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Paymo is an online project and work management software solution for teams. It enables users to manage tasks, projects, and resources on a single platform that also tracks time, progress, and profitability. An all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates different automated tools, work views, and smart reporting to give teams and organizations a collaborative business app that helps optimize workflows, schedules, workload, and profit.    

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Paymo : Features and Strengths

Task and Project Management

Paymo is a fully featured work management solution. Its task management tool enables users to manage personal tasks, team tasks, multi-user assignments on the same task, and recurring tasks. Users can switch between different task views including list, table, Kanban board, calendar, Gantt, portfolio Gantt, and meta Kanban board view. Users can post comments on tasks and set duration, priorities, dependencies, budget hours, and alerts. It also has task templates, project templates, milestones, and critical paths. Users can easily clone projects with similar tasks and structure or add lead and lag time between dependent tasks. It automatically adjusts task dates with auto-scheduling and allows exporting of Gantt charts. It also has team and client collaboration tools such as an activity stream, real-time discussion on a dedicated area, in-app and email notifications for updates, and guest access. File management features include centralized organization, file attachments, proofing, and versioning. Task and Project Management

Time Tracking and Resource Management

An integrated time clock allows manual and automatic time tracking. It is easy to manually add time entries for a project or task, add multiple time entries by bulk, or automatically track activities and link the entries to tasks. Timesheets display all entries in a calendar view. Users can track via the web app, desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, or by mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Paymo also includes resource management features for holidays management, leaves, and unscheduled work. It has resource calendar views for resource allocation, adjustments for resource exception, real-time workload view, and automatic bookings. It has integrated tools for budgeting, expense tracking, different rates, and billing priorities. The PM app includes different reports that include time and user reports, client and project overviews, as well as features to share or export reports.

Invoicing, Online Payments, Customization, Mobile, and More

Paymo lets users create estimates that they can quickly convert to invoices. Users can also convert projects into estimates. They can create and send invoices from templates in different languages, automatically generate and send recurring invoices, or export invoices to other software like QuickBooks or Xero. Users can let their clients directly pay online through PM Payments or other payment gateways. The PM software has customizable dashboards and menu for a custom display and layout. It has quick add buttons, shortcuts, and a global search tool. It has native mobile apps that allow users to manage projects, track time, and invoice clients while on the go. Paymo also includes profitability tracking tools for profit margin, client profitability, and measuring employee performance. Take me to their Website Back to top

Paymo Pricing

Paymo pricing is available in 3 premium plans priced per user per month with the option to pay monthly or annually. The Starter plan with 1 user is ideal for freelancers. The Small Office plan includes all features in the Starter plan with additional features, and the Business plan for larger teams and enterprises includes all features in the Small Office plan plus bigger (500GB) storage, advanced features, priority support, and free onboarding and training. Paymo Back to top

Who Uses Paymo?

Paymo is a work management solution for businesses of all sizes but is preferred by many SMBs and teams in creative agencies, marketing and social media, web design and development, business consultants, remote work, and universities. Customers include Adidas, Accenture, NYU, Accor Live Limitless, Fujifilm, mBusiness, Galvez Gil, Klaber Design Architecture, and Born Digital. Back to top

Paymo Supported Languages

Paymo supports 23 languages including English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian (Latin), Serbian (Cyrillic), Swedish, Turkish, and Chinese (Simplified). Take me to their Website Back to top

Case Studies

Mischa Birnstiel is the General Manager of a Switzerland-based marketing agency with a focus on content management. The challenge was that each team member was keeping track of projects in their own different ways, such as post-it notes, notebooks, calendars, and emails. The team initially started to use Paymo for time tracking, then gradually used its other features like Kanban boards for workflows. Since then, it takes less time for Mischa’s team to organize and assign tasks. Tracking progress is easy visually. Also, communication is smoother by commenting on tasks for questions. Matt Wright is the founder and CXO of an extended reality (XR) content creation studio in Alberta, Canada. As an innovative tech field, estimating budgets and workloads was very challenging. After trying other solutions, he chose Paymo for its clean interface and ease of use. New hires were quickly onboarded and the software was fully adopted. Features that are very important for the company are its time tracking, timesheets, mobile app, and estimates. Back to top

Why Choose Paymo?

Paymo is a comprehensive work management software with all the features to support teams and clients, as well as promote productivity and profitability. It is also easy to use and customize for quick user adoption. The software provides responsive customer support, is competitively priced, and vry scalable to accommodate the different stages of business growth, resulting in maximum return on investment. Back to top

Company Info

Paymo, LLC is a software company with headquarters in Oradea, Romania. It was co-founded in 2008 by Jan Lukacs, CEO; and Andrei Gâdoiu, Lead Designer. The idea for the software started in 2007 when the founders realized that they have problems accounting the hours they put into projects in their web development agency. So they developed a software solution to accurately track hours and generate invoices for clients. Because of positive feedback, they decided to focus on Paymo with a mission to deliver work management software that’s easy to adopt and integrate into people’s daily workflow. Take me to their Website

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