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Top 10 Best Xero Integrations


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xeroXero is online accounting software used by small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers across the globe. It enables owners to run their business with all its invoices, contacts, and accounts in a central location. It connects and syncs with their banks, allows collaboration with their accountants, and provides customizations through integrations and add-ons. Xero integrations let users connect to third-party apps to build on their plan and customize solutions to suit their exact business needs.

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Top 10 Xero Integrations

Here are the top ten Xero integrations that can help business owners expand the functionality of Xero and build comprehensive business solutions to simplify their unique processes and workflow.

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRMCapsule CRM is an online CRM designed for small and midsize businesses. It is a simple yet powerful software for nurturing customer relationships, winning more sales, and seeing the big picture of the business. Features include contact management, sales pipeline, sales analytics, and tasks and calendar.

Xero and Capsule CRM integrate easily to give users accounting and invoicing capabilities in their CRM solution. It provides users all the information they need about their customers in one view. When users update their contacts in Capsule, such as information of customers and suppliers, these are also updated in Xero, too. The integration also allows users to view a summary of invoices and overdue amounts directly from the customer contact page in Capsule.

Capsule CRM


exsalerate logoExsalerate is an online CRM software that enables SMBs to increase sales and improve client retention. It allows users to win more businesses and retain customers while supporting team collaboration. It has visual, drag-and-drop pipeline management, an accounts management dashboard, and color-coded to-do lists visible for the whole sales team.

The Xero and Exsalerate CRM integration allows users to access real-time sales information so they can make insightful and informed business decisions. Users get capabilities like sending converted leads to Xero and creating draft invoices in Exsalerate for approval. They can also view which customers they have not invoiced or contacted for a specific time period. They can display comparative sales data per customer. Updating contacts in Xero automatically updates contacts in Exsalerate.

Prospect CRM

Prospect CRMProspect CRM is a CRM solution ideal for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and businesses that sell physical products business-to-business. It integrates product, inventory, and customer sales data that helps streamline the B2B sales process. It has tools to help target the right customers at the right time, optimize the quote-to-order workflow, and accelerate order taking without duplicate entry.

Xero and Prospect CRM integrate bi-directionally which keeps teams up-to-date. Sales teams get insights which products customers buy and when these products are available so reps can sell the right products at the right time. The Xero CRM software integration simplifies the management of and prospects, stock levels, and creating quotes and orders using information from Xero with a click of a button.

Prospect CRM


OncordOncord is digital marketing software that enables businesses to manage websites, contacts, and online stores. It is a professional website and hosting solution that offers an alternative solution to existing content management software. It combines different tools to grow a contacts database, engage visitors, and sell online.

The Oncord and Xero integration allows users to synchronize contacts, sales invoices, and receipts both ways. Intelligent, two-way sync automatically keeps contacts up-to-date whenever a contact record gets updated in either software. Users can also send targeted email and SMS campaigns to Xero contacts as well as understand customers better from sales data in Xero. Invoices and payments are automatically synced in Xero whenever a sale from the online store occurs.



InfoodleInfoodle is a cloud-based management software for charities, churches, and community groups. It combines CRM and finance management tools to address administrative needs in one central place so users can spend more time on their missions and purpose. It helps users to reach more people, develop greater commitment among members, and increase donations.

By integrating Xero and Infoodle, users can seamlessly retrieve contacts data in Xero, manage categories, and track transactions. Users can also send contacts and transactions from Infoodle to Xero. They can generate donor data and custom receipts ad-hoc, annually, or by other criteria. The CRM integration enables connection of transactions to individual donors. Xero data also allows better management and segmentation of the database for analysis and communication.



MRPeasyMRPeasy is a materials requirement planning (MRP) software used by manufacturing companies. It is a cloud-based solution ideal for small manufacturers and distributors. The software helps users in creating accurate production plans and reports. It also provides a real-time inventory overview, enables on-time deliveries, and gives users a complete view of their business.

The Xero and MRPeasy integration allows users to easily send their outgoing and incoming invoices to accountants. Companies are able to connect their whole manufacturing or distribution operation to the Xero accounting software. Users can manage manufacturing, procurement, inventory, and sales in MRPeasy than have the financial data synced in Xero. They can also automate journal entry synchronization for more in-depth integration.



ZigaflowZigaflow is a flexible CRM and business management software. It provides users the tools to create quotes, manage leads, and add tasks automatically. It is fully customizable so businesses get an improved experience while simplifying their business processes. Users are able to customize their branding, such as the screens, documents, and emails. They can also customize the layouts, terminology, processes, and rules through its different modules.

By integrating Zigaflow and Xero, users get a flexible business management software alongside a powerful accounting software. Users can import data on clients, suppliers, and products into the CRM software and send POs and invoices into Xero. Synchronization is both ways, so payments received in Xero updates invoices in Zigaflow.



WORKetc is cloud-based business management software with CRM, project management, billing, and help desk. The platform centralizes team and customer collaboration. Integrated tools within the software provides a single solution for the entire business so that users have one place to sell, deliver, and support its customers. It also integrates with Xero, which boosts its online accounting software features with expanded CRM, project management, and time tracking tools. Users can consolidate invoices in WORKetc and quickly send them to Xero in a few clicks. They can also track billable hours, so the company never misses any billing. Users can also give their customers a branded portal where they can share projects, invoices, documents, and track support tickets. WORKetc

Breadwinner for Salesforce

BreadwinnerBreadwinner is a Salesforce integration software for connecting to other financial software. It helps align systems and transform data for profitable results. This leading integration tool enables Salesforce users to streamline processes between sales, finance, and payment data. Businesses can quickly install Breadwinner in under a day, optimize workflows through automation, and enable two-way sync. Xero and Salesforce integration through Breadwinner is secure due to its native application connection with user permission settings. It allows controlled access to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable data from within Salesforce. Sales and collections teams can access Xero data without having to log into Xero. Users can send invoices quickly and more accurately, with payment status visible across the company. Breadwinner for Salesforce


SuiteCRMSuiteCRM is open-source CRM software for businesses of all sizes. It is an affordable, enterprise-ready CRM solution that comes with the freedom and flexibility of open source. SuiteCRM is downloadable and can be installed on user-owned servers or in development environments. Benefits include having a central repository of all customer data, reduced total cost of ownership, Open REST API, and a vibrant community. SuiteCRM Xero integration provides a seamless flow of customer data from the CRM to Xero’s billing and invoicing system. The Xero CRM add on includes smart features such as real-time sync with option of auto-syncing. Automation reduces errors and saves time. It is easy to configure and highly customizable. SuiteCRM Back to top

Xero Integrations: Why Do You Need It?

Xero provides a good balance for having comprehensive features and an intuitive design for all types of business users. But businesses need other tools and features not found within the accounting software to have better tracking and control of their data and processes. Xero add-ons are apps built and owned by Xero that extend the accounting software’s capabilities. It also has a long list of integrations like CRM software that integrates with Xero. Xero CRM integrations and other software integrations give users of Xero additional benefits. Users can streamline their business processes through bi-directional and real-time sync. It eliminates double entry and keeps records up-to-date no matter which software  is used. It also improves collaboration, so that different teams view the same data to optimize workflow among their different business areas. Back to top

Ready to Try a Xero Integration?

Xero accounting software helps owners, accountants, and bookkeepers manage businesses and clients in an organized way for increased opportunities and profits. It is also flexible and extendable through Xero add-ons and integrations to give users an end-to-end business solution.

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