Top Scheduling Software and Programs in 2021

Scheduling is a necessary but time consuming business activity. Managers spend an average of 8 hours a week planning and preparing schedules for the following week. Schedules and shifts are created for employees and other company workforce. Meetings with vendors, consultants, and others external partners need to be scheduled. A schedule is also created for candidates during the hiring process. Businesses that offer professional services create schedules with their customers.

Schedules are carefully prepared to avoid conflicts, because when conflicts happen, precious hours are wasted and several hours more will be spent resolving the conflict. Scheduling software takes advantage of technology to make sure conflicts are avoided. Using software to prepare schedules involves centralizing information that keeps everyone on the same page. Today’s available scheduling solutions, although numerous and varied, integrates at common points to sync the schedule of each user. These systems are highly accessible, and can generate reports and boost productivity.

What is scheduling software and its features?

A scheduling software or program is a type of time management application. It is more than a personal calendar. Some have built-in collaboration tools that allow input from multiple people. Some are used to manage internal teams while others specialize managing appointment schedules and bookings of customers. Some are stand-alone applications while others are included features in bigger systems. Overall, the best scheduling software streamlines time-consuming activities and may include templates for quick schedule creations, automated approval workflows, alerts and notifications, visualizations, and on-demand reporting.

The top scheduling software and programs

Here are some of our recommended scheduling software in no particular order. We looked at multiple review sites, customer feedback, regular updates, support, and market ranking.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is more than a personal calendar application. As part of G Suite, it integrates with Gmail to automatically create events and intelligently find the best time for the event with a group of people based on the available time of each individual in the group. It can send reminders for activities, offer smart suggestions when creating events, and find the optimal schedule for certain user goals. It can also display images and maps.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook joins email and calendar together with other productivity applications. Users can manage messages, events, and schedules, as well as use Office applications to create and open documents. To manage their schedules, they can send their availability and inform others of their best open times. The software comes with Skype for real-time chat. It can also check upcoming flights and supports multiple assistive devices.


Doodle is a free online scheduling program. It allows users to book meetings with its smart scheduling features. Quickly schedule one-on-one meetings with external partners or guests by showing the best available times. Users can show open blocks for appointments to give others options. Anyone invited through Doodle can respond securely without having to sign in. It works across platforms and with other calendar programs


Calendly is a free online appointment scheduling software. It helps schedule meetings by letting users set up their availability preferences. Its links can be shared by email or embedded on a website. Others who open the link can pick a time and the software will automatically create the event on the sender’s schedule. It integrates with many calendar programs, allows for buffer times in-between meetings, and works with individuals, teams, and departments.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an appointment scheduling system that is easy to use. Users can customize their business’s schedule page so customers can easily view real-time availability. By allowing customers to schedule, cancel, or reschedule their own appointments, businesses do not need to hire staff to answer the phone and manually schedule appointments. The software also provides online forms that customers can fill out.

TSheets Scheduling

TSheets is a business application that brings together time tracking and employee scheduling features. It is an online workforce schedule that lets users create work schedules by shift or job. A mobile app lets managers push out new schedules and alerts the workforce that there are changes to the schedule. It complies with predictive scheduling laws to provide fair workweek-compliant employee schedules.

When I Work

When I Work is a free online employee scheduling software that lets users create work schedules quickly to be shared with the team. They can also manage time-off requests, fill shifts when someone becomes unavailable, or let workers trade shifts. It provides team availability and task management tools. The software can also be used to track employee time and applicants when hiring.


Homebase is a free employee scheduling and time tracking software. Users can build schedules that they can quickly share with their team. The mobile app transforms any device into a time clock for easier payroll processing. It can also help users to forecast labor costs and create an optimized work schedule. The software also includes team communication tools and can be applied for hiring and onboarding purposes.


Setmore is a free online appointment scheduling and calendar software. Business users can manage appointments through a simple and clean calendar system where they can automate bookings and payments. Aside from the free plan, it also offers paid plans with more features such as text reminders, 2-way calendar sync, and live appointment booking service. It is compatible across desktop and mobile device platforms with integration to many popular apps.


Humanity is an online employee scheduling software that can integrate with many human capital management (HCM) systems. It works across devices to deliver a reliable employee scheduling experience. Users can spend less time building compliant work schedules with its automated rule-based scheduling tool. It also includes forecasting capabilities and a user-friendly interface. The software is used in many industries such as healthcare, retail, call center, hospitality, and universities.

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