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Overview Presentation

CompanyHub is an online customer relationship management software. It is a flexible, highly customizable software that helps sales teams in tracking leads, monitoring pipeline, and many more. It is applicable across sectors and industries, and its tools and features enable users to automate most of their manual work in following up their leads and managing their contacts. The software also helps them understand and analyze the data they have through reports, so they can make better decisions and engagements to improve sales performance.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Lead Management and Sales Pipeline – CompanyHub CRM software enables users to manage their leads easily with automatic reminders, powerful filters, and quick actions, all from a single page. Filters can be saved and shared. Notes, conversations, tasks and others all can be added right from the listing of leads. Also, they can import leads from uploaded files, emails, social media and websites. A visual sales pipeline dashboard allows users to manage potential deals from start to finish. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to update the board as deals go from one stage to the next.
  • Email Automation, Customizable CRM – It has email sync and bulk mail features that minimizes manual work, but at the same time, deliver personalized experiences to their customers. It sends through the user’s email account, so they appear as if they were personally sent. It also provides information as to which ones opened the email, when, how many times, and which links did they click. These allow the user to decide how and when best to approach their leads. Other automation tools include a reminder if there is no reply in a certain amount of time, and sending scheduled mail. Moreover, the CRM software is fully customizable, allowing teams to create custom fields, tables, reports and logic, to fully adapt to their business.
  • Sales Reporting, Gmail Integration, Mobile Apps, and more – CompanyHub has reporting tools that can be generated on-the-fly. It has dashboards for tracking overall sales performance, as well as for ranking the performance of individual sales team members. Numerous visualizations and charts can be used to display different metrices about sales, deal sizes, close rates, and others for a variety of time frames. The software integrates with Gmail. Also, native apps for both iOS and Android devices are available.


CompanyHub offers three premium plans. The Productivity plan is priced at $12 per user/month billed annually. It includes lead and contact management features, email automation tools, and import and export. The Insight plan at $16 per user/month billed annually contains all the Productivity plan features with the addition of dashboards, and standard and custom reports. The Automation plan at $24 per user/month billed annually contains all the features. A 14-day free trial period is available.

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Target Market

CompanyHub is for sales and management teams of companies small and big alike. It is applicable to many industries, especially valuable to teams in the automotive, manufacturing, real estate, travel, and education sectors.

Supported Language

It supports English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Cornastone, Hackerearth, LeveeAnce, FinaTel, Indorse Trade Fair Media, Valuebound, and Roman Networks.


Mark Cherry stated that after trying many other CRMs in the past, he found CompanyHub to be the cleanest and most understandable for him.

Sai Kiran Reddy described the CRM software’s interface to be very interactive, easy to comprehend and use. Assigning tasks has become easier, and viewing reports provided him new information not available before.

Why CompanyHub

CompanyHub CRM software provides great benefits to sales teams by allowing them to automate tasks and instead spend more time focusing on their customers and their needs. It also provides great advantage and competitive edge through valuable information and insight from reports and dashboards based on actual data, and not guesswork.

Company Info

CompanyHub is a product of CompanyHub IT Solutions PVT, a privately held computer software company based in Nasik, India. It was founded in 2015 by Abhishek A. Agrawal. The company’s mission is to make a smarter, more transparent CRM software that minimizes manual work and guessing.

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