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Airtable is online software that enables individuals, teams, and companies to build business solutions using a configurable tool and workspace. The platform provides databases, ready-to-use apps, reports, and other relational model functionality to help users create applications and workflows tailored to their needs. In this Airtable review, we’ll show how users of all skill levels can find a solution beyond basic spreadsheets.

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Airtable Review: Features and Strengths

Database and Views

Airtable provides the features of a relational database with an intuitive workspace that handily beats using a spreadsheet. It lets users create software applications using a variety of fields for attachments, text, checkboxes, and links. It has preconfigured views to display data in grid view, calendar view, Kanban board view, form view, and gallery view. The Gantt chart feature offers easier tracking and coordinating for Airtable project management. For every view, users can further filter, group, and sort fields to help show their preferences within the workspace. They can display data by priority, by a certain deadline date, or by tags.

Automations and Sync

Airtable automation includes sending notifications, creating tasks, integrating tools, and running custom code, so teams can focus on more creative work. Automations can be simple notifications, complex trigger and action logic, and everything in between. Users can also use Javascript to expand automation features. Collaboration is possible with Airtable Sync, where teams can share views of table data to other teams — ensuring that information comes from a single, consistent source. This also simplifies the consolidation and aggregation of data from multiple sources for analysis.

Reporting, Apps, Templates, Integrations, and more

Users can create visual reports and dashboards with ready-to-use apps. These features can include charts, graphs, and metrics to display real-time information. Customized reports with filtering, grouping, and sorting, or new reporting systems built using low code provide businesses options to view crucial data. Airtable offers an app marketplace with apps created by the company, as well as from other developers.

Airtable templates exist for various use cases, which are grouped in dozens of categories. These apps range from simple search tools, org charts, and pivot tables, to running a Shopify store, converting financial data, or visualizing ideas on a collaborative whiteboard. Airtable integrates with other productivity tools, including software for screen capture like Evernote, file attachment and management tools, email, events, social networks, forms, media, and payments. After configuration, the Airtable base can provide its own API to create, read, update, and destroy records.

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Airtable Pricing

Airtable pricing plans are designed to give companies the choice to pick a solution depending on their team and work needs. All plans include rich field types, web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps, as well as real-time collaboration and commenting.

Free Plan

The free plan is for individuals and teams, and includes unlimited databases with a limit of 1,200 records per database. It has grid, calendar, Kanban, form, and gallery views, 100 automation runs per month, 2GB of attachment space per database, one synced table per database, and email support.

Plus Plan: $10 per seat per month billed annually ($12 per seat monthly)

The Plus paid plan is ideal for growing teams in need of more storage space. It includes everything in the free plan, as well as 5,000 records per database, 5,000 automation runs per month, 5GB of attachment space per base, and automatic table syncing.

Pro Plan: $20 per seat per month billed annually ($24 per seat monthly)

The Pro plan is valuable for companies that need to collaborate on complex workflows with additional Gantt, Selection, personal, and locked views. It also includes everything in the Plus plan, along with 50,000 records per base, 50,000 automation runs per month, 20GB of attachment space, additional apps available in the marketplace, multi-source and external source syncing, customization, editing, and permissions. A 14-day free trial of this plan is available.

Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales

The Enterprise plan for larger companies includes advanced features for security, control, and support.

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Who Uses Airtable?

Airtable users span businesses of all sizes. It’s designed for those in need of a flexible, customizable, and collaborative software for storing, organizing, visualizing, and tracking data. Small, midsize, and enterprise businesses in the arts & entertainment, fashion & merchandising, food, marketing, media, music, startup, and video production industries use it for project management, workplace productivity, task management, software development, and roadmapping. Clients include Boiler Room, Outdoor Voices, New York City Ballet, Atlantic Records, Netflix, Time, Mingei Museum, and the James Beard Foundation.

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Airtable Supported Language

The interface is currently available in English only. Support for other languages is coming future feature development cycles. Its translate app can translate the contents of any text-based field within the database, but not the Airtable app or interface.

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Airtable Case Studies

Allie Burns is the director of creative services of a fast-growing fitness apparel brand. The company has offices in two cities, headquarters in Austin, and a special projects and photography team in New York. Each of their eight stores also serves as a hub where like-minded athletes not only can shop but also socialize and share content. Airtable features enable them to manage a huge volume of digital assets stored in different platforms, from social media and office showrooms to city billboards. Also, they are able to align their creative teams across time zones easily with the help of the collaborative software.

Sam Johnson is the founder of a manufacturing company that produces sound-proof phone booths for companies and co-working spaces that use an open office layout. To address noise issues in many modern open offices, the company delivers thousands of its 500-pound booths every year. Tracking the stock quantities was not possible with spreadsheets anymore, so they turned to Airtable software. They created and connected their production queue and inventory management, building their own manufacturing resource planning system using the software. They also streamlined their asset creation process, and get more visual representations of their production and manufacturing process with different views.

Airtable Project Tracker

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Why Choose Airtable?

Airtable provides users a flexible solution that satisfies both their business needs and creativity. They can decide how simple or complex their application is, instead of working within the bounds of a software system or spreadsheet. This gives businesses more chances to find out what works best for them, and to quickly adapt to changes without the risk, cost, and complexity of switching from one solution to another.

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Company Info

Airtable is a privately held software company based in San Francisco, CA. It was founded in 2013 by Howie Liu, Andrew Ofstad, and Emmet Nicholas. The company aims to give people easy-to-use but powerful software with its no-code/low-code solution, so they can build the tools that meet their needs. With software as a powerful tool to bring ideas to life, Airtable provides people the experience to go beyond using software, and start creating software.

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