are billable or not. The insight lets them make informed decisions if they can reach business targets. This feature also helps employees track their hours more accurately and see if they are spending their time productively.

Remote organization and management

With many teams working remotely, timesheet software should allow users to organize employees by different groupings, such as teams or locations. This provides a quick way to manage efforts or projects with an organized collection of time data.

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Ready to Choose Your Timesheet Software?

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Online timesheet software provides many benefits compared with older timesheet tools and processes. A good timesheet app will build productive habits, improve organization and accuracy, streamline approval workflows, and support legal regulations.

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