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Xero Integrations: Best CRM for Xero


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xeroXero is online accounting software for small businesses. Whether your business is starting, growing, or established, Xero helps companies simplify their everyday tasks like keeping records organized, automating invoicing and reporting, and making tax returns easy. The online accounting software allows users to access their data and tools from anywhere with an internet connection. Users can connect and sync to their banks, collaborate with accountants and bookkeepers, and build custom apps by connecting Xero to other software.

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Why You Need Xero CRM Integrations

Xero is a leading software solution that enables users to track and manage important financial processes, such as revenue, cash flow, invoicing, payments, payroll, and financial reporting. But businesses also need to track their revenue sources and connect their earnings with every closed deal and successful campaign. Companies can achieve these by integrating their CRM with Xero. Integration provides several benefits:
  • Streamline business processes: Invoicing and payment records are synchronized, providing all users updated information.
  • Improve collaboration: Sales teams and finance teams can easily collaborate and agree on important business data, such as pricing, discounts, and purchases.
  • Optimize collection: Sales teams can access customer information and check if clients are up-to-date with their payments.
  • Increase lead generation: Marketing teams can create targeted campaigns based on customers with good standing and purchase history, as it is easier to sell to customers who have already made a previous purchase.
  • Eliminate entry errors: CRM software that integrates with Xero can automate the flow of data, so teams avoid entering data manually on two separate systems.
Businesses today are investing in CRM software to help them keep customers and find new ones. But controlling the cost to support their customers remains a top challenge. Xero accounting software has affordable tiered plans to help companies manage their finances. It has features to automate time consuming tasks, allowing users to access data easily and securely from any device. Further, it allows integration to other systems to create savings and improve efficiency. Read also: How to Improve Integration of Project Management and Accounting with Ease Back to top

Best Xero CRM Integrations

Xero is popular accounting software, so there are many Xero integrations available. Some CRM vendors offer direct integration, while others make this possible with Xero add-ons. Here is a list of the best CRM integrations for Xero.


Hubspot logoHubSpot is an integrated CRM platform with tools for sales, marketing, services, content management, and operations. Teams can use each tool separately, but benefits increase when they’re used together. In the same way, integrating HubSpot with Xero provides more advantages to the user. Teams are able to get a real-time view of their cash flow. HubSpot‘s mobile apps let users handle business on the go, such as contact management, sending invoices, and creating expense claims. Users can create invoices in the CRM software, which will automatically sync to Xero. Also, all Xero contacts are available in HubSpot for all inbound sales processes. hubspot screenshot


Insightly logoInsightly is an online CRM platform that helps companies grow their business with tools to build customer relationships. Small and midsize businesses across industries like consulting, manufacturing, and healthcare use the CRM to get a comprehensive view of their customers. It has an integration automation application that allows users to build integrations and workflows within a drag-and-drop interface. The Xero Insightly CRM integration enables teams to track Xero invoices and bills under a sub-tab in the CRM’s contacts, organizations, and projects & opportunities tabs. They can create new invoice drafts from the CRM and also add new contacts to Xero in one click. The integration also provides users high-level accounting totals, as well as the status of individual invoices and bills within Insightly. insightly xero screenshot

Prospect CRM

Prospect CRM logoProspect CRM from ProspectSoft is a stock-aware CRM for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. Designed for businesses that sell physical products B2B, it integrates customer sales data with product and inventory data to streamline processes. It combines traditional CRM with unique B2B selling processes such as quoting, ordering, inventory management, back orders, and asset tracking. The Xero Prospect integration enables teams to produce quotes and sales orders using information from the accounting software. Users get a consolidated view of what’s happening with customers. The integration eliminates time-consuming re-keying of orders, gives users the ability to organize sales by multiple pack sizes, and provides available stock information to front-line sales teams. prospect crm xero screenshot


Accelo logoAccelo is a sales and marketing automation platform ideal for professional service organizations. Its automation tools eliminate most data entry activities by importing emails and appointments with clients into a smart platform. Other features include automatic information updates, alerts, and conversion of quotes into projects. The Xero Accelo integration streamlines processes by eliminating double entry and syncing invoices, payments, and purchases. The integration also provides users a single view of client work, updated account statements, and tracking of opportunities, pipeline, and conversions. It sends any new invoice to Xero, with any payments reflected back to the CRM software. accelo screenshot

Salesforce (via Breadwinner)

Breadwinner logoSalesforce is a CRM platform that integrates different applications for sales, marketing, customer service, e-commerce, and analytics into one suite of connected applications. A unified solution provides a comprehensive view of the customer, so it is easier to perform personalized marketing, know specific customer needs, and respond faster to their issues. Salesforce has an extensive AppExchange marketplace where it provides integration to other apps. Xero and Salesforce integration is possible through Breadwinner, an integration solution that automatically updates Salesforce with live accounting data. Breadwinner is a Xero CRM add-on with true bi-directional sync: changes made in one app create an update in the other. The integration allows secure, controlled access to AP and AR data without the need for Xero login. Also, invoice payment status is visible across the company. salesforce xero screenshot

Solve CRM

Solve CRM logoSolve CRM by Norada is a service management CRM. It is a cross-platform application that helps simplify record-keeping, communication, scheduling, and information sharing. The CRM’s centralized data allows users to visualize and schedule activities across multiple resources. It also has automated reminders, self-managed dashboards, and mobile apps. The Xero Solve CRM integration provides a combined and consistent view of customer information. Teams have easy access to a contact’s history, opportunities, statement of account, and invoices. Users can create invoices directly from CRM opportunities and update contact information between systems. One-time tasks will connect the two systems in a few minutes. solve xero screenshot


WORKetc is cloud-based business management software with CRM, project management, invoicing, and customer support tools built in. It supports the whole customer cycle, from leads to sales, and from billing to support. Users can create different workflows, view complete customer history, create email marketing campaigns, and build complex lists using filters and granular variables. It has native integrations that extend its features to create end-to-end solutions. The Xero WORKetc integration boosts the online accounting software’s features with CRM, project management, and time tracking tools. Users can consolidate invoices in the CRM and push them to Xero in a few clicks. They can also track billable hours easily and give customers a branded portal to share projects, invoices, and support tickets. worketc xero screenshot


exsalerate logoExsalerate is a CRM made for Xero. It provides users tools to win more business, retain customers, and collaborate. Features include a visual drag-and-drop dashboard for pipeline management that helps in sales forecasting, prompts users for the next activity, provides a drill-down view, and generates reports. Other features include account management to ensure client interaction and a visual to-do list with color-coded activity tiles to organize and prioritize tasks for the day. Exsalerate is an app-connected, direct integration to Xero via the Settings page. exsalerate screenshot


Infoodle logoInfoodle is CRM and management software specifically for charities, churches, and community groups. It is an application that takes care of administrative needs so users can focus on the more important purpose of their groups. The CRM includes tools to manage people, centralize contacts, and create notes, task reminders, and workflows. It also lets users communicate via emails and SMS, collect donations, process payments, and issue statements and receipts. The Xero Infoodle integration allows users to expand the data on their donors with transactional information. Users are able to get a better profile and improve segmentation. The integration also facilitates automatic import of reconciled transactions, contacts and tracking categories, and generation of receipts from donations. infoodle screenshot

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM logoCapsule is a simple online CRM that helps users build stronger relationships, make more sales, and save time. One notable feature is contact management to better organize customer information. A sales pipeline gives users a view and control of their processes, and built-in analytics provide insightful reports. The Xero Capsule CRM integration is a convenient solution to keep customer data in sync. Users get an overview of payment due dates. From the CRM, they can add customers directly to Xero, which keeps records up-to-date. Users can also access a summary of invoices and overdue amounts with the customer records. capsule screenshot Back to top

Ready to Try a Xero CRM Integration?

Finding the right CRM requires an understanding of your specific business needs. Choosing a CRM that integrates with Xero accounting software can benefit companies by improving business processes and minimizing operational expenses. Xero integration for CRM can help provide a better customer experience, thus creating profit and growth. Read next: Project Accounting Software Comparison

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