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What is Asana?

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Asana Time TrackingAsana is an online work and project management software used by over 1 million paying users. Project teams from startups to enterprises use the software for its high-quality design, delightful interactive experience, modern features, stable platform, security, and compliance. As a project management tool, it enables teams to build plans, coordinate tasks, organize details, and track progress. It has a timeline tool to keep work on track and a workload tool for managing capacity. Even with all these features, Asana does not have its own time tracking tool.

Asana time tracking – Why is it important?

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A successful project is a project delivered on time, within budget, covering all scope, and adhering to quality standards. Asana can help teams create schedules, identify milestones, and track progress, but it cannot track individual hours spent by team members as they work on tasks. If you cannot track individual time of team members, it gets difficult to compute the cost of the effort against the project’s budget. Without vital Asana time tracking, there is a risk of the project going over its budget, getting delayed, or missing an opportunity.

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Benefits of project time tracking

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Project time tracking is a critical time management activity because projects have start and end dates. Moreover, a successful project delivers more value than the cost it took to undertake it. But project managers can only determine these amounts if they are tracking and collecting data such as time spent on tasks. Other benefits of time tracking include:

  • Timely delivery of work
  • High quality of work
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced stress
  • More accurate estimates for future projects
  • Easy integration of payroll data

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Top Asana time tracking integrations and apps

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Asana does not have time tracking tools such as time clocks or timesheets. But it can easily integrate with third-party time tracking apps. Here is a list of the best applications for Asana time tracking:

Toggl Track

Toggl TrackToggle Track (formerly Toggl) is a time tracking software for any workflow. It integrates with Asana through its free browser extension available in Chrome and Firefox browsers. The time tracker works with both free and premium Asana accounts. Clicking the Toggl Track icon on the Asana UI lets you start the timer. Add a time entry description, project, or tags. You can view your time entries or export a time report on Toggl Track’s website.


HubstaffHubstaff is a time tracking and productivity monitoring software. The Asana integration lets you track time spent on Asana tasks with screenshots and activity levels. A Chrome extension of the time tracking software allows you to track time directly from Asana’s dashboard. The software also lets you analyze time data, invoice clients, and automate team payments from a single dashboard. Hubstaff provides you with an overview of which projects in Asana are more profitable than others. You can also track time in Asana across multiple devices, including mobile.


HarvestHarvest is an easy-to-use time tracking software with invoicing features. It has native integration where the Harvest timer appears inside the task pane. You can track time for any task without switching away from Asana. Your team can track time for tasks they are already working on without interrupting their workflow. In addition to the timer icon in every task, the time tracking software can also import projects and people from Asana. Responding to the email invite will automatically add them to the projects.

Time Doctor

Time DoctorTime Doctor is an employee time tracking software with screenshots that help track activity. It is a native desktop application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The Asana time tracking integration can show how much time your team spends on their tasks and projects. Upon connection, employees will see a list of Asana tasks assigned to them. Clicking on the tasks starts the timer. Users can see the tracked time on the Time Doctor website. A Chrome extensions is available.


TimeCampTimeCamp is an automated time tracking software that lets users stay on top of their work. By integrating the software to Asana, you can track your projects and get a clear overview of how much time your projects are taking. With its Chrome extension, you can start tracking time directly in Asana. By synchronizing your Asana workspaces to TimeCamp, you can also analyze time spent by your team, identify bottlenecks, and improve existing processes. Optionally, you can also import opportunities, projects, tasks, contracts, organizations, and leads to the time tracking software.


EverhourEverhour is a simple time tracking and timesheet software. With the direct integration, you can track time, estimate tasks, or set up a fixed-fee or recurring budget for your projects without leaving Asana. Everhour provides you the amount of time your team spends on any task or project compared to the original estimate. You can also create reports such as monthly timesheets or detailed breakdown of tasks that you can easily share with others.


TrackingTimeTrackingTime is an intuitive software that lets you track time within Asana. It has a Chrome browser extension to help you track time spent on projects and tasks. Create detailed timesheets for project budgeting, client billing, invoicing, or payroll. The start/stop timer appears next to the task’s due date. Tracked time collected by the software can help you measure your team’s productivity, monitor your team’s workload, and provide you with reports for your needs.


TMetric software reviewTMetric is a time tracking application that helps you streamline your business so you can boost profits, satisfy clients, and satisfy your team. The Asana time tracking integration lets you track time spent on tasks and projects, set budget and rates, and generate work activity reports. TMetric apps are available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge browsers. Timer buttons appear into each Asana task with a single click to start the timer. Time entries contain links to each Asana task with its tags. Time reports are also available.

Ready to choose your Asana time tracking app?

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Asana is a work management and collaboration tool that helps teams deliver projects successfully. By adding time tracking applications that integrate with Asana, you can track tasks more closely, get the right data from time reports, and make better decisions.

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