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Tasker is an Android app that automates the performance of tasks or sets of actions based on a defined condition or context. Users create profiles that include the contexts and conditions to initiate actions; when these are met, action are automatically carried out by the app.

The app extends users’ control over their device, allowing them to create custom automations that take care of repetitive tasks. In this Tasker review, we take a deeper look at the app’s features, pricing, and more.

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Tasker App: Features and Strengths


Tasker enables users to create profiles that run tasks on the phone when it meets certain conditions, called contexts. A context is the state of the phone during a time of day, a specific date or location, when running application, during an event, or when a gesture is made. When the condition set on the profile is true, the task is automatically performed.

Users can also create an exit task, which the phone will automatically run when the condition is no longer true. For instance, users can create a profile that turns the display brightness of the phone to 100% between noon and 6pm every day, but will reduce the brightness to 60% at any other time. The Tasker app can also automatically back up files to a folder, card, USB, or Google Drive.

Actions and Triggers

Tasker provides over 350 ready-to-use actions that users can combine to create automated workflows. When a condition becomes true, it triggers the app to perform the action automatically — actions like sending an SMS, creating a notification, or opening an app. Actions also include changing a system setting such as a WiFi connection, lowering media volume levels, or turning Dark Mode on.

Most of the available actions do not require root level access. Users can also manually trigger actions using launcher shortcuts, quick setting tiles, or long-pressing volume buttons.

Scenes, App Creation, Public Sharing, and More

The Tasker app regularly updates its features, allowing users to create their own user interface, called Scenes, that display the information they want. Users can create an interactive overlay that displays ticker-type notifications, a Smart Home control button on a lock screen, or a custom navigation bar.

Tasker also lets user create their own apps using the Tasker App Factory, which they can share or sell. A new Tasker Net file sharing system hosted on Tasker’s servers allows users to export their tasks, profiles, and projects as a link from within the app. By adding a few tags and marking them as public, users can share their automated tasks to other users.

They can also create a custom screen recorder with an always-present start and stop button on the navigation bar. Further, Join is a remote Tasker app that allows users to trigger tasks from another Android device or PC.


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Tasker Pricing

Tasker is available for $3.49 on the Google Play Store. A 7-day trial period is also available as a direct download from the Tasker website.

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Who Uses Tasker?

Tasker is for any Android device user who wants to automate actions on their phone based on contextual factors like location, time of day, or apps in use, among others. According to Google Play, there have been more than 1 million installations of Tasker.

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Tasker Supported Languages

English is the preferred UI language of the app.


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Case Studies

Jason Ovalles states that Tasker enables him to make his phone behave the way he likes without gaining access to the lowest (root) level of the Android operating system. He describes it as a great app with a developer that frequently updates the app with new features.

Brian Ellsworth describes Tasker as a powerful app that can give even old Android devices new purpose. He uses it to alert him to different status changes happening in his phone. The app allows him to complete actions automatically.

Blake Ross uses Tasker to automate many things, like changing auto-rotate settings on a per-app basis, pulling data from websites, updating spreadsheets, automating apps, or checking websites for product availability. He describes it as an amazing product with an initial steep learning curve that is worth getting to know.

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Why Choose Tasker?

Tasker provides users additional control over their device in an automated way, so they will not have to spend time manually performing repetitive tasks. Moreover, it helps Android devices control other applications, devices, and smart appliances with connections and ready-made rules.

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Developer Info

Tasker was initially developed by a German company called Crafty Apps EU. In 2018, João Dias from Portugal purchased Tasker and created AutoApps, a suite of Tasker plugins.


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