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Asana’s online project management software enables teams to manage work, projects, and tasks. The productivity tool enables many users to deliver their projects successfully. Teams are more efficient in managing all types of work, from simple to complex, with Asana helping to streamline work and processes. This list can help users find the sites and resources that can show them how to get started and running up quickly.

Top Asana Tutorials

To get the most benefit of using the software, here is a list of Asana tutorial and training sites, courses, blogs, and videos to help users start using Asana.

Asana Academy

Asana Academy is a dedicated page to help users find the best ways to use Asana. It has links to online courses, video tutorials, and live and on-demand webinars. A registered Asana user can choose the type of training they want to have, whether through an online course, a video tutorial, a live training, or an on-demand webinar.

The Academy page also gives users the option to find training materials in specific languages aside from English. Resources in other languages are in French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. Courses are further divided in learning level, either for users getting started or for those who want to dive deeply into the system.

Asana Guide

The Asana Guide is a page for new users so they can quickly learn how to use the software. It gives users a variety of resources like a quick demo video, animated screenshots, and step-by-step instructions. Users can learn the basics of how to create their first task, how to create their first project, and how to organize their projects by grouping tasks together.

The product guide also gives tips on best practices. Users learn how to find work and see the latest updates about it. It has descriptions and diagrams of the hierarchy of work in Asana. In addition to the basics, the guide also has links to help a user get started with the free trial version, how to use the mobile app, and how to start collaborating with team members.

Unito Blog

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Asana on the Unito blog gives readers a quick tour of how to benefit from using the software. Unito is an online tool that enables users to connect apps and automate workflows. It also offers a 2-way integration between Asana and other tools.

The guide itemizes the different features and discusses how users can create tasks and projects. The instructions are easy to follow with the help of screenshots that show the relevant pages, menus, options, and buttons. The guide also discusses team basics, project tracking with color codes, project access, notification settings, and the different work and progress views available, among others.

Simplilearn Project Management Resources

Asana Tutorial for Beginners is a project management article from Simplilearn, an online learning provider. It gives a short description of the software and then gives a lengthy discussion of how users can start using it. The tutorial is pure text and does not show screens or images, but is organized in short, easy-to-understand paragraphs.

Discussion starts with the different Asana views and how users can choose to view their project in a specific way. Other topics covered are tasks, subtasks, and dependencies that can help teams keep their workload clean and stress-free. The tutorial also touches on automations, integrations, rules, forms, and organization, as well as the most frequent questions that learners ask when using the software for the first time.

EmailAnalytics Asana Guide

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Asana is a project management article from EmailAnalytics. This beginner’s guide introduces readers to Asana basics, its ideal use cases, how-to instructions, and tips for maximizing its use. The guide also discusses the many benefits in using the project management tool for better organization, communication, delegation, tracking, and gaining insights.

The guide also discusses pricing and hierarchy. Readers get step-by-step instructions on how to create their first project and tasks. They are also shown how to find and organize tasks complete with screenshots and pointers to menus and buttons. Users also get additional tips on the best way to use tags and set notifications for a more successful implementation of the software.

Hubstaff Blog

The Hubstaff blog features the guide How to Use Asana Effectively for Project Management. Although this guide is a few years dated, it is also easy to understand. It starts by describing what Asana is and the different situations it can be useful. It mentions standard use cases as well as creative applications such as using it as an editorial calendar or for managing internal communication.

Like the other guides, it discusses the important structure or hierarchy of the software, such as workspaces, projects, and tasks. Setting up a team project is next discussed in detail complete with animated screenshots. As a bonus, the article shows how an individual can use the software for managing personal projects and tasks.

Louise Henry YouTube Video

The Get Started with Asana YouTube video from Louise Henry is a highly viewed tutorial. It aims to help viewers, particularly entrepreneurs, on how to make use of technology tools like Asana project management to save time and improve efficiency. The 11+minute video begins by introducing the software and its pricing scheme.

The video continues with a discussion of how to set up the free plan account. She guides viewers on how to create a project and tasks, set due dates, and add tags. Other topics covered are the different work views, adding projects, using the calendar, and using the week view.

Paul Minors YouTube Video

Paul Minors is a productivity expert who uses and teaches how to use Asana. In this How to use Asana throughout the day video tutorial, he shares with viewers some of the habits and routines he has in using the software in a daily basis. He walks viewers through his My Tasks page and his priority settings.

The video then proceeds with the ways he create and customize sections, check inbox, and archive notifications. He also shows viewers how to forward emails to Asana, how to schedule and block time for tasks in the calendar, and how to record progress and share updates with task collaborators.

LinkedIn Learning

A premium Learning Asana course in LinkedIn Learning aims to help teams work more efficiently and improve focus on work that matters. The introduction portion of the paid course is available to view for free. The course objective is to help a new user to be familiar and be able to use it as quickly as possible.

The course by David Rivers teaches the student how to set up the account, how to create and join teams, how to create projects and tasks, how to track progress, and how to collaborate. The course is for end users and not for admins. Although Asana is flexible for personal use, the course proceeds with a corporate setting in mind. Also the course uses the free version of the software but occasionally mentions helpful features found on the premium plans.

Udemy Asana Courses

The Asana Ultimate Guide course on Udemy by Josh Werner includes a 4.5-hour video tutorial suitable for both beginners and advanced Asana users. It begins with an introduction of the software and then proceeds in-depth to workflows and features. It discusses a quick way to get started as well as detailed explanation of menus, available actions, administration, and a practical example of creating a project.

Another Udemy course is the Getting Started in Asana by Simon Sez IT. This beginner’s course includes 2 hours of video tutorial that teaches the student how to create projects and tasks, how to use My Task and Inbox, how to collaborate, nd how to customize fields. It also discusses the different views, forms, searches, portfolios and goals, and simple administration.

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Companies both small and big use Asana to take advantage of its many benefits. Teams can structure projects and tasks for better organization and monitoring, as well as for improved communication and collaboration. Learning to use Asana allows teams to quickly find the information they are looking for. Increased visibility and project transparency help promote accountability and motivate all team members to do their best.

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