Time Doctor Software Review


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Time Doctor

Time Doctor is online time tracking and employee monitoring software to help companies and organizations manage remote teams and hybrid work setups. It enables users to improve production time and reduce distractions and wasted time. Companies gain better visibility to employee performance and access to work-related insights.

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Time Doctor Review: Features and Strengths

Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring

Time Doctor lets users track time with a click of a button. A user can turn a timer on and off for time spent on each project, client, or task. Manual editing of an entry is also possible. The time tracking software will create daily, weekly, and monthly reports that it can automatically email so managers can analyze time spent working on computer, idle time spent on breaks, and other activities.

Managers and employees have access to a dashboard they can use to analyze productivity. The dashboard is customizable so users control what to track and analyze. An executive dashboard is also available for company decision-making. The time tracking tool creates timesheets for payroll that managers can review and approve as needed. Payroll setup is customizable for different pay periods, multiple currencies, and no-cost integration to payment partners. The software now has features to accommodate paid breaks.

Project Management and Productivity Measuring

Time Doctor helps companies align their projects and budgets. Users can create tasks, assign projects, track time, and review progress using one application. Admins can create permanent tasks while users can now add self-assigned regular tasks that they can turn on and off as needed. Users can view projects being worked on in real time using optional screenshots and time reports.

Managers and clients can view screenshots of real-time progress, work performed by employees on particular projects, and time spent on a particular workday. The software creates summary reports with hours, website and application usage stats, and task and client breakdown data. It records website and app data while employees are working to track patterns and uncover habits. Admins have the option to filter out suspected time-wasting sites and apps.

Distraction Alerts, Screenshots, Integrations, and More

When Time Doctor detects excess time spent on personal and non-work related sites or long idle time, it can alert the user with a popup window. This helps users to stay focused on tasks during work hours. Screencasts are automatic screenshots and screen recordings that users and customers can opt to take to provide proof of work and other insights into activity levels.

The productivity tool can send email notifications that are customizable and trigger-based. Managers can receive performance alerts straight to their inboxes to monitor low productivity and activity, work-life balance, attendance, time editing alerts, and other potential performance issues. Other features include integration with other apps and tools, API, customization options for user, team, company, and account settings, offline time tracking mode, client login access, and cross-device access including native mobile apps.


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Time Doctor Pricing

Time Doctor pricing is available in different plans that users can choose to pay monthly or annually with two months for free. A 14-day free trial is available.

  • The Basic plan at $70 /user/year or $7 /user/month includes features for time tracking, tasks and projects, unlimited screenshots, activity tracking, one department, and one-month data history.
  • The Standard plan at $100 /user/year includes all Basic plan features with the addition of apps and URL tracking, payroll, daily email notifications, up to three departments, 60+ integrations, and 6 months data history.
  • The Premium plan at $200 /user/year has all the Standard plan features plus unlimited departments, unlimited data history, client login access, video screen captures, internet connectivity report, and concierge account setup.

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Who Uses Time Doctor?

While Time Doctor is for companies of all sizes, it is preferred by many small to midsize businesses. Individuals, teams, and organizations in need of an online time tracking and productivity monitoring application. Customers include Boost Media, Ericsson, Thrive Market, Keller Williams Realty, Better Business Bureau, Firehouse Subs, Phoenix Virtual Solutions, Eufonie, and Boring Commerce.

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Time Doctor Supported Languages

Time Doctor supports English, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.


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Case Studies

Johan le Bail is the founder and CEO of a business process outsourcing company based in Madagascar that started in 2012. With the sudden shift to a remote workforce, his clients had concerns about the cost efficiency of the company’s work output. Another challenge was that the company was providing a majority of the team with personal computers and internet connection for the first time, so it needed to make sure they can monitor the productivity of its agents while also allowing them to demonstrate accountability.

Johan chose Time Doctor because of its multiple features and capability to provide insightful data and accountability. Its screencast feature allows Johan to show accurate proof of work to his clients in real time as well as determine the training needs of his employees.

Monica Thakwani is the HR and Operations Manager at a performance marketing company in India. When the teams reported back to the office recently, the company’s leadership wanted data and metrics to help build better processes. With a total of seven different teams covering a wide range of services, the company needed more visibility into the hours spent per client to balance workloads and uncover trends and behaviors.

The company implemented Time Doctor to uncover trends and accurately monitor in-office performance. Monica shared that its reporting features allow her and her team to see all of the data so they can build improvements to their organization. Also, its integration with Asana enables the company to track how long each task takes to complete and gives them insight into processes and project timelines.

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Why Choose Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a valuable remote employee management application that gives companies the flexibility to hire talent and build businesses from any location. It provides better visibility into work, time, performance, and productivity with built-in features that encourage accountability and focus. It also gives organizations work insights to track patterns, along with identifying habits and opportunities for employee training.

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Company Info

Time Doctor is a product of MyStaff LLC, a privately held software company with headquarters in Las Vegas. The company was founded in 2012 by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson. As a remote company, Time Doctor was initially built as an internal application to ensure trust and high levels of productivity in working with remote teams. Today, with 140 employees distributed in 31 countries, it is helping companies and customers build distributed teams and maintain a high level of productivity while working remotely.


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