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Overview Presentation

Everhour is a simple time management add-on that integrates with popular project management tools. It is a handy, user-friendly time tracking tool that embeds directly to PM software such as Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Pivotal and GitHub. The time tracking and reporting tool is simple to connect and install, and fills in an important feature gap. For instance, it provides answers to questions like ‘how much time does team members spend on a particular task?’ or ‘when will the project be complete?’ Also, this tool saves time. Users do not need to switch between programs or tabs.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Multiple time tracking optionsEverhour provides time tracking via an embedded timer button or manual entry. In effect, multiple options make it easy to apply in different situations. It is easy to use, right inside the teams working environment. Thus, teams do not need any long instructions to use it right away. It also has estimates, remaining time, and total time spent data to keep track of project status and progress.
  • Flexible reports and task details – This time management add-on allows users to access as many reports they needed. In fact, over 30 plus report combinations are possible. Learn what has been done during a certain period. Go through the activities a team member is working on. Check the overall status and progress of the project. Also, meta information such as tags, milestones, or due dates enable the team to analyze tasks at a deeper level.
  • Integrations with Xero, Freshbooks, Gdrive and more – Everhour can export billable time spent by the team to Xero or Freshbooks. Therefore, time spent can be in beautiful invoices in a few clicks. Also, users can export reports to Gdrive, Excel or CSV format for sharing and collaboration. More integrations are coming based on requests and feedback.

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Everhour provides simple affordable pricing. The plan includes all time tracking features, unlimited projects, 5 members ($5 for additional users), all integrations and reporting. Furthermore, all plans include a 14-day free trial period.

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Target Market

Everhour is a simple time management and tracking add-on and browser extension software. Hence, it is ideal for users of online project management tools that are missing this type of feature.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include 500px, Bosch, Faithlife, CAA, First Capital Ventures, and NextCapital.

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Why Everhour

Everhour time tracking tool integrates with PM tools like Asana, Trello, Basecamp and other widely used tools. Indeed, it supplies a very important functionality that will benefit project teams on these platforms. This software is currently in beta, and version 2 is now in private beta status.

Company Info

Everhour is a represented by Software by Demand, Inc., a US corporation and authorized reseller of the software. Everhour is developed by Weavora Consulting, LLC. It is a partnership founded in 2009 and based in Minsk, Belarus. The development team is a small, talented and agile team whose projects range from e-commerce websites to complex data management applications. They rely on proven development processes and cooperation with partners to get things done right. Moreover, they work closely with clients from initial consultation up to product launching, investing much to make their vision come alive.

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