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Wrike is collaborative work and project management software that enables teams to organize and prioritize their tasks, resulting in increased performance at every level. A key part of managing a project’s resources is tracking time spent by the team’s members to get a more complete picture of resource use and ROI. Wrike has time tracking capabilities built in. Wrike’s customizable workspace and comprehensive feature set provide teams with the digital tools to access, view, update, and share information in real time. With time tracking integrated into the platform—as opposed to solely being offered through an API or integration, Wrike is a powerful tool for any team that needs to keep track of both what’s being done and how long it’s taking.

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Why Is Wrike Time Tracking Important?

Time tracking allows teams to record time spent on tasks and consequently collect data they can use to improve how they plan, manage resources, and prioritize work. Wrike time management comes built-in with the Business and Enterprise plans with a minimum of five users. A Wrike timer appears for every task that users can activate and pause from the task view. It will continue running, even when the user closes the browser window, and will only stop if the user pauses it or starts tracking time for another task. Wrike time tracking is flexible enough to allow adding time entries manually. Users can create time tracking categories for teams to use as they work on tasks for specific accounts. Team members can also leave comments for the rest of the team to see. With increased visibility on task and project progress, teams working with a Wrike time tracking app can develop more accurate forecasts, deliver projects on time, satisfy customers, and boost revenues. Back to top

Benefits of Project Time Tracking in Wrike

Wrike project management software enables different users like project teams, marketing firms, professional services providers, and product developers to work with clients and stakeholders on a single, secure platform. Along with getting real-time updates and spotting potential roadblocks before they happen, time tracking in Wrike gives teams and users several advantages:
  • Automatically log worked hours accurately
  • Create, manage, and lock timesheets
  • Increase individual and team accountability
  • Simplify reports, billing, and invoicing
  • Maximize capacity planning, resource allocation, and workload management
  • Improve project performance for on-time and on-budget delivery
  • Prioritize projects with higher potential and profitability
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Top Wrike Time Tracking Integrations

Time tracking features in Wrike are available in the Business and Enterprise plans at the higher end of the price spectrum. Teams and companies relying on the software for project management can take advantage of Wrike integrations to incorporate time tracking capability.


timely logoTimely is automated time tracking software that captures time spent on every desktop and web app. It can track time, projects, and teams to provide users and managers a more complete picture of the work day with an overview of the team’s performance, hours, activities, and budget in real time. The simple interface and time tracking app running in the background can help users simplify their timesheet management and processing. Wrike users need to download the Memory App of Timely to their Mac or Windows desktop. They can manually turn it on or off, or schedule when it starts and stops. There are no timers, note entries, or manual action required for tracking each task. Tracked work activities or memories are recorded in a private Memory inbox inside Timely, and users can drag and drop these memories to create time entries in the timesheet.


timecamp logoTimeCamp is time tracking software that offers free and premium plans to help teams optimize their workflow. It integrates with many applications, including Wrike, so users maintain their current workflow while automatically building their timesheets with a one-click tracker. The time tracking app can detect activity and will automatically switch to idle when users stop working. TimeCamp allows users to add, delete, and adjust time entries easily on a graphic timesheet. It also has reporting and productivity tracking tools. Users need to install the TimeCamp browser plugin for Chrome or Edge to track time directly in Wrike. Another option is to download the TimeCamp desktop app, select the task, and track time directly from the time tracking app.

Toggl Track

Toggl TrackToggl Track time tracking software is for all types of teams and workflows. It provides an intuitive application that aggregates data from projects and users through insightful reporting. The software works across platforms and can track time via the web, desktop app, mobile devices, or through integrations. Toggl Track is one of the Wrike integrations that is available via browser extensions. Users can download and install the plugin for Chrome or Firefox. Users need to create and log into their Toggl account, even the free plan, to enable and complete integration with Wrike. They will then see a Toggl Track icon in the PM software’s interface, where they can start the timer and add a description for the time entry.

Time Doctor

Time DoctorTime Doctor is employee monitoring and productivity software. It is applicable for a range of organizations, including enterprises, hybrid workplaces, BPOs, and agencies. Features like automated screenshots, web app usage, and client reports help users improve their accountability, productivity, and profitability. Time Doctor integrates with many project management solutions like Wrike. It has two components: a desktop app that will take an admin about 10 minutes to set up, and a web component for Chrome browser that takes 3 to 5 minutes to download and install. Afterwards, users can easily track time spent on Wrike projects and tasks, both the total time and granularly per task and per employee.


HubstaffHubstaff time tracking and productivity tool is an all-in-one work time tracker ideal for freelancers, field services, and remote teams. It has lightweight apps that work across platforms like desktop, mobile, and the Chrome browser. Customers from a wide range of industries such as construction, landscaping, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and professional services use Hubstaff to keep track of hours, tasks, and projects, as well as automate time and attendance. Hubstaff integrates with Wrike when users connect the two accounts. Teams can view Wrike tasks from the Hubstaff desktop app and track time for each task. The total time spent on each task is visible on Wrike. Automatic syncing ensures teams see the tasks in Wrike they need to work on from the desktop. Users also have the option to capture up to three screenshots every 10 minutes automatically.


clockify logoClockify is a free time tracking and timesheet software that allows unlimited users to track work across projects. Its time management features include timekeeping, time reporting, and time management to help teams gain understanding of their productivity and identify billable hours. It is also flexible, with several ways of logging time via timers, manual entry, and calendars. Wrike time tracking integration with Clockify happens through browser plugins available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. With a free account, users can use the extensions on browsers to open their Wrike account. From there, they track time directly using the button that appears on the PM software’s interface. Moreover, they can stop and restart the timer from other devices with Clockify.


tmetric logoTMetric time tracking application is for small and growing businesses that need a way to capture time spent on every task. Users are able to get a detailed view of their time utilization, so they can evaluate their productivity, get automatic reminders to avoid inactivity, and work wherever needed with offline mode. TMetric lets users connect to their Wrike workspace through browser extension tools. It supports major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari. With a TMetric account and an installed browser extension, users can log into their PM software and use an integrated timer button for each Wrike task.


webwork logoWebWork is a time tracker with screenshots. The time tracking and employee monitoring software is ideal for companies and remote teams that manage projects and monitor activities. WebWork offers different screenshot modes, activity level tracking, and app and website usage monitoring. When a user starts the tracker, the time tracking app will take random screenshots of the screen once every 10 minutes, saving them on a dashboard with other details. Wrike integration allows users to see projects, tasks, and user pages from their WebWork dashboard. From the WebWork account, users need to select Wrike for integration, enable the connection of the two accounts, and import projects, tasks, and users from the PM tool. This allows users to track time, monitor employee internet usage, get screenshots, record activity levels, and customize and share reports. Back to top

Ready to Try a Wrike Time Tracking App?

Wrike time tracking is an essential project management feature that ensures timely delivery, high performance, and process improvements. Wrike time tracking is available in higher tiers, but for users in other plans, this short list is a starting point to help them integrate time tracking into the team workflow. Read next: Project Management Time Constraints

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