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monday sales CRM vs Zoho CRM


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monday sales CRM vs Zoho CRM

Whether yours is a sole proprietorship or a global sales organization, customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial in your business. From prospecting to close, the level of detail you track can often make all the difference in your business’s year-over-year sales. That’s why sales teams of every size a robust CRM software like monday sales CRM or Zoho CRM to provide customer visibility so that nothing falls between the cracks.

The Challenge to Improve Customer Visibility

Companies need complete information whenever dealing with a given customer. Having a customer complain that they’re being asked the same questions repeatedly is embarrassing.

This situation is avoidable if users have visibility of all customer information, history, conversation, purchases, and other points of interaction.

CRM software is a solution that improves customer visibility. It gives sales reps, marketing teams, and support agents a comprehensive view of customers and all their interactions with the company. Interactions can be a product inquiry, a purchase, a support call, a web chat, or a social media post. Customer visibility also helps teams decide on their processes, strategies, and goals. This monday sales CRM vs Zoho CRM comparison will give interested users a better understanding of which solution is more suitable for their customer visibility needs.

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What is monday sales CRM?

monday sales CRM is simple-to-use and flexible software running on the monday.com work OS platform. Its highly visual tabular views are intuitive and customizable so users can tailor their CRM using a no-code solution. Users can add and change columns to customize deal stages per account. They can manage multiple pipelines simultaneously with dashboards that let them shift from overviews to detailed singular deal views.

monday sales CRM centralizes communication and activities to achieve complete customer visibility. It has email integration for efficient contact communication. It automatically logs sent emails and tracks customer interactions. Other features include automation, integrations, and personalized email templates that helps users save time.

Centralized Contacts

monday sales CRM provides increased customer visibility by helping users organize all data in one place. Users can bring data of existing leads, contacts, and accounts into monday by importing them from Excel or through its API. Users are able to capture leads by integrating the CRM with existing tools, through a web form, or even manually as the need arises. The software keeps the integrity of the contacts database by alerting users of a possible duplicate entry and allows merging to update existing records.

Interaction Tracking

The CRM software includes activity management tools so users can log any lead or contact-related activity into monday. Over time, users build a complete, up-to-date picture of customer information that contains all activities and interactions like calls, meetings, notes, email exchanges, and more others. The software fully syncs with other email tools like Gmail and Outlook. It also automatically notifies the sender when a lead opens or replies to an email.

End-to-end Sales Cycle Management

monday sales CRM is an end-to-end solution, providing users the tools from pre-sales to post-sales. Its lead management feature enables users to collect leads from multiple sources. Custom and formula columns let users organize and qualify leads, then automatically score each lead based on predetermined criteria. Users can also customize the deals pipeline, accelerate sales operations, and manage post-sales activities using the same solution.

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What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM software is a solution used by businesses of all sizes. It enables companies to connect with customers across multiple channels including phone, email, live chat, and social media . Users can measure the effectiveness of their communication and get suggestions when and on what channels best to reach out to customers.

Zoho CRM includes automation features that improve task management and streamline the needed steps to nurture customer relationships. Real-time reporting and insights allow users to measure performance and make better decisions. An AI-powered sales assistant improves customer visibility by helping users find any information fast.

Sample graphs from Zoho showing stages of a sales pipeline.

Contact Management and Communication

Zoho CRM includes features that help users foster strong customer relationships. It provides omnichannel communication so customers can reach out to companies in multiple ways including mentions on Twitter, live website chat, calls, and emails. Users can manage all these communications using a single solution. Zoho also integrates with help desk software to manage tickets and solicit feedback. Other tools to enhance contact management are analytics and AI suggestions.

Journey Orchestration

The CommandCenter tool enables users to create personalized customer journeys and brand experiences. Users are aware of exactly where each customer is in their journey. They can build checks and balances using sets of rules to automatically link journeys with workflows. The software has visual editors to easily create flexible journeys with multiple scenarios. It also has collaboration tools, mobile apps, third-party integrations, and performance analytics to ensure smooth journey tracking and coordinated actions.

Lead Management

Zoho CRM tracks leads to help them convert to potential buyers. Customer visibility is paramount to ensure that users can identify quality sales leads from among other leads. The software captures lead information with smart web forms, mobile business card scanners, and live chats. Its AI-powered sales assistant automatically looks for more information for lead data enrichment. Other features are scoring rules, pre-defined workflows for rep assignment, email campaigns, and lead-to-deals conversion in one click.

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Ready to decide on monday sales CRM vs Zoho CRM?

So how do you choose between monday sales CRM and Zoho CRM?

monday sales CRM is a more customizable solution and easier to set up and use. Quality and response of support are also higher as reported by many customers in the marketing, advertising, and manufacturing industries.

Zoho CRM provides teams with multiple communication channels to engage customers. It includes a comprehensive set of features that includes customer journey orchestration, smart sales assistants, real-time reports, and analytics that promote customer visibility and improve team performance.

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