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Everhour is a flexible online time tracking application that integrates and works inside many project management, productivity, and collaboration tools. It enables users to track time accurately directly from their work application or browser without having to switch tabs.

Everhour tracks and capture data for time management, billing, budgeting, task management, client project management, and employee scheduling. But is it the tme-tracking solution your team has been looking for? Let’s take a look.

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Everhour Review: Features and Strengths

Time, Task, and Team Management

Everhour enables users to track time spent projects, hours of work, employee attendance, and time off. Users can choose to track time with a start/stop timer or log time entry manually. They can configure the timer to automatically stop at the end of a workday. The software automatically sends notifications about long-running timers and issues reminders to track time. Estimates let users see time spent and remaining time left. All changes and estimates are accurately logged and available for revision.

Everhour’s all-in-one project management and time tracking solution allows users to create tasks, set priorities, add deadlines, and make team assignments. It has a list view and a board view. It also tracks paid time-off, vacations, sick days, and different leave types. Managers receive notifications when team members submit timesheets for approval and can lock the timesheets to prevent editing. Other features are maximum hours limit, team organization, and roles and permission settings.

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Billing, Budgeting, and Expense Tracking

Users can hold the line on costs and boost revenue with the help of Everhour. With an accurate view of time invested in a given project, project managers and others can manage client expectations, projects, and budgets. The software supports several billing methods such as time and material, fixed fee, and non-billable time through custom task rates, labor cost tracking, budget percentage alerts, and overbudget limiting.

Its expense tracking features let users track work-related expenses, reimburse employees, add expenses in budgets, and include expenses in invoices. Users can upload and attach receipts for expenses. They can create invoices, add internal notes, and connect with QuickBooks, Xero, or Freshbooks to sync clients and copy invoices. The software can also track the time a client opens the sent invoice email.

Integrations, Project Tracking, Employee Scheduling, Reporting, and More

Everhour has advanced native integrations with many popular apps that allows for automatic data synchronization. It integrates with project management tools, Git repository services, accounting, CRM, team communication, and integration software. It also has website integrations and tracks time through browser extensions.

Everhour’s time tracker provides visual timelines for project tracking and employee scheduling. It automatically creates the assignment in the timeline upon setting the due dates. It can also show resource availability and plan vs actual logged time per team member. Other features are custom reports and dashboards, optional screenshot capture for contractors or freelancers, and an iPhone app.

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Everhour Pricing

Everhour pricing is available in several affordable plans. Customers can opt to pay monthly or yearly. Interested parties can try a fully functional plan for 14 days.

  • The Free plan is available for up to 5 users. It includes unlimited time tracking, unlimited projects, and unlimited reports. Users have access to the time tracker’s web app, iOS app, and browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari.
  • The Lite plan at $5 /user /month billed yearly (or $6 /user billed monthly) for two to ten users. The plan includes all Free plan features and integrates natively with Trello, Notion, and Todoist. It also has features for clients, billable rates, budgets, invoicing, reminders, and API, among others.
  • The Team plan at $8.50 /user /month billed yearly starts at 5 users with unlimited users. It has all the features in the Lite plan and integrates with all available integrations. Other features are time approval, time cards, time off, expenses, scheduling, optional screenshots, SSO, and priority support.

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Who Uses Everhour?

Everhour is for individuals, freelancers, teams, and businesses of all sizes in need of an online time tracker and timesheet software. Many small business and midsize companies integrate it with project management tools like Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Jira, GitHub, ClickUp, monday, and Notion to track time for their budgeting, client invoicing, payroll, and other business needs. Customers include Ambry Genetics, Roche, Zoom, British Gymnastics, Q4, PagerDuty, Canon, 7Shifts, and Beanstalk Web Solutions.

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Everhour Supported Language

The Everhour interface is available in English only at the moment.


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Case Studies

Kelly Bonneau is the accounting manager for a software company based in Saskatoon specializing in team management for restaurants. The company needed an accurate time tracking tool to track engineering hours as a requirement for receiving government grants.

With the help of Everhour, Kelly and team can accurately track the hours associated with each individual project the company works on. They are able to customize reports easily to extract the data they need.

Tim Hebel is the owner of a full-service digital marketing and web design agency in St. Louis, Missouri. The company uses Basecamp as their project management tool, and while the PM tool allows them to track to-dos and task lists, it does not have a built-in time tracker.

Tim’s company uses Everhour for time tracking with its integration with Basecamp. They are able to track client billable work, as well as use it to track internal projects and everything else. Everhour allows the company to analyze how each one is spending time so they can find ways to make work more efficient.

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Why Choose Everhour?

Everhour is an intuitive time tracking software that seamlessly integrates with many project and work management solutions. It completes and complements business solutions by accurately capturing time data that users can easily view, analyze, and summarize for various purposes. It also extends and expands time tracking capabilities by applying them to tasks, teams, scheduling, budgets, billing, and invoicing to manage team productivity and business profitability.

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Company Info

Everhour is a product of Weavora Consulting LLC, a software development company based in Minsk, Belarus. Everhour was launched in 2015, co-founded by Mike Kulakov, Yury Tolochko, and Sergei Staroverov. Back in 2010, the company, as a small IT outsourcing company, needed a time tracking application to provide reports and invoices to clients. After years of trying spreadsheets and other tools that did not work for them, they decided to build their own that also integrates with GitHub. Today, Everhour integrates with over 40 apps for more than 8000 customers used in 70+ countries.

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