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How Is CRM Software Useful?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be extremely useful to both small and large businesses where customer management is concerned. The system allows the company to better serve clients and customers, as well as potential clients/customers, by putting together information from different departments of the company and presenting them in a cohesive manner.

There are different kinds of CRM systems & software solutions available to companies. Here is a brief explanation of each.

Recommended CRM Software Solutions

1 Zoho CRM

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Fully-customizable Zoho CRM provides unified solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. Conduct your Sales & Marketing analytics to gain insights using Dashboard views and Automate your daily routines. Customize your CRM theme based on your industry needs using Canvas, Omnichannel communication for streamlined communication between teams and customers, handle customer support from within the platform to improve customer relationships. Get Started with Zoho CRM now!

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2 HubSpot CRM

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HubSpot is an intuitive CRM that makes managing your sales pipeline a breeze. Everything you need to track important metrics, set up time-saving flows and automations, manage clients seamlessly, and grow your business is available in one tidy dashboard. Plans are available for businesses at every stage of growth, starting at 100% free. Start taking the guesswork out of business management today with HubSpot CRM.

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3 monday Sales CRM

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monday.com is the CRM software your team needs to close deals faster! monday.com helps you efficiently manage all your leads, customer relationships, sales pipeline, and tasks in one place so you can focus on closing the deals and not other things around. With monday.com, you can organize all your work, whether it’s contacts, leads, opportunities, or projects. Collaborate with your team members in context so that everyone is aligned, knows where things stand and what they should do to move work forward. Customize the form, and add the questions you want to ask, embed it into your site to capture leads. That’s it! All the submissions from your website will be collected directly into your board. Use our Kanban view to manage your sales pipeline. Know at a glance what you should do next.

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4 Kintone

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Effectively manage every part of your sales pipeline with Kintone’s custom CRM solution. Organize your customer info into customizable databases that track what you want. Set your team up for success with streamlined processes that remove duplicate steps and automate task handoffs and deadline reminders. You can also generate custom reports on any part of your pipeline for complete visibility on your performance. Over 25,000 companies trust Kintone to achieve their business goals–why not yours?

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Types of CRM

There are different kinds of CRM systems & software solutions available to companies. Here is a brief explanation of each.


This kind of CRM system focuses on using software applications that help incorporate the various sets of information available on each customer into one useful file. For example, it will bring together a client’s contact information, purchase history, and any previous communication they have had with the company on one web page so that the employee can provide them with rapid service and response. This kind of CRM software solution provides a support center to the sales, marketing and customer service departments. It can also be used to help the next type of CRM system, Sales Force Automation.

Sales Force Automation

This CRM system will keep a record of every stage of the sales process, helping employees automate activities like making reports, and scheduling calls and mailings.


Analytical systems will look into customer data from an analytical angle to better come up with sales and marketing strategies that can be effective for future sales. They will look at data from all the different databases, and then by using techniques like data mining, will come up with patterns and trends. This allows the company to look at the data from a wider angle, allowing for better creation of long-term strategies for sales and customer management.


Collaborative systems focus on integrating external contacts – like vendors and distributors – and providing data to its customers through an extranet. This allows the customers to be proactive about improving the service they get from the company, by providing them with a support center, new tools, and technologies like instant messaging.

Campaign Management

This is a combination of Analytical and Operational systems as it can store, analyze and track the various campaigns the company has. It can also be effective in targeting specific types of customers by sending emails, calling them or sending them marketing emails with special offers.

Sales Intelligence

This is similar to an Analytical system but is used as a sales tool for employees who can look at trends and sales performance.

Summing Up…

Different kinds of CRM systems provide different advantages to the company. Before you buy and implement a system, it is important to look at the long-term strategy you have for your company and the services you wish to be able to provide to your customers. This is important to make sure that the kind of CRM software solutions you select is the best option for maximizing your sales volume and boosting your business.

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