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Overview Presentation

Harvest is a simple online time tracking software for professional services. It is a web-based application with timesheet and invoicing features very useful for freelancers and small businesses offering time-for-money services. It is an innovative software as one of the first to adopt Ruby on Rails framework and be delivered as software-as-a-service. It creates a valuable user experience by being simple but with a professional look, useful but unobtrusive, and fast under the hood.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Time and ExpensesHarvest lets users track time just the way they want it. First off, it is easy to use, so that people will actually use it. The Daily Timers enable users to track time of activities within the day as they work. It is flexible enough so they can also opt to just enter the hours after they are done with each activity. It can precisely track time to specific clients, projects, and tasks. Users can also add notes to remind them of exactly what they have worked on. The Weekly Timesheet allows them to see and review what they have tracked for the entire week. It is also easy to enter time in bulk for multiple days at once. They can track expenses by taking a photo of a receipt, adding details, and saving it, bringing time and expense tracking together in one application.
  • Team and Projects – The time tracking software enables users to view their team’s time in one view. Thus, they are able to see at once how they are performing, who is overworked, and who can handle additional tasks. They can also see immediately who is faithfully tracking time, and who needs to be reminded. The Team time view lets users know if their team is doing enough billable work to hit business targets. At the same time, they can spot who is overworked and prevent burnout before it happens. The Team view shows how much they are working, when they are working, and what projects they are working on. Users can easily edit time entries from the reports, and has timesheet approval and automatic reminder features. The Projects feature provides them with insight as it turns timesheet data into visual reports. They can easily visualize progress, get critical information, but also dive into details. Reports can be exported into CSV, Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Invoicing, Scheduling, Apps, Integration, and more – Harvest can automatically turn billable time and expenses into invoices. Users can also create manually a free-form invoice when more control is needed in making it. Invoices can be sent by email. Integration with Stripe and PayPal allows for online payments. Automatic reminders can be set to remind clients to pay due invoices as well. Users can get a view of all invoices sent, with the option to drill down on details. A graph provides an overview of the revenue for the year, with filters that can be applied for particular clients or timeframe. Forecast is an app that integrates with Harvest and lets users organize team schedule into visual plans. It helps users to map out their upcoming projects and make smarter resourcing allocation. Native iOS and Android mobile apps, a Mac Desktop app, and Chrome extension are available. It also integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero.


Harvest offers a Free plan for 1 person and 2 projects. The Solo plan priced at $12 per month is for 1 person and unlimited projects. The Team plan at $12 per person per month is for 2 persons or more and unlimited projects. An annual subscription will result in 10 percent savings. All plans include all features such as time and expense tracking, reporting, unlimited invoices and estimates, budget alerts, timesheet approval, mobile apps, 100+ integrations, and support. A 30-day free trial period is offered.

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Target Market

Harvest can be used by individuals and teams of all sizes. It is ideal for freelancers, consultants, and small to mid-sized businesses that offer professional services. It can be used also by corporate departments to streamline time and expense work processes, for any type of business and industry. Educational institutions and non-profit organizations can avail of discounts.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Made By Many, Happy Cog, Ashton Design, and Hyperakt.


Greg Hoy described Harvest as exactly what they need. Reporting is crucial for their company, and he used to do a lot of manual entry before. Now, the time tracking software does all of it, and he is simply amazed.

Sara Holoubek stated that they used Excel spreadsheets before. After trying Harvest, she was very impressed, stating that she has never seen such a clean time tracker. It allowed her and her company to move from managing multiple subcontractors to managing a staff quite easily.

Why Harvest

Harvest is a simple-to-use and cleanly designed time tracking solution. All its features, apps, and integration allow users to accurately track time and expenses, create invoices, get insightful reports, and just free more time to focus on work that matters, without breaking the bank.

Company Info

Harvest is a product of Iridesco, LLC, a company that started as a web design studio in 2003 based in New York, USA. Iridesco is a privately held company founded by Danny Wen and Shawn Liu. While managing their growing business, they began to look for an application that can track time and create invoice for their services. Unable to find one that exactly suits their needs, they decided to create one, and in 2006, Harvest was founded and launched. Today, the time tracking software serves thousands of customers globally, from freelancers and small businesses to departments of Fortune 500 companies.

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