Best Asana Alternatives for Teams in 2021

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What is Asana?

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Asana AlternativesAsana is an online work management software to manage team projects and tasks. Teams in marketing use it to plan and track campaigns while sales teams use it to streamline processes and manage accounts. Product teams use the software to build roadmaps and manage launches while operation teams use it to scale processes and improve efficiency. Asana includes features for project management, workflow management, schedule management, and task management. It is an easy-to-use software that provides teams different views to manage work and get insight, so they stay organized and synchronized.

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Asana pros and cons

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Asana users include teams from companies of all sizes from a wide range of industries such as technology, non-profit, finance, media, telecommunications, retail, and entertainment, among others.


Asana integrates easily with many popular applications that teams are already using. The interface is easy to use and pleasant to look at, allowing teams to onboard new members quickly. The software allows for efficient workflow management where teams can customize workflow processes and track processes visually and automatically. It has calendars, boards, lists, and templates to save the team more time when dealing with similar workflows and projects.


Asana offers a freemium model,  where it offers a significant number of features compared to free plans of other solutions. However, its premium plans can be expensive for startups or small businesses. Also, the software has no Gantt chart but offers a timeline view that shows bar charts, task descriptions, assignee, and task dependency information against the backdrop of a linear calendar. Its task management features are not the most intuitive, according to user feedback.

Top Asana Alternatives

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Thousands of teams use Asana all over the world to help them manage work, tasks, and projects efficiently. They spend less time learning to use the software and more time doing actual work. The software includes time-saving tools such as inbox, templates, forms, and automation, so teams can collaborate effectively to boost productivity. However, it is not the only solution for every team, project, or business. We compiled a list of the top Asana alternatives for your team’s project management needs. is an online work management platform that enables teams to create the work application they need to manage projects, processes, and tasks. It is a highly customizable visual software that allows teams to plan, track, manage, or deliver work for a broad array of use cases. Teams can use the platform to manage projects, marketing campaigns, client accounts, sales processes, or product design. Other features include automation, integration, and reporting, with mobile access and customer support in all its plans.

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Basecamp is a project management and team communication software ideal for distributed and remote teams. It provides companies essential tools to manage to-dos, schedules, docs, and communication, all in an organized way. The software lets you split work into projects where you can add members of your company to form its team. Customize the project by enabling/disabling tools. The software lets you prioritize communication, where members have quick access to several tools such as message boards, group chat, automatic check-ins, and pings.


Wrike is a versatile online project management software that enables teams to manage and deliver projects successfully. It is a work management platform where cross-functional teams can collaborate in a secure environment. Teams such as project, marketing, creatives, professional services and product development teams can use the software for collaboration with a transparent view of data. Customize dashboards, comment in realtime, and generate reports with enterprise-grade security built in its platform.


Backlog AlternativesBacklog is an online project management software for developers. If you are looking for a tool for your software development team, this is an all-in-one project and code management tool with collaboration features. The software includes task management, issue tracking, version control, file sharing, and wiki on the same platform. Although ideally for software developers, teams in design, product development, marketing, sales, and IT use the software for team collaboration, client management, and workflow management.


Teamwork is a work and project management platform that is simple to use and scalable for managing multiple complex projects. It has task management tools and customizable workflows so you stay in control whatever project size and complexity you are managing. The software also has advanced features such as Gantt charts, board view, portfolio management, time tracking, reporting dashboards, and workload management to make sure you work with a single platform even as your grow your business.


ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform that lets teams manage projects and improve overall business productivity. It provides teams integrated tools such as to-do lists for task management, docs and wikis for document management and information sharing, and email and chat for team communication. The software eliminates the need for switching between multiple apps, so teams can focus on their work and be more productive. Other features include spreadsheets, time tracking, reminders, and resource management.


Smartsheet is an online work and collaboration software that enables teams deliver projects successfully. It has a simple spreadsheet-like interface that are full of dynamic features. Teams can have conversations, collaborate on content, and access information with native iOS and Android apps. The software lets teams build web and mobile apps with no-code builders, generate and consolidate information across multiple sheets, and create custom portals for your team updates. The work platform enables you to make better decisions to help you grow your business.


Trello is a visual work management platform that enables teams to collaborate, customize workflows, and manage tasks with a system of boards, lists, and cards. It is a Kanban board system that a variety of teams use to manage backlogs and to-do lists, prioritize work and manage workflows, and track progress and collaborate on projects. The software integrates with many popular apps through Power-Ups, browser extensions, and other integrations.

Ready to choose your Asana alternative?

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Asana is team software with a great free plan and modern features. It is a dependable software with regular updates and a growing community of users. If you are looking for Asana alternatives for your team’s project management software needs, make sure you understand your project requirements as well as your team workflow and work preference to find the exact, suitable match.

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