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TrackingTime is productivity software that helps owners, managers, team leaders, and administrators simplify tracking hours and daily activities. It is a modern time tracker that automates time tracking and organizes information, including timesheet creation and submission, project time monitoring, and attendance tracking. Businesses can follow where time and other resources go so they can make adjustments to improve efficiency.

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TrackingTime Features and Strengths

Time Tracking and Online Timesheets

TrackingTime provides flexible time tracking for team members to record their work time in a way that matches their work style, location, or work arrangement — by hour or by project. It’s compatible with web, desktop, and mobile platforms. It can track automatically, but it can also accommodate manual entries and edits. Plus, it can track time by blocks according to workflows with automatic identification and reporting.

Its online timesheets enable companies to follow internal processes minus the paperwork and manual efforts. The timesheets contain accurate data to help companies make informed business decisions, and automatic time audits ensure timesheet data is consistent and complete. Timesheets are also customizable to include relevant information for reporting — and to make things even easier, users can save these as templates.

Project Management and Integrations

TrackingTime includes simple project management functionality to give users an overview of how tasks are progressing. It has several views that include list, board, project, and timeline views to help a project manager see the bigger picture and prioritize needed tasks. Teams can collaborate by attaching files per project, organizing them, and sharing them from a central hub, and they can create custom project labels for additional reporting information.

For teams that are using other project management and productivity tools, TrackingTime integrates with over 50 apps for seamless time tracking. For instance, it integrates with Airtable, Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Evernote, GitHub, Google Workspace, and Jira, among others. Users can track time and sync with tools they work on without having to switch apps.

Time Cards, Attendance Tracking, Reporting, and More

TrackingTime automatically generates employee time cards based on time entries. It sends email reminders for users to complete their entries, and employees can easily submit their time cards after they verify it for accuracy. The software also sends emails to notify admins of pending approvals. Additionally, users can export their time cards in PDF, CSV, and XLS formats.

The time tracking software can also work as an attendance tracking system. Employees can send time-off requests and get notified of its approval, and admins can create a list of leave types for teams to choose when requesting time-offs.

TrackingTime also includes several types of reports. User reports show team member performance, while project reports display progress and budgets. Other reports include client reports and payroll reports.

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TrackingTime Pricing

TrackingTime pricing is available in several plans including a free plan. All plans include unlimited tasks and projects. Customers can opt to pay a premium plan yearly and save 28% or pay month by month. A 14-day free trial of the Pro plan is also available if you want to try out the software before committing to a plan.

  • The Free plan allows collaboration of up to 3 users. It includes all time tracking features, such as multi-platform tracking, task, project, and client tracking, manual time entry, email and in-app notifications, and over 50 integrations. It also has a day calendar view, board view, timeline view, sync due dates with calendar, CSV export, and 100 MB file storage.
  • The Pro plan — at $5 per user, per month, billed annually (or $7 per user, per month) — includes all Free plan features, unlimited collaboration, advanced time and project management features, advanced reporting, work schedules, time estimates, company and project dashboards, data visualizations, invoicing, user roles and permissions, real-time activity monitoring, and 10 GB storage per user.
  • The Business plan — at $10 per user, per month, billed annually — includes all Pro plan features. It also has unlimited storage, audit logs, Google SSO, advanced security and support, and custom automations and integrations.

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Who Uses TrackingTime?

TrackingTime is for freelancers, teams, and businesses of all sizes. It’s for companies in need of a productivity software solution to track time, monitor projects, comply with requirements, and generate reports. Customers include SSL Mexico, MCI, Museum of Modern Art,, Playpass, and Smartsheet.

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TrackingTime Supported Languages

Currently, TrackingTime supports English, German, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian languages.

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Case Studies

Heath D. manages an internal audit team. His biggest challenge with projects is how to complete multiple conflicting tasks in a timely manner. He needed a tool to record and report his budgeted and actual times, as well as help him allocate time for each project.

Since using TrackingTime, Heath is able to schedule his tasks in the calendar with the confidence to have enough time to complete everything on time. He likes the ability to schedule time by project and task in the calendar. When urgent tasks pop up, the software allows Heath to determine which tasks he can delay to prioritize urgent ones.

Maria S. is a digital strategist for a midsize company. Previously, she was using time tracking software that served only as a timer. It didn’t allow her to analyze her time data. She needed a better tool that allowed her to estimate her work and explain time and money more easily to her employer.

When she started using TrackingTime, her estimates for her tasks also improved in accuracy. She uses its tag and category features on each of her tasks and group them into projects. She now has a better understanding of the exact time she spends on projects. With the accumulated data, Maria can create more accurate estimates that results in fewer failed deadlines and smoother project deliveries.

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Why Choose TrackingTime?

TrackingTime is an effective tool in streamlining time tracking and project management processes. It’s a versatile tool for monitoring not only employee work hours but also project timelines and client billing. Its detailed reports provide managers vital information so they can pinpoint areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions that benefit business outcomes.

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Company Info

TrackingTime, LLC, is a privately held software company with headquarters in County of Kent, DE, and offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Munich, Germany. It was co-founded by Eric Tulle, Diego Wyllie, and Leo Custer in 2012. With a passion to deliver on time and on budget, the founders built TrackingTime to help companies effectively manage their most valuable asset: time.

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