Top 10 Best Asana Tutorials – Training and Courses

Asana is an online project management software that enables teams to manage their work, projects and tasks. It is a productivity tool that when used properly and consistently will help its users deliver their projects successfully. Launched in 2009 and with headquarters in San Francisco, it has become one of the most popular online platforms. It claims to have 50,000 paying organizations as of last year. It offers a free version for up to 15 members, and premium plans that start at $9.99 per user per month. Before we start this top 10, if you ever need a tool to boost your Asana experience with great charts and reports, we highly recommend using Bridge24 for Asana.

The Top 10 Tutorials

Asana is used by individuals, teams, SMBs and enterprises in many sectors and industries. It also regularly releases new features and enhancements, as well as announces new integrations with other productivity tools. Here is our list of Asana tutorial and training sites, guides, courses, blogs, and other resources that can help users start using Asana. Most are basics and fundamentals, but once comfortable, they can explore more advanced options and even customize for their unique work requirements.

1. Asana Academy

Asana Academy is the virtual school built by Asana to help its users learn for free the best ways to use its software. It offers several video training modules, such as Learn Asana basics, Master premium features, Improve your productivity, Company-wide use cases, and Become an Asana Certified Pro, among others. The Learn Asana basics training module, for example, includes 3 courses: Gain the benefits of Asana, Master project management basics, and Prioritize and balance your work. All in all, these 3 courses include 11 on-demand videos that can be completed in 1 hour and 20 minutes, with polls and quizzes included.

2. Asana Training

Asana Training is a site operated and maintained by Project Management Pros. They are experts that help users deploy and optimize Asana software in the organization. They offer an online course, on-site training, virtual training, workspace audit, and consulting services. The Asana Training Masterclass online course includes over 8 hours of full HD video, over 60 lessons, a comprehensive walkthrough, explanation of key integrations, 1 hour free consult, access for 6 months, and more for $347.

3. Udemy – Getting Started in Asana

Getting Started in Asana is a Udemy course taught by Simon Sez IT, which offers training on various software and IT technologies. The course includes 20 lectures and videos of over 1 hour 40 minutes. Covered in the course are some background information, discussion of features, setting up teams, creating projects, adding tasks, and tracking progress, among others. It is priced at $14.99, full lifetime access, and accessible on mobile and TV, with 30-day money-back guarantee. A certificate of completion is given at the end of the course. More than 70 students have enrolled, with an average rating of 4.5/5.

4. LinkedIn Learning

Learning Asana is a LinkedIn Learning (formerly course created by David Rivers, an author, trainer, and learning and development expert that specializes in e-learning and productivity. The course is for beginners, and has a duration of 1 hour 40 minutes. It is divided into an introduction, getting started with Asana, organizing projects and tasks, collaborating on projects, and a conclusion. LinkedIn Learning is a premium site that offers 1 month free trial.

5. Unito blog

Unito is a project management integration tool, and integrates with Asana as well as other PM tools in multiple 2-way sync. It has an article, The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Asana, written in January 2018. The comprehensive guide is divided into 11 chapters, covering tasks and projects, team basics, and color coding, up to using workspaces. It is a step-by-step guide complete with screenshots.

6. Udemy – Fundamentals of Asana in 2019

Another Udemy Asana course is Fundamentals of Asana in 2019 taught by Nikki Parsons, an Editor and Senior Sports Writer at La Liga News UK in Barcelona. Her course, as described in the title, is more recent, and includes 16 lectures, an hour of on-demand video, and a downloadable resource. The course is divided into an introduction, getting started, creating tasks, creating projects, and conclusion and key takeaways. It is priced also at $9.99 for a full lifetime access, mobile access, and a certificate of completion at the end.

7. Hubstaff blog

How to Use Asana Effectively for Project Management: A Complete Guide is another article featured in a blog, this time in Hubstaff, which is a remote team productivity tool with time tracking. In this guide, the author discusses what Asana is, what it is used for, and its structure, such as workspace, projects and tasks. The guide then provides a step-by-step instruction of how to set up a team project. Finally, it discusses how to set up the software for personal use, complete with illustrations.

8. Paul Minors blog

Paul Minors is a virtual consultant with expertise in productivity, business and self-improvement. He helps businesses set up and use tools like Asana. His article How to use Asana (a getting started guide) is comprehensive and covers a whole lot of ground of the PM tool. His discussions include the benefits of using Asana, getting started, organization vs workspaces, projects, sections, tasks, inbox, and more.

9. Asana Guide

Asana Guide is another Asana-owned resource site that contains articles and information in how to use the project management tool. The Get Started Guide is for users new to Asana. This guide is an online user manual which is divided in Learn the Basics, Start Collaborating, and Try More Features. Other guides include Team Onboarding, Aha Moments, and Team Use Cases.

10. Paul Minors YouTube video

Aside from writing great guides, Paul also has several videos about Asana freely available on Youtube. In his video How to use Asana throughout the day, Paul shows the importance of using the PM platform throughout the day to get the most benefits. The 8-minute video has been viewed over 70,200 times since 2017.


Asana is being used by companies both small and big to take advantage of the many benefits it bring. Teams are able to structure their projects and tasks, creating order not only for close monitoring, but also for better communication and collaboration. Instead of scattered sources of information, everyone knows exactly where to find what they are looking for. And the transparency and increased visibility also promote accountability, which motivates each and everyone to do their best.

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