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With so many project management software options on the market today, exploring your options thoroughly before selecting a vendor is crucial. Wondering if Nifty is the right solution for you? Check out these powerful Nifty alternatives before making a decision.

Our PickBest ForPricing Starts At

Try Clickup
Best for Integration Heavy UsersFree to try • $5 per user/month

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Try Airtable
Best for Database ManagementFree to try • $10 per user/month

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Try monday.com
Best Overall Alternative to NiftyFree to try • $8 per user/month

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Try Asana
Best for Ease of UseFree to try • $10.99 per user/month

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Try Trello
Best for Smaller TeamsFree to try • $5 per user/month

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Try Smartsheet
Best for Excel UsersFree to try • $7 per user/month

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Try Wrike
Best for Team CollaborationFree to try • $9.80 per user/month

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Nifty is a platform that helps teams manage projects efficiently. It consolidates tasks, files, documents, and team discussions in one place, making it easier for teams to coordinate effectively. Nifty offers a range of tools to help teams manage, schedule, and view project essentials through customizable views.

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Best For Integration Heavy Users

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management software for teams who need a variety of functions within one application. Numerous project and task management features coupled with extensive customization and task view features make ClickUp a top-rated choice for teams of all sizes. With a generous free plan and affordable starter plan, ClickUp makes it easy for teams to trial-run the software and explore its numerous features. 

An example of a ClickUp integration with HubSpot.
An example of a ClickUp integration with HubSpot, shown above. Source: ClickUp, accessed June 2023.

How Is ClickUp Better Than Nifty?

While Nifty and ClickUp share many of the same key features – such as multiple task views, project templates, and time tracking – ClickUp takes many of those big-ticket features a step further. For example, ClickUp offers users more template options than Nifty and nearly 50 native integrations, which can be appealing to users looking for more flexibility. 

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Best For Database Management

An example of a customized database in Airtable.
An example of a customized database in Airtable, shown above. Source: Airtable, accessed June 2023.

Airtable is a low-code platform that enables organizations to create their own applications for a variety of uses, from project management to event planning, user research, content planning, and more. While it is not directly advertised as a project management solution, Airtable’s advanced functionality can manage, personalize, and organize both complex projects and work-related items at large, optimizing workflows for teams across your organization. 

How Is Airtable Better Than Nifty?

Compared to Nifty, Airtable is uniquely suited to support teams that manage large amounts of data or require flexible and dynamic solutions that may extend beyond the capabilities of more traditional project management software. Airtable’s unique Interface Designer enables anyone, at any technical skill level, to develop and customize personalized interfaces – all without code. 

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Best Overall Alternative to Nifty

An example of a task board from monday.com.
An example of a task board from monday.com, shown above. Source: monday.com, accessed June 2023.

monday.com has often been hailed as one of the premier choices as a one-stop-shop project management solution – and for good reason. monday.com is one of the most adaptable and customizable PM systems available. Beyond the standard scheduling and tracking capabilities, flexible workflow creation options and built-in collaboration features support teams of all sizes. 

How Is monday.com Better Than Nifty?

When compared to Nifty, monday.com has a wider range of features for teams who are looking for complete control over project workflows, including features for administrator-level control, advertising management, billing and invoicing, automated scheduling, and more. monday.com also allows users more flexibility in how they customize and set up project boards and tasks, with numerous project templates, options for customizable fields/columns, and even color-coded task statuses. 

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Best For Ease of Use

An example of Asana’s project tracking features
An example of Asana’s project tracking features, shown above. Source: Asana, accessed June 2023.

Asana is a powerhouse project management platform for scheduling tasks, managing cross-team work, team collaboration, file storage, and more. Designed for organization-wide use, Asana is excellent at connecting teams across multiple departments through workflow-building options, extensive collaboration tools, and workload overviews.

How is Asana Better Than Nifty?

For larger organizations, or organizations managing multiple projects across departments, Asana can be a preferable choice when compared to Nifty. Asana helps users make the most out of their workflow, with AI-generated automatic self-optimizing workflows, writing assistance, and summaries from meetings, tasks, and comments. Despite Asana’s vast capabilities, users need not sacrifice on usability, as Asana is one of the more intuitive project management tools on the market. There are also numerous support options for users to get acclimated to the platform, including a well-developed training program for new users, Asana Academy

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Best for Smaller Teams

The default Kanban style view of Trello
The default Kanban style view of Trello, shown above. Source: Trello, accessed June 2023.

Trello is a project management system that empowers teams to manage projects, workflows, and tasks through a Kanban board-style layout. Its simple interface makes it one of the most user-friendly project management options available, especially for users who are new to project management software.

With the ability to serve as a CRM, client and channel management hub, and collaboration hub, Trello is a flexible option for teams who are looking for an affordable, capable work management solution. 

How Is Trello Better Than Nifty?

For users who are looking to dip their toes into the world of project management software without an intimidating learning curve or hefty budget, Trello is a great option. When compared to Nifty, Trello is easier to learn, offers more native integrations, and has extensive road mapping and scheduling options. A wide and diverse range of project templates also makes it easy for users to get started without extensive setup. 

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Best for Excel Users

Smartsheet’s Excel-style layout
Smartsheet’s Excel-style layout, shown above. Source: Smartsheet, accessed June 2023.

Smartsheet is a comprehensive, data-powered project management platform with extensive project planning, scheduling, and resource management options. With an interface that resembles a spreadsheet, it provides users with a familiar usability experience with extended features that enable teams to work more efficiently and expand their capabilities. 

How Is Smartsheet Better Than Nifty?

When compared to Nifty, Smartsheet offers similar options for task viewing and task management, with more of a focus on insights and data. Smartsheet offers users a single dashboard for easy overviews across multiple projects, as well as the ability to link cells and projects together for cross-collaboration. For organizations who are looking for in-depth project insights and multi-project management, Smartsheet can be a viable option.

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Best For Team Collaboration

Wrike’s mentions feature promotes team collaboration
Wrike’s mentions feature promotes team collaboration, shown above. Source: Wrike, accessed June 2023.

Wrike is a comprehensive project management platform for dynamic teams looking to accelerate cross-functional team collaboration, house work-related materials, and consolidate work processes. With features such as an online proofing tool, dynamic request forms, custom item types, and the ability to request approval on individual tasks, Wrike is a great option for teams who are looking to connect multiple areas of an organization together collaboratively. 

How Is Wrike Better Than Nifty?

For users who need expanded functionality, Wrike offers a few unique features when compared to Nifty. Billing, invoicing, accounting, and time off request tracking features make Wrike an appealing option for teams working with freelancers or outside contractors. For larger teams looking to streamline multiple projects, the Blueprints feature for recurring task and action replication is a big selling point. Overall, Wrike offers an impressive spread of features to fit a variety of business needs. 

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Overall, Nifty is a powerful project management tool with numerous customization and collaboration options – making it an appealing choice for businesses of all sizes. However, if you’re looking for more integration options or functionality, it might be time to consider a Nifty alternative. We’ve shown you seven capable alternatives, but if you’re looking to explore a wider range of options, consider checking out our picks for the top 10 project management software solutions. 

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