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  • Different Types of CRM Software & Tools

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    How Is CRM Software Useful? Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be extremely useful to both small and large businesses where customer management is concerned. The system allows the company to better serve clients and customers, as well as potential clients/customers, by putting together information from different departments of the company and presenting them in…

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  • Open Source CRM vs. On-Demand


    What Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? CRM is a type of business strategy that businesses and companies use to reduce costs and increase profits by increasing customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer advocacy. CRM uses all available internal and external information to give businesses a holistic view of customers in real time.  By viewing customers…

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  • What is Help Desk Outsourcing?


    This is the era when the business community is able to tap many opportunities and options to endure rising operational costs. A company can now possibly and easily employ an external or third-party company to perform on its behalf technical support. This is what is more popularly known today as help desk outsourcing. The proliferation…

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  • CRM for Small Businesses


    Customer relationship management (CRM) used to be exclusive to huge enterprises. But due to a widening adoption of popular management concepts across different industries, CRM is now also popular among small businesses. There are numerous options on how large- and small-scaled ventures can effectively manage their relationships with their customers. Small businesses may implement CRM…

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