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Overview Presentation

Toggl is a free time tracking software that is simple to use but with powerful reporting tools. It is easy to use, works and syncs across devices such as browsers, desktop app, mobile phone, or Chrome extension. It provides time tracking data that can be used to bill clients, improve performance, or standardize work processes that are accessible through filtered views, visual data, or exported information in a variety of file formats.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Simple and Easy-to-use Time Tracking ‚Äì Toggl time tracking software has one-click timers for a quick start of new time entry or for continuing tracking of a previous task. It has reminders so you will not forget to track, but can also detect idle time when you forget to stop the timer. With over 100 app integrations, such as Asana, Basecamp, Freshbooks, GitHub, Teamweek, and others, you are able to put the Toggl button inside your work app, so there will be less switching and navigating between apps. Aside from automatic timers, users have the option also of manual time entry or calendar integration, where calendar events can be turned into time entries.
  • Productivity Toolset – The time tracking software also has reporting features, where users can filter time tracking data to get the right information, and then export it into Excel, CSV or PDF format. An improved Project Dashboard allows them to compare actual progress to estimated time. Visual data helps them spot problems early and prevent scope creep. Professionals working on client projects can assign billable rates to tasks assigned to them.
  • Advanced Features, Apps, and more – Toggl has advanced features in premium plans that can provide actionable insights to its users. For example, useful data visualization in graphs and charts show which projects and clients are profitable for a profit vs labor cost analysis. The Team Dashboard quickly shows how much time each team member is tracking, and if they are taking in too much or too little work. Other features include automation tools that send email reminders, required fields, and scheduled alerts. Toggl also syncs across devices, so users can start tracking on their browser, and stop it using their iOS or Android phone, Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop app, or Chrome extension button.


Toggl offers a free plan and premium plans. The basic free plan includes most of the time tracking features included in premium plans. However, it only has PDF and CSV exporting, CSV importing, but also a dashboard, various reports, unlimited projects and clients, basic team management features, integrations and mobile and desktop apps, as well as Chrome extension. The Starter plan is priced at $7.20 per user per month billed annually and includes all features in the free plan with the addition of more reporting, project management, and team management features. The Premium plan is at $14.40 per user per month billed annually, and includes all features in the Starter plan with the addition of advanced features such as email reminders, scheduled reports to email, project dashboard, iCal feed, and more. A custom Enterprise plan is also offered. A free 30-day trial period is available.

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Target Market

Toggl is for individuals and small to mid-sized teams, departments and companies. It is valuable for freelancers, consultants, and professional service providers.

Supported Language

English only at the moment, but sustainable multilingual support for Japanese, German, Spanish, and other languages are being worked on.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Amazon, Google,, Microsoft, Adobe, and GitHub.



Avi, an account manager from London, stated that Toggl has been very useful for their company, allowing them to see the overall progress of the entire team. It also shows the effectiveness of each team member. With the software, he is able to catch and solve potential issues early.

Cassandra, a creative director from New York, stated that they are using the time tracking software to help analyze the profitability of client projects, and to track internal ROI. When they need to, they can show their data to clients, which helped in negotiations supported by factual data.

Why Toggl

Toggl is a simple time tracker but can offer more than time tracking. It can be used to track work data and be used for creating estimates, for team planning, to support business processes, budget projections, to help in defining project scope and identifying scope creep, among many other things. Administrative time tracking can be handled automatically by the software, so that people can focus on their core business.

Company Info

Toggl is a product of Toggl O√ú, a privately held computer software company based in Tallinn, Estonia. It was founded in 2007 by Alari Aho, CEO and Krister Haav, Product Lead. At first, it was developed as an in-house tool for a software consultancy firm. When they decided to turn it into a cloud-based product, they realized that they have to put all their focus into it. Since then, it has gained traction and has become widely used for its ease of use and cross-platform synchronizing capability. They are continuously improving the software in terms of speed, scalability and usability. They value user feedback and encourage it, as they plan for new features, such as improving mobile interface and integrations.

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