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Notion is an enhanced online workspace that includes powerful tools for notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. The robust structure allows for great flexibility in creating and organizing content, work items, or database components. It works with browsers, as a desktop app, and on mobile devices with native apps. The built-in collaboration tools allow for easy work and information sharing. The comprehensive set of features in one tool can replace several disconnected apps for a more streamlined workflow, better overview, and increased productivity.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths


Notion enables users to create and find any important information, such as document office policies, company goals, employee contacts, engineering best practices, and others, in one central location. They can add different types of content, such as lists, images, and embeds, among others, and use drag-and-drop to arrange them. The software allows nested pages for proper placement. It is also collaboration-ready that allows comments with mentions in shared workspaces. Users can share individual pages or an entire web site to external guests, with configurable levels of access. It also integrates with over 50 apps, such as Typeform, Twitter, GitHub Gist, and others, to bring all work together.

Projects and Tasks

The software goes beyond note-taking and allows users to plan and track tasks and projects. It is customizable so they can define and add their database properties to create their ideal workflow. It incldues multiple views for database, as a table, board, calendar, or filtered by properties. Each item in the database is its own page, and users can create pages inside pages to keep all related work together. Rich content features allow for adding any type of information. Filters allow easy tracking of tasks, and easily toggle between personal tasks and tasks for the whole team. Other features include multi-user collaboration on the same page, and notifications of mentions.

Notes and Docs

Notion enables distraction-less writing/typing with a clear, blank space/page. Users can add any content and rearrange them with drag-and-drop. They can choose from a variety of content types, such as images, bookmarks, videos, programming code, and a lot more. Shortcuts are available, so they can type uninterruptedly, even without touching a mouse. The database features allows tracking of docs and notes, through custom keyword tags. They can also add teammates for collaboration, set due dates, and more. The sidebar provides quick navigation and search. Notes can be kept private, or shared with the rest of the team. Other features include mentions, public access, SSL security, and SAML single sign-on.


Notion Pricing

Notion offers a Free plan that includes for unlimited members and guests, 1000 blocks, and 5MB file uploads. *A block is any type of content added to a page. The Free plan includes all basic features, such as web, desktop (Mac and Windows), and mobile apps (iOS and Android). Users can choose from 40+ block types and embeds, 50+ designer templates, database with 5 views, and bulk export. The Personal plan is priced at $4 per month, and includes for only 1 member, unlimited guests, blocks, and file uploads, plus 30 days version history. It also has all basic features, plus priority support. The next higher plans are the Team plan at $8 per member per month that has all Personal plan features in addition to admin tools and advanced permission security features. An Enterprise plan is also available, and pricing can be requested directly from a company sales rep.

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Target Market

Notion is for individuals and teams who need a software where they can write, plan, collaborate, and get organized in just about anything.

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Some of their Clients

Some of the users of Notion are David Pierce (Personal Tech Columnist at WSJ), Steve Huffman (co-founder and CEO of Reddit), Guillermo Rauch (CEO of Zeit), William Fong, (CTO of Boxed), and Marie Shneegans (CEO, Workwell). Notion has 61k followers on Twitter.



Maria Aldrey stated that she gets more excited every day in using Notion. She described it as an amazing platform for life organization, as well as a community of users who are lovely and empowering.

Harry Brignull stated that he has fallen in love with the all-in-one software. Aside from having a wiki, Notion also has a Kanban board and to-do lists. For him, it is like having Airtable built into the software but at a fraction of a price.

Why Notion

Notion unifies important and related tools for productivity into one cohesive platform. With one affordable account, you can replace several applications, accounts, and billings. The time-saving and cost-saving also gives you a clearer mind to focus on work that matters. Furthermore, it is flexible and customizable enough to fit to your needs.

Company Info

Notion Labs Inc., is a privately held software company based in San Francisco. It was founded in 2013 by Ivan Zhao, CEO; Simon Last, Christopher Prucha, and Jessica Lam. To-date, only Ivan and Simon are with the company. The idea of Notion is to bring back the ideas of early computer pioneers who foresaw the computer as a workspace. It starts by blending all workflow into an all-in-one workspace. The company has raised over $10M in 2 angel funding rounds from investors in the last 2-3 years.


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