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Overview Presentation

Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity monitoring software. It is a valuable tool for businesses with co-located, distributed or remote employees. Individual freelancers and contractors can use it also to accurately bill their clients for projects and rendered services. It is simple to use and has smart features to keep users focused on their most important tasks up to its completion. In addition, it generates detailed reports for work completed that provide helpful business information.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Time Tracking and Work Reminder ‚Äì Time Doctor is primarily a time tracking application that records actual time (up to the second) spent on a selected task. The software uses a desktop component that accurately counts the time on a specified task as soon as the user clicks the Go button. Users can easily pause and start again as they take a break. They can also switch from task to task, and mark a work as completed. It can detect inactivity and send a reminder or notification to make sure the user is still working on his or her designated task. Thus, it helps users stay on their task and keep their focus on what they set out to do.
  • Website and Application Monitoring ‚Äì The time tracking software is also an Internet and application usage monitoring software. As a counterpart to the desktop time tracking component, users also have access to the website where they can view and enable other features. Here, users can see which websites and applications were frequently accessed. This can help in measuring statistics for work, or simply for monitoring activity. Business owners or managers can also enable an optional feature where screenshots of employee monitors are regularly taken, either as part of their work process such as peer reviews, or simply for work verification.
  • Cross-platform, Integrations, API, and more ‚Äì Time Doctor desktop software works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook. Native apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices are also available. Moreover, the time tracking software integrates with many web applications such as task and project management tools, providing businesses with complete collaboration and professional services systems. It has an open API that allows further customization, a GPS tracking feature for mobile devices, optional payroll feature, flexible team, company, and email report settings, and more. All these transactions are made using world-class standard encryption methods to maintain privacy and security.


Time Doctor offers a simple pricing of $9.99 per user per month. For individuals, they offer a Solo plan for $5 per month. Interested users can test the software for free for 30 days. Bulk discounts are available. A free plan with limited features is also available.

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Target Market

Time Doctor is ideal for businesses that bills client work on a time-per-dollar basis. It is also valuable for organizations, teams and individuals who want a detailed breakdown of time spent on specific tasks, especially for measurement reviews or for improving efficiency. Other features included in the software can help companies with remote teams monitor activity and ensure priorities are actually worked on.

Supported Languages

English and Russian.

Some of their Clients

Positive Business Online, splashopm.com, Bertholf Consulting, and smartsites.com.


Nik Cree stated that Time Doctor allowed him to simplify his workflow, streamline jobs, and spend more time with his family. By integrating the time tracking app with Asana, using the Payroll dashboard, and receiving friendly reminders, he was able to increase 30 percent in monthly profitability, pay his team with a push of a button, and make sure he stays focused.

Allie Pasag grew her business from 1 to 20 virtual assistant agents. With the time tracking desktop software, the reports, and the friendly reminders, her team can continue to work offline and sync instantly with the web app when needed. The reports provided her how productive her agents are, who are reminded automatically when they spend a little too much time on Facebook and other non-work-related sites.

Why Time Doctor

Time tracking is an essential component of business growth and success. We cannot improve something that we cannot measure, and improving how we use our time for work directly impacts efficiency, productivity and profitability. Time Doctor performs excellent time tracking, and together with other intuitive features provide users a great number of options and flexibility, as well as valuable insight.

Company Info

Time Doctor LLC, is a privately held computer software and SaaS company with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The company was founded in 2010 by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson. The software was built to help the founders work effectively with a remote team. It was launched in 2012, and in March 2015, their 3rd year anniversary, they broke through 1 million hours tracked per month. The software is now being used in more than 109 countries. The company itself has over 50 employees in 15 different countries. Their goal is to continue helping customers be more productive in their work and in their organizations, stop wasting time on distractions, and finish what is important.

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