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Paymo is a modern project management application for small and medium-size businesses. It is an integrated solution packed with useful features. In today’s project-centric work landscape, Paymo provides companies a single platform where teams can collaborate, manage their time, and complete their projects in a successful and profitable way. The platform keeps the team in sync not only to get more projects done, but do it efficiently with built-in tools that automate important processes such as invoicing and online payments.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Task and Project Management – In Paymo, creating, assigning, editing, re-ordering and tracking tasks, or grouping similar tasks into task lists is easy. Users can view tasks in several ways, whether in a simple view, a table view, a Kanban-style progress board, or through a Gantt chart add-on, all with a simple click of a button. Project managers can use powerful filters to refine views to look at individual team member’s tasks or timesheets. With all these features, it is easy to plan projects, create workflows, track progress and see a higher view of individual or all projects. Other features include creating and reusing project templates, using milestones, alerts, and project dashboard.
  • Time Tracking, Timesheet, and Project Accounting – As an integrated system, it also has time management that include tools such as a web timer for recording time easily. With desktop widget timers, users can record time even without logging in. Automatic time tracking is also available. Furthermore, users can manually edit their timesheets. The application has a robust timesheet reporting system that allows users to create live reports to show real-time data. Reports are highly customizable and can be shared with clients. The project accounting features include generation of invoices for different types of projects. It also has flexible billing rates, estimates, expense tracking, online invoicing and acceptance of direct payments through gateways.
  • Collaboration, Team Management, Mobile Apps and more – Teams can post comments and chat in real-time, as well as get notified on new posts. Users can write important ideas on Notes, keep it private or share it with others. They can also upload all project files as attachment to tasks or project discussion, preview them from the browser, and download the selected file. User types have corresponding privileges and access. Individual performance and stats can be viewed for each user. A resource planning module will also be available. Mobile apps allow users to work away from their desk and still record time entries. In addition, integration with Zapier and Hubstaff are now available, as well as recent overall UI and speed improvements.

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Paymo project management application is offered in one straightforward pricing of $14.95 per user per month. This includes access to project management features such as task management, visual Kanban boards, milestones, and project templates. Users also have access to time management and collaboration features, among others. Unlimited Notes, Notes sharing and public sharing are all free of charge. Also, a 15-day free trial period is available.

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Target Market

Paymo is ideal for professional services, small and medium-size businesses in any industry. It is valuable to business owners, project managers, and project teams who need an integrated project management application with time management, financials and collaboration features.

Supported Languages

English, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, and Serbian.

Some of their Clients

Clients include States of Matter, Melcher Media & Design, Well Placed Cactus, illogika, Strategic HR, UAUcollective, and Legal Edge.

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Stephanie Downes stated that Paymo helps them keep their finger on the pulse of project performance in spite of the great amount of work and challenges they face at their agency.

Dwayne Melcher enumerated how the PM app is helping their company and this includes automating their workflow, saving time and budget, keeping projects on track and also allowing them to track time from different locations.

Jack Gillespie stated that the app’s system helps them generate accurate invoices and compute employee overtime.

Why Paymo

Paymo enables teams and companies to have visibility and transparency across projects, have multiple task and project views based on real-time data, and have a secured, centralized workspace. All of these can result in productivity as a team and profitability as a business. Recently, they have been rated as high performer by G2 Crowd. Also, in a review of online time clocks by, it rated the app as #1.

Company Info

Paymo, SRL is a privately held web-based application provider based in Oradea, Romania. It was founded in 2008 by Jan Lukacs, its CEO. As more businesses move to cloud services over the recent years, the problem of having multiple specialized applications that do not or poorly integrate with one another also increased. Paymo tries to address this problem by offering an integrated application. Now, more than 100,000 businesses across the world use and trust Paymo.

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