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Funnel CRM Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

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Funnel is a simple but smart CRM for growing businesses. When a business starts to pick up, but the staff starts to lose their leads and forgets to follow up, it can quickly lose steam, or worse, get derailed. It can also mean that the company needs a CRM software that can help them automatically capture customer information and have a dedicated workspace outside email for their leads and deals.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Contacts and Contact Forms – Funnel CRM software enables users to build contact forms and integrate them easily in their websites. A form builder can help them structure forms without technical knowledge required. They just need to paste a couple of lines of code to where they want the forms to appear on the page. However, those with HTML coding knowledge can code up a form on their own. Alternatively, it can also provide a special email address that users and their customers can send messages to. It can automatically capture a contact’s basic information and create a profile. Other features include an up-to-date database of contacts, profiles that can have pictures through Gravatar, tags, auto-complete, deal history, and more.
  • Deals and Proposals – The CRM software provides a special place where all work inquiries can reside and labeled with the stage of the sales process they are in. Users can attach files to messages, and they will know if and when customers opened the replies to their messages. Unread messages are easy to spot, and deals can be labeled as won or lost. Deals can also be created manually, and users can add or remove people from deals to know who is participating. They can also create formatted and professional-looking proposals. These messages can include the company logo or photo. Proposals automatically calculate totals. Desired currency can be set, as well as additional footer text.
  • Notes, Gmail Integration, and Multi-user – Funnel has Notes feature to help users jot down important information, log meetings, or write down important customer dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They can also attach files to these notes for context. Integration with Gmail and Google Apps allows for secure sign on. Replies to messages sent from Funnel can be opened and replied directly from Gmail, but will also appear in the Funnel Deals area. This also serves as a mobility function when users need to reply while away from office. It has multi-user functionality for team collaboration.


Funnel Pricing

Funnel offers a Standard plan priced at $10 per month for a single user. It includes for one form only, and without the multi-user feature. The Pro plan at $39 per month includes unlimited forms, can add additional users, and their add-ons. All plans include for unlimited deals and contacts, Gmail integration, self hosted forms, and email templates. Yearly subscription can result in 5 percent discount. A 14-day free trial is also offered.

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Target Market

Funnel CRM is ideal for freelancers and SMBs. It is valuable to agencies, developers, personal trainers, service professionals, designers, real estate agents, and consultants, among others.

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Why Funnel

Funnel is a modern tool that can be valuable to individual business owners, service providers, and sales teams. The application increases efficiency in managing contacts, prospects, and customer relationships. The automation improves information capture, avoids entry errors, and records historical data that can provide important follow-up as well as insight to customer requirements. It received the 2018 Rising Star Award and 2018 Great User Experience Award from FinancesOnline.com.

Company Info

Funnel CRM is a privately held company with head office in Portland, OR, USA. It was founded in 2018. Muhammad Gohar Shafique, CEO and co-founder of Funnel recounts that while working in a digital agency in Pakistan, he and his team has had an ongoing problem handling work inquiries coming from their website. They would lose track of them because they would drift down in their inboxes, and they would often forget to follow up on deals that they did not receive a reply on. So they started building Funnel. Over time, it made an enormous difference in the way they handled deals with potential customers. They opened up the application when people started asking about it.


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